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So. Macbeth was pretty great. They used projections, which I’m always very sceptical of as I’ve seen too mny shows just get excited about haing another toy to play with, but generally theirs were good, worked well to support the play and didn’t distract. I did have a few issues with some of the acting. The porter? What the hell? The Thane of Ross was also a little weird, but at least there it was a clear and consistent character choice. Lady Mac was not my favorite. She had some moments, but other parts were just heavy handed and annoying. Patrick Stewart was amazing and natural and great. And other words of admiration and commendation. The witches- I loved that they were constantly there, as the nurses or cooks or servants. That was a fantastic choice. I hated the ‘double double toil and trouble’ bit. They did it in a way that reminded me of the witch in Into The Woods, in the prologue, to the point where that was nearly what I was hearing. Also, the Banquo dinner vision freakout thing was pretty great, and how the built it around intermission. Banquo’s death needed some serious restaging, but the idea and the setting and everything directly afterwards was brilliant. Go see it.

Dinner afterwards was pretty amazing. Who knew that blood sausage was that good? also, the pate. Also, the potatoes next to my salmon. Also, the salmon. Also, I don’t normally like brie, but in this case.. We were some of the last people there. The creme brulee was fantastic, though it usually is. I didn’t finish it and the next morning seriously regretted not taking the rest home.

I’m going to be pretty busy the next couple weeks, working 3 jobs. And the strike for the show I designed. I’m doing yet another design for the medical students, and then working with Peter at Purchase and then at Symphony Space. I’m excited about those. And finding a grid for the theatre I’m involved with. But that’s not quite urgent yet. It might be, actually, but I’m pretending it’s not.

ANd I’m getting some form of feline this week. Kittens would be good, they’re cuter and more active and interesting. BUt a grownup cat is actually getting saved. Though people toss out kittens once they’ve grown, so it’s good to get thema nd save them from that. I don’t know. I do have a variety of names picked out. Potato, Bucket, Henry, Potassium, Puddy, Fitzroy, Spitten Pitten. John wants to change Bucket to Mr. Buckets. He may have a point. We’ll see. In any case. Cats. Or kittens. Or just one. Wednesday.

I spent yesterday wandering around looking for random things for my cousin and Naya. My cousin, I missed her birthday way back in the beginning of march, and I’m seeing her tonight at seder, so I figure I should give her minor presents then. Naya’s birthday is thursday, party on tuesday, and it’s her golden birthday, so I’ve been finding her stuff related to that. And then I went to Strand. And left, 15 books later. Jeez. On the one hand, I’m trying to build up my library. On the other, I need to not spend this much on books, at least not so often. Oh well. The list-

Prague- Arthur Phillips

The Brooklyn Follies- Paul Auster

Post Office- Charles Bukowski

Vinegar Hill- A. Manette Ansay

Gentlemen of the Road- Michael Chabon

The Ladies of Grace Adieu- Susanna Clarke (for Naya, she saw my copy, and was all excited because she had wanted to find that edition, hardback with that cover. So now she can have it)

Good as Gold- Joseph Heller

Travels in the Scriptorium- Paul Auster

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court- Mark Twain

Water Street- Patricia Reilley Giff

Master and Commander- Patrick O’Brian

Skin- Roald Dahl

The Saturdays, The Four-Story Mistake, Then There Were Five- all by Elizabeth Enright

Slowly but surely the library grows. When I go to my parents this summer, I’m going to take an extra bag and bring back a bunch of my childhood books. And my trunk, that my dad was supposed to ship to me. I don’t even know if it can be carried. And I kidnapped a few of my mothers books, and not wanting her to look in and find that out, I took the keys with me, and now I have no idea where they are. Oops.


Somewhere to go

I am all dressed and ready to go. But I don’t need to leave for another 45 minutes. At least. I am always early. I am an hour early even after spending an hour figuring out what to wear. I thought I had decided last night. I was wrong. Good thing, though, or I would have even more time to kill.

My A key has been sticky lately. Or not sticky, really the opposite. You have to press very deliberately to avoid a-less gibberish. So a few minutes ago, I finally got fed up with it, and pulled out a needle to clean out underneath it. And promptly dropped the needle somewhere in between the keys. Oops. The key is fixed, though, so that’s good. I just now have a needle rolling around in there. Or not. I turned the computer upside down and shook gently, and it might have fallen out without my noticing. Ridiculous.

