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Day 3 of bed rest

Blah. I’m doing much better now, at least. I got a massage yesterday that was fantastic and helped so much. It’s not totally better, of course, but she was able to reduce it back to the original spot instead of spread across my whole back. But, more boredom and lying in bed, and now my whole back is starting to ache because I’m not doing anything.

Bet, it’s Halloween! Yay. I haven’t really done anything for halloween in years, but I like it in theory. Though in New York it’s always cold, I I feel sorry for all the kids who have to put down coats over their costumes. That just seems lame. I did my part by eating ice cream and mallomars today. Because of how the building I live in is set up, and the fact that I also live on a street with businesses, no one trick or treats at my building. Which kind of makes it easy to ignore halloween. Also I would probably just sit there and eat the candy as I handed it out and run out halfway through.

I”m going back to work tomorrow, which I’m a little apprehensive about. It should be okay, but I really don’t want to strain it again and not be able to work tuesday. Because that gig is going to be fun. I get to do a shop prep, and I’m a total geek so I like doing shop prep, and then I get to run the light board, which I was asssigned to do even before I got hurt, and is awesome. I feel like only the cool people get to be board op and be on the show call. After 4 years of working with these people, I’m finally reaching that level. Go me.

Also, wednesday I’m going to make a cake for me boss, the one who gave me extra hours. I think I’ll repeat a cake I’ve done before, though I’m not sure I can still find the recipe. It was a flourless chocolate cake, two layers, with I think a blackberry reduction and also peanut butter between, and then blackberry reduction on top, covered with that sauce that hardens to a shell. I made it for Madeline’s birthday three years ago, when I asked what she liked and she said chocolate. And peanut butter. And berries. I’m pretty sure I managed to incorporate all three. I just have to dig up how I did it.

Time to lie down again. My back hurts yet again, and I have limited time left to coddle it. Bah.


The pain thickens

So, I called out of most of my work, but the last job today my boss said he would put me on the light board, so I could just sit or stand there and push buttons. Which is great. I figured I was going to lose about 22 hours of work over these two days, and it was nice to get 4 of those back. Once I was there and mentioned that to him, he also (oh my god I have the best boss EVER) said that he would put me down as working 4 hours tomorrow. So, still losing 14 hours of work, but getting paid for 4 that I never have to show up to. Awesome.

Throughout work I felt okay, but I could generally feel my back getting stiffer. Afterwards I decided to pick up more epsom salts. Okay, side story here. I have the best boyfriend in the entire world. He drove over to my house today, which takes about 45 minutes each way, and dropped off epsom salts and chocolate, and took two checks that I had and deposited them for me. This is love in action, guys. The epsom salts he brought were enough for about one bath, though, and I used them up this afternoon. I decided to stop and get a big bag of them. Mistake. I also decided I wanted thai curry and stopped and got that. Slightly smaller mistake, but still sort of a bad idea. I got about 10 steps from my door and was transfering the bags to my other hand so I could use my keys when I was hit with a huge back spasm. I almost fell over. I made it inside and up the stairs and then got hit by another while I was trying to open my door. This time I did fall over. Somehow I made it inside and promptly rolled over on my back and lay there for 20 minutes while the cats sniffed me and wondered what the heck was going on.

I was hit by a car my freshman year of college and I think this might hurt more. I can’t remember, though, since your memory doesn’t really hold on to pain well. I remember I couldn’t climb the ladder to my bed and had to switch with my roommate for a week. But I also was back in school a day or so later. I could walk, I just couldn’t handle stairs or ladders. This, I can sort of walk. Because I have to. When I do, it hurts to breath. I also tried crawling, it wasn’t much better. My mom said when she did about the same thing, her doctor said lie on your back for 48 hours. Get up only to pee. I think I’ll try that out. I have 3 days before I have to work again, so I may spend all of them in bed. I hope I have enough unread books on my shelves. And that I can train the cats to fetch them for me.

