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All packed, and broke

Phew. Pretty much got everything packed yesterday, hooray for fast laundry places. I realized that since I’m mailing all my stuff to California so that I don’t have to check a bag, I don’t really need my duffle, I can just live out of boxes in my tent. That helped make a little more room. I dragged the boxes to the post office and gave them 60 bucks to send it all. Not a bad price, but still a good amount. The biggest blow, though, was the vet. I called to refill Snippets prescription, and the vet said I had to bring her in for an appointment. Laaaame. And unnecessary. Also unnecessary, that they took her blood pressure- for 30 dollars. Seriously? It was a baby cuff. I don’t understand. And the tech did it, not even the vet. So, with all that silliness, plus the meds it ended up being just over $200. Ridiculous. I’m a little irritated about that.

But, oh well. I’m packed, ready to go, just waiting for this guy to show up so I can hand it all over to him, and go to dinner with Madeline, and then go hole up in John’s room until it’s time to leave. Huzzah. In the meantime, I’m eating popsicles and hanging out with the cats. Who I will miss very much. Pidgeon at least seems to know that I’m leaving. She’s acted like she cares less about it today, but boy, has she been clingy.

I don’t have much to say, I suppose. I’m just killing time at the moment, and am running out of ways to do that. Sometimes, the internet is just really boring. Oh well.

In any case, I’ll try to keep this updated, but I make no guarantees. We’ll see how it goes.


So, it’s 4:30 in the afternoon

So far today, roughly in order, I fed the cats, bought cleaning and traveling supplies, including things I don’t really need like trash bags, but the house needs them so I figured I would be nice and buy them (and sponges) even though I won’t be around to use them. And then cleaned a bunch, dusted, swept, decluttered. And then I started packing, sort of. Mostly for Costa Rica, with a big pile of stuff for camp, but I need to wait till I get my laundry back to really pack for that. I also dropped my laundry off and bought some microwaveable food to minimize the effort of feeding myself today and tomorrow, and some popsicles because it is popsicle weather. And then I ate. I also spent time here and there reading stuff online. And now I’m exhausted. Not really exhausted like I just worked a full day and hauled stuff everywhere, but kind of worn out, and like I’d really like a nap. Which I could take, but I am leery of naps since I have a phobia of waking up at midnight and not being able to sleep but also not able to do anything and then sleeping way late the next day and/or being really tired a lot. In conclusion, I like the idea of naps, but I do not trust them. But I am very tired at the moment.

The laundry people said my stuff would be ready any time after 7 tonight. That seems really fast. I’m kind of tempted to go get it tonight and have that much more time to sort through everything. I seem to have a lot of clothes, somehow. I’m working on thinning the herd, but haven’t seemed to make a noticeable dent yet. I should also find boxes so I can ship my stuff tomorrow so I don’t have to check a bag. But then I have to pay for shipping. But I have to send one thing at least, since my parents got rid of the sleeping bag from last year. So I need one of those. But I could just use a camp one. But those are for kids. Who knows. I’m too tired to make these decisions. I think it’s time for a popsicle.

So, bad news. I didn’t get the job. Which I figured. I Had a really great interview, but I could tell that I wasn’t quite as qualified as they wanted. But, they’re keeping my resume on file, and checking in with me every now and then, so that’s good. I like possibilities.

In other news, I got a haircut, and I got bangs. It was a somewhat long decision process, I asked a bunch of people and played with my hair to try to picture it, and then I talked to the woman who cut it, someone who I know has really strong opinions about bangs, and is very good at knowing what looks good on people. And they look good. I am so pleased. They feel funny, and it’s weird to be able to see them on my upper peripheral vision, but I’ll get used to that. I’ll also have to get used to straightening  them every time I take a shower. But, it’s one little chunk of hair, easy to reach, so it’s not a big deal.

The cats seem to know that I’m leaving soon, which is weird since I haven’t started even started packing. But they are whiny and needy (more so than usual). I’m waiting till tomorrow to clean, and monday to pack, so everything will be a little rushed. Fun times.

