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Moving day!!

WHEEEEE. So, I went on a packing bender, and when the (considerable) dust had settled, I realized I was actually ready to move by today. And my movers just so happened to be free as well. So, a week ahead of original schedule. I hope someone around has an open internet signal because I told verizon I was moving the 29th. So, may or may not have internet till friday. But hurray! I’m moving today!

Eesh. I have to go do last minute packing. Shampoo and cat stuff. Onward!


More boring moving stuff!

Packing madness! I have almost all of the kitchen stuff, all of my books, all of my dresses, all of the bedding I’m not using currently, and some of my clothes packed. And some random stuff. I got the 25 reusable bins delivered, and have packed 18 so far (yeah. 11 of those are books. Eesh). I think I’ll have just the right amount.

We signed the lease today! And made copies of the keys! There are 4 of them, so I also got the little colored topper things. We also bought a couch, which was exciting. And a set of dishes and silverware and a passel of other kitchen stuff. I already have a lot of bowls, but not really any plates. And now we have four more bowls. Clearly, we should be living on soup.

My internal debate about how to move rages on. I was going to just do it myself with whatever friends I could bribe. But then a friend of mine recommended really good people, at a pretty good price. I emailed them but haven’t heard back yet. We’re also thinking that since we need to pick up the kitchen island, we could rent a van and do that, and move a lot of my boxes, which would hopefully make the actual move go faster and save me money. I need to call them tomorrow and see what’s going on. And make decisions. ¬†Oof.

I had my second interview, in all of this madness. It went well. I hung out and watched stuff and did a little bit of helping and talked to the vet this time. I haven’t heard yet, but it should be soon.

I’ve also done aerial a few times. I hung the trapeze during a couple of Madeline’s classes and tried stuff out again, some strength and some tricks. I’ve lost a lot of strength and confidence. It’s also hard to get back into trapeze. Everything hurts. During one of the times, there was also a rope class going on, and I was watching them a lot and getting excited about that, so I took a rope class this week. That was a lot of fun to get back into. Hopefully I’ll get to keep going. This move is costing a lot of money, though, so we’ll see.

Moving blather and excitement

Maybe I’m ridiculous, but preparing to move is so much fun. I still haven’t started packing yet (wednesday!) but we’ve been buying stuff, and it’s been great. Our kitchen is small and lacking in usable counter space, so we found a kitchen island on craigslist that is perfect. I went and saw it the other day and paid for it and now they’re holding it till I can pick it up with the moving van. I might look up man with a van prices and see if I can get it before.

We also need to buy a couch. That part is a little crazy, but we found some good ones at potentially acceptable prices, so we’re going to go sit on them on thursday. I’ve culled out a bunch of clothing to donate and found a place not to far away. We bought a shower curtain and bath mat. I bought a litter house thing since the litter box won’t fit in the bathroom.

It’s just really exciting to be setting up a house together. I drafted the place, and made little furniture rectangles and we went out last night and played with configurations. I”m really glad that John is so excited as well. I’ve been sort of pushing for this for a long time, but now that it’s happened it’s not because he feels pushed into it. He decided he was ready and now he’s getting all into it as well.

We’ve had one girl come by to look at my room so far, and 4 more (possible 5) are coming tonight. The first girl was very nice, and has thrown her hat in the ring saying she definitely wants it, so now I’m secure in knowing that I have that covered, either by her or if we find someone better. She would be great, but you never know if someone else will stand out more. Best parts for me- she would be good for the 1st (so I get that half of the month back) and she didn’t say anything about my dark blue sloppy paint job. Woooo.

I finally got invited to my family’s seder for tonight. I was a little worried that maybe I wasn’t going to be. My grandmother had a 90th birthday party in california the weekend after I got back from Namibia and I couldn’t go, and my cousin guilt tripped me about it a little, and then I didn’t hear about passover for a really long time. But no, I’m not exiled from the family. And I’m going to visit my grandmother when I go to California in a couple weeks. So, reparations.