I finished Heat. It was pretty fantastic, and made me never want to be a cook. Or work in a kitchen, other than my own. But it was completely fascinating. Also, somewhat strange to read about butchering a pig, or how to handmake tortelloni while eating black bean soup from a can.

Speaking of food. I’m hungry. And I’m not going to get to eat till like 11 30. It’s 5 30. I should find something to eat. That will help occupy some time


I like when things get thrown together not quite last minute, but close enough to seem rather wild and impromptu. John mentioned that someday, we should go see a show, and have dinner. I started reeling off all the titles of things I wanted to see, and in there mentioned Macbeth, with Patrick Stewart. Half an hour later, we had tickets for tomorrow night (wednesday) and reservations at a fancyish french restaurant on Park ave. Awesome. We’re going to dinner after the show, so not till 11, which is crazy late. I think. I just made the connection that we’re going to Anthony Bourdain’s restaurant. Nice. I’m not sure what to wear. The dress code of the restaurant is casual, so that helps. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Going out that late means tomorrow will be a long long day. Time to sleep, I think. Though I had other random thoughts I wanted to write about. Oh well.


I am so so tired. With no apparent reason. I sit in front of a computer and draft for 5 hours. And then hang out and read. I may have found cats, though. A friend of a friend of a friend sent out an email, about cats that she’s fostering, and they sound promising. SO we’ll see. I don’t know. I also didn’t get much sleep last night, probably a little over 4 hours. Maybe that’s why I’m tired. I’m going to bed now.

phone update!

Writing this on my phone- craziness. I love my phone.
One of the guys at starblinks knows me now. And what I order. Iu think I come here too much. Though I do like being a regular somewhere.
I didn’t go to work till 1, and so took the time to sleep as much as possible, which maybe wasn’t the best idea. It turned out that there was a street fair all down my street that I totally missed out on.I wonder if it’s a regular occurence, now that the weather is nice. I hope so, there was a bubble tea stand on my corner. And a bouncy house a block away.
3 rollerbladers just went by. Seemingly unrelated. Odd.
I’m really liking Fear and Loathing. I had forgotten how funny it was.
I have a semi-friend who challenged me to a scrabulous game, which is great, I like playing. But he’s all bitchy and tense and gets on my case for not instantly playing my next word. Today I got a ‘nudge’ from him, saying ‘it’s not like you haven’t been online lately’. What the hell? I have crappy letters, he’s nearly 100 points ahead because he got a scrabble, and I haven’t moved in a day because when I get home at midnight, I’m tired and facebook isn’t really a priority thing for me to check. So he needs to chill the fuck out. Jeeze.
Today is cooler. I didn’t quite dress for it.
Okay, thumbs are objecting to prolonged typing. This was a fun experiment.


Looked at kittens online for a while tonight, not a good idea. Certainly not a bad one, but there’s so damn many. And my limit is 2. But it was nice to look at cats and know that this time I actually am going to get one or two soon, I’m not just teasing myself. Though I am. Hmm.

The silly show I designed keeps having problems. First, I got a call saying that one of the lights seemed to be permanently on at a very low level. I ignored this. Then, I got a call saying that one of the cues was completely fucked up, and that the whole show seemed dimmer. I fixed the fucked cue, and determined that people are just psycho, it wasn’t any darker than when I cued it. Then, I get yet another call two days later saying that two of the lights wouldn’t turn on, and the easily reachable one they had spent some time trying to trouble shoot with no luck. So I had to go there today, and spend all of 15 minutes determining that I spent 45 minutes on the subway to find out that there was absolutely nothing wrong with the lights. Except that I had to completely re-set up the one they had tried to fix. So then I went and bought books and hung out reading them. Newly aquired- Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Hunter S THompson. Clearly, they did a fantastic job with the movie, because this is like reading the extended version script. Two other random books. One by a guy who I’ve read before. He’s okay. I like the writing enough to read him again, but it’s nothing remarkable. This story seems potentially better than the other I read. And then Heat, about a guy quiting being an editor and going to hang out with Italian chefs, and eventually be one. They were all on the 3 for 2 table, and I felt sort of obligated. I almost got The Last Boleyn, but then thought, what the hell? I’m not even that interested in this chunk of history, why have I read a book, a wikipedia page, seen a movie, and started watching a series about these people? And why do I want to read another rehashing speculation? So I didn’t. Probably a good choice. But somehow I’m still kind of curious. And irritated that I once again bought books for full price. Almost. Oh well.