Oh the pain

I threw my back out today. I’ve never really done that before. It’s not fun. It doesn’t seem as bad as it could be, like, I can still walk. And move around. But it still sucks. Also, I didn’t even do it in a cool way, like rescuing a kitten or wrestling a bear. I was walking on a curb, and landed with half my right foot on, so I slid off. I have no idea how my back decided to get all involved and injured in this process but it did. And I’m working 14 hours tomorrow. Yaaaay.

Other than that, today was uneventful. I slept, I watched the not-so-great Rocky Glee episode, I went computer and fish and food shopping with John, and we played Fable II for a little bit. He bought Fable III for me, but I have to finish II first. There was also a How To Train Your Dragon game at gamestop that I might want to get. But I also want to stay mostly out of video games. Oddly, I got into them because of Tenaya. And now she’s gone back to California. The new Fable we can play together, though, once she gets set up there, so that’ll be fun.

I’m babbling. My back hurts enough that I”m not really thinking out what I want to say, or if I even have something to say. So I think I’ll go to bed now.

Update- I messed it up good. By not putting ice on it right away, by making egg salad last night because “it doesn’t hurt that bad”, by not taking care of it at all. I woke up at 4am today in a good deal of pain*, and cancelled all my work today. Which sucks, both money wise, and because I will be very bored. Sitting up isn’t great, so I can’t do that long, and it hurts to hold a book. Awesome.

*By a good deal I mean I may have cried. It was bad.

More work!

So, one of the main companies that I work for (and I only work for them because my previous main company folded, and this new one aquired most of the old’s inventory and people), this company is a pretty decent one. Let’s call them Ham. Because their real initials are sort of similar. Anyway. They are a decent place to work for, but there is a faction of the office staff that treats up like we’re idiots, and this past fashion they took on a little too much and it was ridiculous. Good for most people’s wallets, but super stressful and a lot of unhappy, and this is on top of previous grievances. Also, they pay the low end of industry standard, which is totally fine except for the being-treated-like-idiots bit. But then! Three people of their 3.5 person electrical staff quit. My main boss, the other guy, and their other main designer, leaving just the guy who mostly does carpentry, but can sort of run an electrician call as well. And then Ham started listening to all the complaints.

This is all a big preamble to say that I picked up work for next week, and they’ve bumped our hourly rate up by $5 an hour. Which is huge. And- I get to be a board op on this one. Which I never get to do. Excited. And also a little nervous. My wallet is gleeful since not only am I making quite a lot an hour, but there’s going to be a good bit of overtime on this one. Not a huge amount, but enough to start adding it up.

I could stand to be a little more busy, but as long as I keep picking up work, this is good. I do have a show that I’m trying to get out of next month. The Colombai med students. Who are a lot of fun, and very nice, but I just don’t want to do it any more. And I don’t know who to pass it on to. I had one guy interested, but not totally committed and then he took other work. So I’ve emailed another today, and I’m hoping he takes it. His girlfriend is a med student as well, so maybe he’ll take it because of her. I hope. If not, I may have to do this myself. Erg.

In the meantime, I get to call my old college about transcripts, and figure out what classes to take next fall, and if I can be part time at all. Wheeee

There is so much to do.

I spent part of yesterday afternoon looking up wildlife rescue and rehab internships, and found a seemingly great one in Texas. So now I’m thinking about doing that in a little over a year. Maybe. Maybe not that soon. I have so many things I want to do right now! And most of it is somewhat distant, so I keep having to remind myself that I don’t need to plan it all out yet, that things change. We’ll see what happens in the end.

I also have a ton of books that I want to read. Some I know of, and most are just in theory, like I know there must be a ton of books about this, personal experiences and guidebooks and textbooks and I really want to read them all. Starting with rereading Gerald Durrell’s fantastic books. I’m starting a list. I also love lists.

Work has been boring. Fine, busy enough, good people, but nothing terribly interesting. I also have nothing scheduled past friday, but then, as of last tuesday I had nothing scheduled past thursday. So I’m pretty sure it will work out. In the meantime, I’ve been playing the awful check waiting game. I am owed so much money right now, but tonight I had to buy more cat food with quarters. A couple of checks should clear sometime tomorrow, so I can buy more that two cans, and I should get a giant check tomorrow or tuesday. And one of the checks, I messed up my address for it so I need to straighten that out, but the rest! Where are they! Argh.