Still nothing to tell

I think I may have caught up on the whole sleep thing. Just in time for two more days of work. Which I am sort of regretting taking. The good part, working with several people that I really like. The bad part, the whole two days are dragging really heaving cable around and making it go where it needs to go. The other bad part, two days of working in the heat when I could be doing nothing and getting ready for this whole summer thing. The other good part, money. Balance?

Speaking of this whole summer thing, I really need to start figuring stuff out. I’m going straight to Camp after Costa Rica, so I have to pack all of that stuff at the same time, but I don’t want to bring it with me, so I’m thinking about shipping it to myself. Which means packing it all in the dufflebag and making sure it fits, and then unpacking it all and repacking everything into a couple boxes and dragging them to the post office. Oog. I also have to time doing laundry in with this. I think what will end up happening is me planning a bunch of stuff, mostly in my head, and then not really doing anything about it until monday. Fun. Also, we’re in CR during the rainy season. So I need some rain gear. And some hiking shoes since we’re going to be doing that a lot. Should I just use the sneakers I have now for hiking? They’re not the best for it, but I already have them. But they’ll be utterly ruined by the mud. So maybe I should buy new ones. But hiking boots or shoes tend to cost a good amount, and do I really want to drop that on shoes I won;t really need after this trip? And they also usually take a little while to break in. So, I dunno. I figure ‘ll compromise and try to find some shoes with really good tread that aren’t too much money. Or are on sale. We’ll see what happens. I think Friday is going to be the shopping day. I also need a new zip up hoody and some water wicking socks. Or something. We’ll see about that as well.

Today is the last Tuesday Baking Club with Naya. Last time we made an onion tart and an apple tart. Both very good, but the onion one was a little lacking, so I’m going to remake that this time, combining it with my favorite favorite pie ever, the Easter Pie (aka Russian Vegetable) and creating my own Frankenstein recipe. And then we’re also making root beer float cupcakes. I’m excited. We also have to finish watching Persuasion. It will be a good night all around. Too bad I can’t stay too late because of the getting up early because of the having to run cable everywhere. Really heavy cable. Oog.


I have nothing to tell yet. Maybe sometime this week.

In other news, I found a subletter. It was a slightly torturous process. Sort of. Now that it’s over, it wasn’t that bad. Only 3 people actually came by to see the place, and one of them, while very nice, really didn’t seem to fit. So that helped. The other two, though, I kind of wanted to email and request closing arguments. It was between a guy and a girl, the guy was 26, nice, catsits a good bit for his boss and such, from the Bay Area. The girl was 23, loves cats, freelancer. She stuck around for about an hour talking to me, and I did really like her. But, two things tipped the scales. One, the guy seemed more pragmatic about taking care of cats. She seemed all into the catness, and not so much the cleaning up after. And two, she irritated me with emails. First, I told everyone I’d be having people over friday and sunday. Most people didn’t respond, everyone else who did picked friday. Then she asked if she could do thursday, and I said well, sure why not. I had planned on cleaning on friday, but then picked up work anyway, so I might as well do it thursday evening. Then she emailed me wednesday at about noon saying hey, I know we said tomorrow, but can we do today? I just really want to know if I have a place to live. Which was stupid, since I wasn’t going to pick anyone till after friday. But whatever, I didn’t even see the email until wednesday night, so it didn’t matter. In person she was fine, and excited about the cats. Then, after I told her was really busy, and so wouldn’t really make a decision or let anyone know until sunday, she emailed me saturday and asked if I knew yet. Sheesh. If she had just emailed saying hey, I just wanted to tell you again how much I liked it and the cats, that would have been fine. I might have even picked her. But I felt a little badgered. And the guy seemed more stable and responsible. And he likes reading, and I like that my books will be appreciated as well. So! That is taken care of, and I feel good about it.

It’s been grossly hot lately, and the cats are lying around in puddles of fur. I’ve also been working a lot, which is good money-wise, but exhausting. Three more days of work next week, and then I get the heck out of here, and go to more hot and humid, and then to just hot. That’ll be nice.

Speaking of Costa Rica, we’ve been hashing out details. Not too much, but getting a general time frame of stuff going. It sounds like it’s going to be awesome. I should try to recall more of my 8th grade spanish. Especially words like “sloth” and “I’d like 6 more of that thing I just ate” and “where are the jaguars”. This is going to be fun.