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Busy day

I sort of woke up at about 10 20, and sat up to open mycomputer at 11. It’s now 2 25. So far today, I have-

-Emailed 5 jobs, all office type junk, but a couple sound good.

-Emailed my resume to 27 lighting designers with the basic message of ‘hire me, assholes’. But stated much more politely and professionally.

-Called Sally May and gotten them to give me an unemployment forebearance

-Called a debt collector asshole and got them to give me until april 22nd to pay a closeout deal thing instead of the total amount I actually owe. Saving me 300 bucks.

-Read through another 3 months of someone’s online journal.

-Eaten half a bag of veggie booty

-Attempted to watch a tv show through megavideo. It failed.

For 3 hours of functionality so far, I feel pretty decent. I have a couple more calls to make, and I will continue trolling CL for something appealing (or just acceptable) and I may even shower and put real clothes on. Excitement.


Getting better.

So, I start the temp job on wednesday. The interview went fine, not too long. I did have to fill out an application which involved me squinting in concentration thinking “what the hell was the address of that place?” Having not really had a real job, listing the ‘three most recent employers’ and my rate of pay and junk there tends to be a little weird. Speaking of rate of pay, I will be making (ready for it?) all of Twelve bucks and hour! Which isn’t bad, and seems to be the lowish end of standard for this type of thing, and she did say that it was to start, and after a bit could be reevaluated and all that. But still. On thursday I can only work 4 hours instead of what will be the usual 5, and I was thinking ‘oh boy. 48 bucks pretax. I guess that’s one trapeze class’. The good thing about getting paid half of what I am used to (hey, theatre work pays great, but it ain’t consistent at all) is that I will think in those terms, and thus eat out way less (“that was 45 minutes that I just consumed in 10”), which will save me a ton of money. And I need to spend less money in general.

Also, this is just part time, 25 hours a week. So I can still do most electrician stuff, and/or possibly find another part time thing.

I had more to talk about, but I can’t remember. The hour and a half trapezr class was totally worth it. I’m pretty sore today. We did a lot of new stuff, which was good. Up to this point, we’d mostly done stuff I already knew, but learning ways to connect things, and move around. This time it was a lot of new things, and a lot of rope work, which I’m scared of and won’t do on my own. It was good to be pushed to do it, since I am capable of it. I need more leotards. I only have one, and that’s not quite enough. Though I can get away with just doing leggings and a tank top. I did laundry today and discovered that I have 19 tank tops. I am now not allowed to complain about needing more.

John still hasn’t decided about the place in bridgeport, but keeps checking into commute times, and it turns out his work has a commuter check type program, which would save him about a thousand a year in travel. I think he’s not going to buy it, but it’s so pretty and perfect that he’s having a hard time giving it up. I’m not sure what I’d do in his place. And now it is time to o visit him at work.

OH. Also. Apparently I have allergies. WTF. At work the other day, where they were filming, it was a wedding reception, and they had these giant vases of flowering tree branches, and I quickly realized that when in the same area as them, I became much more stuffed up. So the past couple days I’ve been taking claritin, and holy cow. I thought stightly stuffed up was my natural state these days, but apparently, it doesn’t have to be. That stuff totally works. Now I have to learn to stop sniffing out of habit. Very undignified.

Oh, also

About that aerial showcase. It was interesting. There was one very good act in which everything worked together, music and movement and facial expression*, one fantasticly theatrical act with two single point trapezes. That was possibly the best act, and fortunately was the closing piece. And there was one very strong and lovely rope act. Then there were a few pretty good things, and then there were a couple of bad things. There was an act with one woman and two hoops, which could have been so much better, but was boring. And looked like something she was sort of working on and playing around with and hadn’t figured out a real diection for an act yet. And then there was this fantastically godawful sort of performance art piece. It was just kind of laughably bad in it’s idea (there was a full drum kit and the guy also sang, and it was all about how she-the girl on the trapeze- was a lonely little girl and her parents don’t care and something about going out on a highway and I stopped paying attention to that part after a while) and she was topless and had these patches of feathers glued to her boobs and I;m sure I wasn’t the only one who fully expected the glue to fail at some point (it didn’t). It doesn’t sound quite that bad in writing, but add to it that it was all just tricks, no flow, and it was pretty lousy. But entertaining. Made for a good description when I relayed my review to Madeline.

