Monthly Archives: November 2009

More babble

Whooo. Busy, and also stunningly unbusy these days. I had a good stretch of work for a while, the 4 designs in a row leading right into some electrician work. I ditched the spreadsheet job, in an inelegant manner. It was driving me nuts, and if I were the type to drink, it would have put me in an blackout state for a week. As it was, I was just kind of miserable, and tried to sleep a lot. So I’m glad that’s gone. Although now I have to find other work. I’m not too worried yet.

Another reason I haven’t been writing is because for the last several days I’ve had no internet. This has been terribly inconvenient. I had no idea I was so attached. Mostly because I was so attached, and never thought about it because having it available was taken for granted. But no more. So today, after many days of pleading with the fleetingly available linksys network that would appear just long enough to get a connection and then disappear, I called cablevision, and the guy is coming on wednesday. Hurray. Also in the hurray category, I get a free ipod touch for signing up with them. I’m going to sell it and, depending on how I’m doing financially, either use it towards going to Aruba in february, or buying a netbook. I don’t particularly need the netbook, though. But I do love how tiny they are, and my laptop, while not huge, is inconvenient for carrying around. It is only from the desperation that I’ve dragged it to a cafe tonight.

More news! John’s birthday is coming up. I figured out what to give him, and now am vacillating about if it’s a good idea or not.  He really likes the postcards I make, so I’ve made 3 more (or am in progress, will finish them tonight) and am going to frame them. It’s the framing that I’m debating. It seems pretentious. But on the other hand, it seems that for these, there should be some form of presentation involved. I just worry that these aren’t good enough to warrant framing. They are, at least, interesting. The Highline is this new sort-of park near his work, built on this elevated railroad track. It’s really nice up there, they did a good job with the plants and benches and all, and there are some really nice views. Mind bogglingly enough, one of the more popular is of traffic coming down 10th avenue. But who am I to judge. Anyway, the majority of the plants are reedy, grassy type things, and so I have one of the path lined with all that, and a jackalope on the path. Another of the view looking down 15th street, with the pedestrian overpass between buildings, and a roc landing on it’s nest on top of the walkway. The last is on a pier in the Hudson, a goat standing on it looking at a sea serpent. All silly, yes. The jackalope is the best one. I’ve been avoiding painting in the brick of all the buildings, a little scared of that part. Anyway. I think it’s a nice idea, and he’ll like it. I just also feel like a third grader giving a poorly crafted mothers day present, or something. Thanks, self esteem.

Thanksgiving was quiet. I spent the couple days before hanging out with John, and then abandoned that on the actual day. I’ve been missing my parents, and their traditions lately, so I made myself some turkey sandwiches, got some tangerines and a bottle of martinellis, and had a picnic in prospect park. It was really nice and quiet and just me. I liked that a lot. And I liked hanging out and watching all the ducks and geese. Apparently there was a minor uproar when John got back from dropping me off. His brother asked if we’d had a fight, his mom wanted to know what was up, his dad wanted to know my address so he could come get me. Ha. It’s nice to be liked and missed, but it was great to be away from the noise and crowding. I do have to go for christmas, though, and this being the third year, I really should get presents for people. Oog. Anyway. Time to get going.


Do I talk about anything but work?

I have not made much progress on the spreadsheet. Whatever. I have, though, realized that with the money I have coming in at the moment, provided that this place likes my drafting and hires me on a trial period, I can bail on this office spreadsheet work after the next week or so. I’ll probably stay for 2, because that means a whole paycheck period. But yes. Hurray! No more boring office spreadsheets! After I finish this. Also, their office was the most office-y looking office, in that really drab depressing way. It didn’t even have that many cubicles, but still managed to be just painfully stifling and beige. Plus, I have a ladle of guilt attached to it, now that I’ve been avoiding and working at home and not quite doing as much work as I should be doing. And my response to that kind of guilt is to just disappear and not deal with it, and continue to feel faintly guilty whenever I think about it. I find this tends to work well with most things.

The next couple weeks are going to be a little nuts. This week I have 3 full days of electrician work, then back into the office for a couple days. I have to start going to rehearsals for this small but colorful show that I’m doing next, and tech for that starts next weekend. And then as soon as that gets going I have another design, Into the Woods, for the Columbai students. Which I love, and I like working with them, but it’s coming right on the heels of the other thing, and I have no idea if I can actually pull this off. But- I let the columbai students know that, and they wanted me to do it anyway. I suspect that they partially didn’t want to go through the hassle of finding some one else, but it’s still nice to be liked, as well.

Pidgeon has developed this habit of needing to lie on my when I use the computer. Either on my stomach/lap, or curled up on my right side. And, oh, it has to be the right. I have tried gently suggesting the left, but clearly, there is something wrong with that side. She will have nothing to do with it. It’s mostly pretty cute, but it does hamper the hand movements sometimes. Good thing she’s pretty cute.

Also cute, this morning a pigeon landed on my windowsill. Pidgeon leapt for it! The pigeon flew away.