And then I went and read for a couple hours before getting food with John. There’s a starblinks in the bottom of his building, and I hang out there a lot. More than I should admit. I dunno. Big bad company with their idiot terms and stupid expensive drinks pushing out the local coffee shops. But New York has never been that big on coffee shops. Delis, and maybe cafes, yes. But not so much coffee shops. And I do miss that about seattle. Also, you get one small thing, and that buys you the right to sit there for 3 hours, and no one cares. And I like their green tea drinks. So yes. I hang out there, and even kind of like it.

I’m working tomorrow. Sunday. I’m kind of glad, I feel at loose ends after 2 days of lassitude. Kind of glad for the occupation. And I skipped friday, so now I get to make up those hours and make money. And pay my student loans some more. Eulch.

It’s been nice and warm lately, I hope it keeps it up. I’m excited about being able to do things outdoors, get my bike fixed up, air in the tires and all. My house is, I predict, going to be sweltering hot in the summers, so it’ll motivate me to go out and about more. I anticipate lots of park reading. Maybe a kite or two. Camping definitely.

I went to a dance show a couple nights ago. It was good. I love watching dance, and I really miss designing it. After the show, I ran into one of the lighting designers for it, who happens also to be someone I’ve worked for before and really like, so it was really good to see him again. And the same day, a designer I emailed my resume to so many moons ago (seriously, at least 6 months) finally replied, saying he had nothing at the moment, but if I were around in spring and summer, we should meet up. So that is exciting. Seems like maybe assisting will pick up more. I think it’s because I got a regular job thing. It’s like when you start dating someone, suddenly other people are interested in you. And you wonder where in the hell they all were before, but it’s kind of moot because you’re with this person, and you have no desire for that to change. Except in this case, it’s a pretty open relationship. I like freelancing.

With that, I really need to go to bed. It is very late, I am very tired, and I have work tomorrow. Good times.

Shameful confession

I used to like the macarena. Don’t tell.

In other terrible news, someone threw a brick at John’s windshield while he was at work last night, twice. People are assholes.

In better news, he came back late late late wednesday night, and I got to see him thursday evening. His leg is all cut up, as he was silly enough to go horseback riding in shorts, and the straps dug into his legs. But he had fun, and there are lots of good pictures, and he got to see a sloth. We didn’t do much of anything, hung about, played with the cat a little, came back to my place, woke up late. It’s so good to have him back, though. So, so good.

I’m thinking rather seriously about getting cats. Two of them. Young, probably 6ish months, or something. Old enough to have finished all their initial vetcare. Until I have to, I’d rather not need to cart cats around on the subway. But yes. It’s now been 6 years since I had a cat, and I miss them. My hesitation is that I’ve never had an indoor only cat before (though yes, I have lived with a couple) and I don’t know about doing that. Which is silly. Maybe I’ll just get one. We’ll see.

The boots are proving their awesomeness. Comfortable, and pretty, and I completely forgot to mention- they have a silver lining. Literally. They’re good boots.

I’m very hungry. I think it is time to watch the first disc of The Tudors, and forage for something to eat in bed. So odd to have a weekend.


Huge, huge, huge shoutout (do people still do those? I feel like they were unfortunately short-lived. Maybe I’m just out of the loop) to Of the shoes. I have been on a boot search for the last year. Maybe it was only 6 months. But a long time. I keep seeing good ones on the subway, but the only time I ever had the nerve to ask someone, the boots were 4 years old, and nowhere to be found. Fooey. But then! Last night, I was hanging out with Tenaya, and earlier this month I found some boots that were maybe pretty good. BUt they weren’t quite what I had in mind. And so I looked one more time. And found them They are pretty. They are black leather. They are not flat, but the heel is under an inch, so that fits what I wanted. They zip up the side, and they have a buckle on the outside top. And it is a brass, classy buckle, so it’s not all shiny and I Am A Buckle, but more like hey, Buckle, yes, that’s me. With little brass rivets on the side. They were a lot of money. More than I wanted to spend. But I am about to be tax refunded. And I have a job that pays pretty well. So I splurged. They will last a long time, and be pretty and versatile. I click ‘Order’, and spend the rest of the evening whining about how I want them noo-oow. At about 10 30 pm, things get magical. I get an email from Zappos saying ‘Good news!

Although you originally ordered Standard (4 to 5 business days) shipping
and handling, we have given your order special priority processing in
our warehouse and are upgrading the shipping and delivery time frame for your order.
Your order will ship out today and be given a special priority shipping status so that
you can receive your order even faster than we originally promised!