*The problem with so many aerial acts is that the music is just a background. It would be more awkward for it to be silent, so they throw something that vaguely fits behind it. Also, what do you do with your face? I’ve always had trouble with this. If you’re not doing a total character piece, then it’s hard to know. The default of blank concentration doesn’t work if the audience is that close. With this piece, the music gave it a story, and that gave enough of a character to play, and it worked out well. If I were to perform, the hardest part would be finding the right music.

Judging by that, I could viably perform in this myself, at this point. Which was a little depressing. But I want to get much better and put together something interesting before I attempt to perform again.

Good grief

What a tiring couple days. I actually had work, which is part of the tiring. I’ve been on a 4am-noon sleep schedule, and getting up to be at work at 9am yesterday was rough. But work was good, and only till 2. I went home and showered and John eventually came over. I wanted to take him to the afghani place that I went to with my cousin. When she and I went, we just got two appetizers and a side order, all were pretty good and I wanted to show him around that neighborhood a little. Boy oh boy did it not quite turn outhow I’d pictured. We went back, and after a closer look at the menu, not just the appetizers and sides, we determined that this was actually an indian place. My eggplant appetizer was okay, his dumplings and chickpea sauce bore an uncanny resemblence to chef boyardee. At least in taste. Then, we both ordered entrees with meat, but no meat showed up. Mine was okay, but kind of pointless without the meat. His was a sea of really bad spinach. He didn’t eat it. I ate a bunch, to make it look eaten. The waitress was really nice, and neither of us complained. Such a let down, though. And I felt reallybad for talking it up and being excited and dragging him on both subway and bus to get there. Going back, waiting for the bus was taking too long, so we walked that portion. It was a nice night, so that was good.

I had to be at work at 7 in the morning, so waking up at 5 30. Last night was Madeline and Rob’s room warming party. Holy hell. Loud loud loud drunkish people. All night. Not all night. But they kept me up till 2 and then I couldn’t sleep till 3. Fortunately John stayed over. Himbeing curled around me and warm made me not as irritated. And work today was okay. I ended up with 8 hours instead of 4, and didn’t fall over from lack of sleep. Though I did mean to do laundry today, and that plan got dumped. Tomorrow.

W’e’re taking an hour and a half trapeze class tomorrow, which I’m excited about. An hour is good, but feels likewe’re just getting started. There’s so much I want to try out and learn.

And then my temping stuff starts monday. Goodness. Well, I hope it starts. I realized that I might be getting ahead of myself, and this is an interview, not a first day. But I’m excited about it. Data entry? Filing stuff? Photocopying? Fantastic. Part time, so I can attemt to do other stuff as well, and mindless and paying. And my aunt works there, so I’ll get to see her more.  Good things on the horizon. I hope this is setting a trend.

OH. I’m not sure if I mentioned this. John found a place, possibly. He went and looked at it on friday. Apparently it’s fantastic and pretty and next to a park and all sorts of good. But, a little expensive, and commuting from Bridgeport would be expensive and take a long time. 2 hours each way. Also, for me to visit him would be a trek. Also, if I were to move in with him, I would need to get a job in bridgeport. He can commute since he only works 3 days a week. My schedule would either be this erratic, or mean doing that 5 days a week. Also, I don’t think there’s any trapeze in bridgeport. So he’s still deciding, and torn because it is such a great place. Erg.

Looking up

So I have temp work, probably. Going in on monday to find out more, which is great. Gives me plenty of time to iron stuff and do laundry and print a resume, and mentally prepare. Possibly also to get my sleep schedule back to ‘normal’. I’ve been doing the 4 am to noon sleep cycle. I like it, but for working 9-1, it may not work out so well. But- I have temp work! So I can stop freaking out and checking craigslist every 10 minutes. And Ican start making money to support my trapeze habit.

I am loving trapeze, by the way. I missed it over the years, and kept going back for a class or two, and it’s so nice now to be with a great teacher, with a fairly regular schedule. Except that once a week is so not enough.  I watch youtube videos and get ideas. I scribble things down on the subway. I try to describe things to people using stick drawing and occasionally contorting my body around and telling them to imagine the ropes and bar. It’s exciting and frustrating. I want to play more.

I saw Tenaya and Alex tonight; I was supposed to get their small tv, but we ended up hanging out too late, so they’re going to bring it to me anther time, or something. I got to see what she’s been working on in her drawing class. She was always good, but it’s getting to be freaking great. And I got to show her one that I’m working on and they both had complimentary things t say, and good suggestions about how to fix things that were bothering me and what to do next. And it was nice to han out with friends. Clearly, I don’t enough, because I notice that every time I do, I comment on how nice it was, a good change of pace and all.