I’ve become mildly obsessed with elote. I figured out how to make it, and made 6 ears at John’s house. And then ate them all. Not at once. But in the same day. SO GOOD. And super easy. Take corn. Put on grill (or in oven) cook till tender and edible. Take mayonaise. Mix in some lime juice and chili powder. Smear on corn. Roll corn in cotija- mexican cheese, not readily available in supermarkets. Then sprinkle with a little more chili powder. Then devour. I also made a corn souffle-like thing, with chilis and cheese that was very good, and I think I might make for me to take to lunch all the time. With some elote.

Quick and dirty

So very tired. Work has been really easy the last few days, though, suspiciously so. I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. Though I am also waiting for 6 different companies to pay me a total of about 2800. So maybe that’s my other shoe.

I think I’m just tired because today was longer. I had two different jobs, with dinner with John nicely in between. We went to this mexican place that has really good pork, and fantastic elote, corn with sauce and cheese and chili powder. It would be hard to make that not amazing, but they do it very well. I need to figure out where to get the cheese and how to make the sauce because I’ve already had 3 of these in the last week and I keep wanting more. I could eat a barrel of them.

And so now I’m tired (though still on the clock! Yay 4 hour minimum!) and even though I don’t have to be at work for another 13 and a half hours, I think I’ll go to sleep now and have more time in the morning. I like these days.

And then some shitty days

Yesterday evening was spent in a mild rage at my roommates for various reasons, and now tonight I got an email from one of the people I sold something to on ebay. Apparently it didn’t work right, so they emailed me, and I didn’t respond in an hour, so they opened a case against me with ebay. Not a huge deal, I can refund them, and I was in the wrong, but seriously. They didn’t even give me a full day to respond (and even said in the ebay case that perhaps my lack of response was because I hadn’t checked my messages yet!). So that’s frustrating. Mostly I just feel attacked over something I would be quite willing to concede and fix, but wasn’t given a real chance to. And so now I feel lousy. Eating Kix for dinner really isn’t helping.

At least work is going great. I seem to keep picking it up, and right now I’m in an easy gig, babysitting music stands and chairs while I read. I had to get up to move them a couple times. And then I have friday and saturday off to hang out with John and do some laundry and clean and make more food and all. And then more work! This is a good trend. I hope it keeps up for a few months. I might not have to ask anyone for Namibia money then. Here’s hoping.

Work Everywhere!

At least, for this week. Which is great. Especially since today it’s work that I didn’t have to wake up at 7 for. Tomorrow is another normal start day though. The nice thing about all this work is that I once again really appreciate when I’m not working. The other nice thing is that I don’t have to run. I’ve decided, to encourage myself to actively seek work, that any day I don’t work, I have to go running. I anticipate lots of work from this. Though at the moment it’s only through thursday.

In other awesome news, John and I are going to move in together after Namibia. Yay! I got a text from him yesterday that out of the blue asked when we were going to. Other times he’s said something about how it might be a good idea, or could be fun. But this time! Out of the blue! His initiation! ¬†We would do it sooner, but I’m saving every penny I can right now. Fashion week is in february, and most of my checks from that will show up while we’re in Namibia, so I’ll have capital for a deposit and all. And then I can leave my roommates who don’t know how to clear a dishrack. Seriously. It was totally full and instead of taking even a couple of pots off, they crammed new dishes on top. Ridiculous. And now I have to get up for work.

Well that was fun

The last four days have been some of the hardest work I’ve done. Not strenuous hard. Just really painful to get through. Things kept changing and being added, having to be redone, the gear that we got (unfortunately enough, from a branch of a shop that I used to work for) was stupid and incomplete. Two days ago I spent most of the day setting up for a roof party. It was one of those jobs that you look at and say, oh, yeah, this won’t take long. And then it turns out that it’s filled with all kinds of little pieces and you have to keep getting more stuff, and then you realize that you just spent 15 hours putting up 20 lights. Oh yes, there were also two 15 hour days. With 7 hours between them. And I live over an hour away.