Please note that this is being done at no additional cost to you.  It is
simply our way of saying thank you for being our customer.’

You are so very welcome, Zappo’s. They got here at 10am this morning. I didn’t get home to try them onuntil about 6 30 tonight, but damn! 15 hours from ordering to delivery? And I can wear them tomorrow. They’re even comfortable. Though tight in the calves, but all boots are on me. What a great day.

That was unnecessarily detailed. Oh well.

The morning at work was slow. I wasn’t totally sure what to do, as I left early yesterday, and my boss didn’t come in till after 1 today, but I picked something to play with, and it turned out to be a good choice. He gave me a hell of a lot more detail to do with it (it’s a section drawing of a staircase) but I had to leave to go to a meeting not long after that, just as I was getting really absorbed and interested in the minutiae of it all. That was dissapointing. I got all fired up and decided to go in early tomorrow. I don’t know about that now, but it was an ambitious plan.

And then I had a meeting about getting this theatre space up and running by the 10th of may. It’ll be interesting. There’s a lot to do, and they seem to think that the plan to do everything in the last week is a good one. Not so much. We’ll see what happens, right now it’s just about making a wish list and planning. It is exciting to be involved in something like this, right as the seeds are starting.


I just saw The Other Boleyn Girl. What a dissapointment. The acting was fine, the costumes were pretty. But they condensed the story so much, enough so that most of the things happening didn’t seem to have much cause at all. They just happened. Or they mentioned the cause, but almost in passing. Even another hour of movie would have allowed it to be much more fille dout and explained. Oh well. I kind of wish I had seen it before I read it, but I think my opinion wouldn’t be that different.

I dropped off all my tax information with the accountant today. What a nice guy. He’s pretty busy this week (surprise) but took time to talk to me about everything, and suggest doing quarterly taxes if I think I’ll be making more 1099 money this coming year, etc. He’s going to call me later this week when he’s done them. His office was in the empire state building, which was a little intimidating. In the words of Riley, “what? No one actually works there. You just look at it, and then go to the top”. It’s a bit of a maze to get to the security gate to go up the elevators. It’s one of thos ebuilding where each set of elevators goes to a different set of floors, which was exciting. Fast, too, it only took about 10-15 seconds to get to the 40th floor. That was my main adventure of the day. Work was just work, I’m dimensioning a drawing right now. Which is boring. And takes a while. I spend a lot of time staring at it trying to figure out the best way to place these things so enough information is there, without it being too cluttered. This means I get to spend some time just staring at it and wasting time.

John called me about 10 minutes into the movie. I didn’t answer. I probably should have. But i didn’t know at that point how disjointed and annoying it was going to be, and didn’t want to miss anything yet. Oh well. Seriously, though. It was kind of ridiculous. They skip over most of his becoming the head of the Church of England. And out of the blue he’s all upset because Anne won’t put out and he’s ripped apart the country for her. But you only see one half meeting about it. Barely. And no one seems that upset. Feh.

Time to make applesauce.



Consumed today-

  • average portion of pasta with mushroom/onion/garlic sauce, cheddar and parmesan.
  • bag of Pirates Booty popcoorn stuff
  • pint of Ben and Jerry’s Raspberry Chocolate Chunk ice cream

Watched today- a total of 5 or 6 hours of online tv. what a lazy wasteful today. Tomorrow will doubtlessly be more productive. And I will eat things other than total crap. I’m thinking about getting up now to make some sauteed zucchini. Or even just a glass of milk.

I watched a couple episodes of Eli Stone (lawyer who might be a prophet of sorts). It’s an okay show, nothing outstanding, but not quite the usual crap. THe reason that I really like it, though, is that his visions often show up as musical numbers. So just about every episode, people break into song and dance. And that is what life is missing. Hmm. Maybe tonight I’ll watch Enchanted. Jill sent me a copy that I have yet to try out. Her birthday is next week. I should do something about that.

The fighting couple came back. Someone else called the cops, who were useless. They came and talked to the guy, and tried to talk to the girl who was wandering and yelling and trying to find her purse. And then they left. With nothing resolved, and crazy people still wandering the streets. Thanks, guys. I went to sleep around 3 30.

Time to go gnaw on some carrot sticks and read a book, so this day won’t have been totally useless. And maybe watch a movie. Maybe.