Tomorrow Snippet has yet another vet appointment. And then in the evening I’mgoing to go see this monthly aerial showcase thing. In between, I think I’ll maybe do laundry, and work out, and catch up on my internet tv watching habit.

Sick and broke

I sort of got sick again. A couple weeks ago I had a terribly annoying bad cold. Last night I went to visist John and realized when I got on the train that i had a sore throat and felt vomitous. Which led to exhaustion and achiness. Today was far better, and I’m very glad that the work I went to lets me waltz in at almost any time, so I slept in more and took a bath before going.

This sucks though. I’d heard that everyone gets sick a lot more their first year in new york. Adjusting to all the people and pollutants and all. This is the start of my third year. I seem to get badly sick at least 3 times, with numerous small colds and such in between. I’m very much of the school of not being overprotective, and you need to be around this stuff so you can develop immunities and antibodies and such. But this is silly. Down with germs. More obsessive handwashing and medicating all around.

So it looks like I picked up some work. Which is great. Slight downside- being out of town for 6 weeks. Upside, work for 6 weeks straight. Downside- it doesn’t start till may. Upside- I don’t have to worry about work all through may. For the moment, though, I have 9 hours this week, and that’s all. I’ve collected all the money owed to me from other work, and have nothing new coming in. And my stupid landlord hasn’t deposited my rent check yet, so at first I thought I had a lot more money than I do. That was disappointing to realize. I need work for the next month and a half. I’ve got my tax returns coming, but I have plns for all of that already. And I’m very much getting back into trapeze. It makes me really happy to get to do, and I don’t want to give that up. But it costs a good bit of money. And metrocards are going up. And I need to pay the gas bill. And my phone is expensive (though worth it) and I need to eat, and all this other stuff that means shelling out. Bah. I’ll figure something out. I wish I knew what was going on with the school job I applied for. I should be hearing from them soon. If they want to interview me. Which they darn well should.

So it goes

Whee. Trapeze was good again today. More indescribable stuff. I sort of invented something? I was trying to do somthing, did it wrong, and got myself out of it. Somehow it worked, and I was able to recreate it, but I’m still not totally sure how it worked. So that was exciting.

Yesterday, the 21st, was John and my known-each-other-for-two-years anniversary. Pretty cool. And for the second year in a row, we completely forgot, but somehow ended up spending a lovely day together. Last year was more exciting and adventuresome, this year was star trek and curling and fooling around andreally good homemade burgers and milkshakes. It was a good day in.

On friday, I went to an aerial playtime thing, which was fun, but odd. I was the only person there who really knew trapeze, everyone else was doing stuff on the two silks. It’s odd, silks are fairly new, and very pretty, but alo very hard to do. They require a lot more grip strength, a lot moe upper body stuff, and a lot more endurance than trapeze. But it’s the new thing. Everyone I meet that does aerials these days seems to do that. It was disconcerting to be the trapeze expert in the room. Also, somehow over the course of it, I screwed up my back. I’m not sure how, I didn’t do any one thing that triggered it. But slowly over the hour it got worse and worse. And then continued to hurt through today. Class this afternoon and a hot bath seem to have mostly fixed it, which it good. I’m used to a lot of pain, I’ve been doing physically active bendy odd things my whole life, and this was a new kind of pain, and it didn’t diminish, which is odd.

I visited my cousin this week, which was great. She recently moved, so now she’s pretty close by, and in her own place. I got a good bit of apartment envy. It’s big, though the kitchen is small, but workable, and hardword floors and closetness, and big windows, and  I like the neighborhood. We had a good time, playing with her cats and walking around the neighborhood. We went to this Afghan place that turned out to be fantastic. I’m glad to be back in touch with her, hopefully we’ll hang out more.

Tenaya is giving away her tv, and I’m taking it. This will be interesting.

Pass it on

Not many people read this, I know, but! Lucky you who do. I came across this on another journal, and it’s pretty awesome. Also interesting about this is that I don’t know any who read this personally (I think..) so it adds an element of surprise and excitement. Always good.

The first five (5) people to respond to this post will get something made by me. This offer does have some restrictions and limitations so please read carefully:

1.I make no guarantees that you will like what I make. What you get is what you get.

2.What I create will be just for you.

3.It’ll be done this year (2009).

4.I will not give you any clue what it’s to be. It will be something made in the real world and not something cyber. It may be weird or beautiful.

5.I reserve the right to do something extremely strange. In return, all you need to do is post this text into a note of your own and make 5 things for the first 5 to respond to your note.