This whole mess was for a corporate open house, sort of launch thing for the new phone of a big company. Two floors of stuff and booths and then the roof party space. The fun part was that just before people started coming up to the roof, it started to rain. And then is hailed. And then there was lightning. I, luckily enough, was on the early part of the day, and so I had just gotten off the clock when lightning hit really close. We thought it was maybe our towers on the roof (and so promptly ran up to see the fun) but then it seemed like it was the building across the street, and fire trucks showed up to check it out. I waited till the rain died down a little, and then walked to the train.

I had been thinking about going to the zoo today or something, but given how bad my feet hurt the past couple days, I think that’s a terrible idea. Even though yesterday was much better and easier. It was a slow paced strike because we were waiting for other people every now and then, and there was only so much we could do with everyone else’s gear boxes in the way. I left at 11, and apparently the late shift strike crew weren’t done until 8 30 this morning. Ack. I was always glad that I was on the early crew, but that just confirms it. I really hate overnight calls.

So now today I think I will do as little as possible. My ebay auctions finished, for sadly a little less than I’d hoped, but decent enough, so I need to pack those up and ship off. I’ve picked up work for friday and saturday, and I hear the union could use a lot of overhire labor this month, so maybe in a day or so I’ll start haunting the hall seeing if I can pick anything up. So workwise, it’s going pretty well at the moment. Now if only the checks from the last 3 things I’ve done would show up.


So, when I was a kid, I kind of figured that avocados were squirrel food. I knew that people ate them too, but my main exposure was this giant avocado tree next door, and the fruit would fall and squirrels would eat it and there would be all these half eaten avocados, and gnawed pits lying around. Kind of gross. Not inspiring to eat. And so I figured I didn’t like them much, and maintained this attitude for a really long time. There was a brief break one summer when a girl I knew would cut one in half take out the pit, and eat the halves with salt and I want to say lemon juice. I don’t remember anymore. And I thought that was pretty good. But then I went back to not liking them and turning my nose up at guacamole. But then this past summer, for some reason, I went for it. I’d slowly been deciding that I liked guacamole, that probably had something to do with it. There’s one breakfast a session at camp that’s serve yourself, and the main thing on it is bagels and cream cheese and avocados. And it was awesome. So, so good. I went back for seconds.

And then I had to go back to New York. Avocados are expensive everywhere, but here the cheapest I’ve seen is a dollar fifty. For one. Maybe it’s better at other times of the year, but man. But today, I decided that I deserved it. I’ve been really good about not eating out for a couple weeks, I was also buying stuff to make egg salad and stirfry in bulk for this coming week, and dang it, I wanted my expensive avocados. So I bought two, and went home excited. Having only seen other people slice them up occasionally, I somewhat butchered it in the process, but looks don’t matter much in this. And then I found out that it wasn’t quite ripe yet. Dang. It was still lovely. And I have plenty more left.

The main event of the day, though, was the stir fry and the egg salad. The egg salad turned out great. I’d made it before and somehow it was pretty bland, but not this time. I used yogurt instead of mayonnaise to bind it all, so it’s a little sloppy and runny, but otherwise, fantastic. The stir fry, though, was awesome. For some reason, I’ve always been terrified of cooking meat. I don’t know why. Maybe laziness was also part of it. But every now and then I cook meat and I’m always surprised when I remember how freaking easy it is. It’s really easy. This was slightly time consuming, but I didn’t really have anything else going on. But really, it’s just a lot of cutting stuff up. Making the marinade and putting it in a bag with the chicken took about 5 minutes. Cutting up vegetables took a while, but then you just throw them in the pan and stir them once in a while, and then take them off when they’re almost done. Then you have to cut up the chicken, which went better than usual, I think I had a sharper knife. And then you let that sit in the pan a bit with some stirring. And then add the marinade and the vegetables back in, and stir a few more times. And then take your rice out of the rice cooker. And now I have lunch for 4 days.

Anyway. That was mostly boring, I’m sure, but it was a very satisfying day. I always forget how nice it is to have made your own food and have it ready to go. And cheap, even with the extravagance of the avocados (which meant also buying bagels and cream cheese) all my groceries were about 30 bucks. And a bunch of the stuff is still around to be made into other meals. Hurray.