With the greatest of ease

Goodness. i have a bunch of things stocked up in my head that I wanted to write about. And of course at the moment, I can’t remember most of them

One being about how my keyboard/the internet/something is going a little weird. In certain boxes, like this one, gmail composing, comments elsewhere, it keeps skipping letters. I know I hit the keys, I know I hit them hard enough, but what I write, if  I don’t correct it, looks like a careless person who likes some sort of demented interwebspeak contractions wrote it. An image I try to avoid. Oh well.

I went to a fantastic trapeze class the other day. Getting there (not in the literal sense) is  a saga that I’m glad is concluded. When originally started looking for trapeze around here, I found this woman, but the website was under construction, and I couldn’t find any second hand information about her. I wasn’t living with Madeline at this point, or I could have asked her, it turns out. So, I went with this other class which was fine, but not for me, really. Blah blah, fastforward. I finall remembered and looked her up again, and the website was up this time. But not with any class rates or schedule or anything. I am shy in a really stupid way, and like to know as much as possible without actually having to talk to anyone. So again, I took a different class. Finally, a couple months ago, I stopped being such a pansy, and emailed her to find out rates and times and everything.  And so finally, after a bunch of discussion, and coordinating with Madeline, and taking a few classes elsewhere, we found a time that worked, and it all fell into place.

It was great, I worked really hard, but left feeling better, not exhausted. She somehow knows the exact right things to say, both about what you are doing and what you need to be doing, for it to make sense, and for my body to know exactly how to correct or whathaveyou. We put together a short sequence and worked on that. It had a few things that I hadn’t done before in it, that were fantastic. Sadly, completely undescribable, but trust me. We’re dropping the other guy we had been taking classes with and switching to her, which is a little sad. We both feel a little bad for ditching him, and he’s nice, and skilled and such. But she’s a much better teacher, and especially as Madeline is working towards putting an act together for a show in september, she needs to be in a class this good. Also, it’s cheaper than most places. Rather, it’s the same amount, but it’s just the two ofus, so we get alot more out of the money. Totally worth it. Now I need to get a steady part time job to help support this. I can afford it at the moment, but at this rate o getting work, I won’t be able to keep doing this in a month or so. No good. I hate this constant battle of either working or looking for work. And now it’s time to go back to looking.

As an illustration, since I do static, not flying trapeze, here’s a picture from this summerbendy-gazelle


There was some excitemet around here last night. A sort of a fire across the street. It was weird. I didn’t notice until the second fire engine was pulling up. There ended up being 4 engines (those are the ones with the ladder, right?) 1 truck (thone ones with the water?), 3 fire marshall cars, one ambulance, 1 RAC truck, 1 police car. Which is a hell of a lot. There were firefighters and hoses everywhere. We could smell a bit ofsmoke when the wind shifted, but couldn’t really see anything. They broke the upstairs window with the ladder thing. That was the exciting part. After that, it got really dissapointing. Not that I want a big fire across the street (especially since a guy Madeline knew in college and an old guy who I see hanging out and occasionally being interviewed live there), but really. If you’re going to call out that many fire fighters, I would hope there was something actually happening. Theybarely went in. The old guy came out, I guess no one else as home. There was lots of milling about, and then they left. So, you know, I’m glad no one was hut, and there was no huge destruction of property. But still. A flae or two would have been nice. Or billowing smoke.

I did very quickly know exactly what to grab should it spread and we be forced to evacuate. I did laundry recently, and haven’t put it away, so just scoop all my clean clothes back into the bag, grab the laptop, my passport and birth certificate, the cats, a couple other random things. Also, put on real pants and shoes. Under 5 minutes, I figure, unless the cats don’t cooperate.

I’m subbing as a board op for my friend. It’s a theatre I’ve worked in before, so it’s kind of cool to be back. Today there’s a rehearsal, and I have to be the one to adjust cues, which is a little nerve wracking. The designer is very nice, but I’m new, and jumping right in, and I’m a little rusty on that board. It’ll be fine. And I get to stop by and get one of my favorite pick-your-own-ingredients salads. They’re one of my favorite things about this city. I wonder if they have them elsewhere much.

In other fantastic news, Peeps have appeared in stores! They may have been there for a while now, but I happened to go to Rite Aid yesterday and found them there, to my great joy. They’re better if you leave them out and let them get a bit stale, but I think I need to hide them to do that. I had 10 on the window ledge. We’re down to 1. Poor lonely Peep. I may have to eat him to end his misery. And then buy more and hide them in a cabinet.

Time to get ready for work. John is off skiing without me. Bummer.