I can’t wait to start packing. I would have ordered the boxes for earlier, but I only get them for two weeks, and I wanted to have them for a few days after moving so I don’t have to dump everything right away. But I really want to pack up all my books and start sorting through everything else. I can’t wait.


– My taxes are done. I owe NY and California some money. Federal and NJ are giving me some back. I’m coming out a tiny bit ahead in this. Hooray.

– We have keys to the new place, and are signing the lease on wednesday. We get to do this backwards because the landlords live next door and like us already.

– I have arranged to rent a truck, rent reusable boxes to pack everything in, got a couple friends to help, ordered a slip cover for my armchair that John hates, ordered a litter box house since it will have to live on the landing.

– I filed my fafsa! Still waiting for official confirmation that I’m going to school, but supposedly I’m eligible for a loan or two. Lets hope that stays true.

I can’t start packing until I get these boxes in a few days, so instead I’m freaking out about all the other details. And staying up far to late. I just realized it’s 4 30 in the morning. No wonder I’m tired.


Wheeeeeee! After a good bit of debate, some pro and con listing, we made a decision. Apartment 1 it is! We didn’t even go see the other couple that I had emailed. I’m very happy with the decision. When I called to tell the people that we wanted it and could come write a check, they said that they also had liked us and were hoping that we would come back. Clearly, we are awesome. We had the same effect on the staten island people.

So now the fun begins. We’re looking to hire a moving company, since it’s such a pain in the ass. I found a company that rents out reusable bins for moving, so I’m going to use them ( I posted an ad on craigslist about 6 hours ago and already have 16 responses. I have yet to tell my roommates. I’m a little scared of it. But it must be done, probably tomorrow. I also get to call my landlord and tell him I’m using my last months rent. I need to cull my clothing and get rid of a bunch. This is so exciting. I can’t wait.

In other news, my taxes are finally done, and I owe NY state about 300 bucks. Lame. But, I’m getting federal money back . So that’s good. It’s the first time I’ve had to pay taxes. Not an exciting experience.

I really want to start packing now, but I have work tomorrow. Sleep soon.


Apartment 1- Beautiful neighborhood. A long, but pretty, walk to the train. Trader Joes, Stop and Shop, lots of restaurants, most things one would need. Smallish. A little awkward. Not a great kitchen. Nice landlords. Upstairs. 1500, plus utilities. No fios, only dsl.

Apartment 2- Ugly neighborhood. Apparently totally safe, has everything one would need. Short walk to an inconvenient train. Big, two bedrooms and an office. Nice layout. 1.5 bathrooms. Porch/balcony thing. New kitchen, very pretty. Washer/dryer hookup, but no washer/dryer. Noisy neighborhood, but quiet inside. 1675 plus utilities. Fios available. Close to two people John works with and likes.

We’re seeing two more tomorrow. One I don’t really want, but after the hassle it’s been to set up the appointment, I would feel shitty about cancelling. The other I have hopes for, but John has already set himself against the neighborhood. We’ll see. And then we’ll make lists and decide. This is tough.

Well I might have screwed that up.

The job interview went great. Well enough that I have a second one next week, and they’ve started calling references. Yay. But, since I found out about the second interview, I’ve been really conflicted because this job would probably mean not going to Camp. I want to talk to them about it and find out, but in all likelihood I wouldn’t be able to go. I talked to Madeline about that, which was sad especially since I got her to go, and now I might have to abandon her.

I called Camp today to talk to them about when they might need me and let them know about the job and what I was working with. And found that they have been hiring so as not to need me. Apparently all the times in the past that I’ve dragged my feet a little and had to figure out a subletter and talked about leaving my cats, and the fact that I hadn’t called them sooner has worked against me. They were trying to save me that trouble, and also enough people have replied and been hired for the things that they need me for. They told me to call back when I knew, and they would call if something changed and someone fell through or something. But they are also really tight on money this year, and might not be able to afford me.

I’m a little bit crushed. I’m so used to being needed there, and so comfortably entrenched in feeling tied to it (sometimes to the point where I resent it, I feel like I’m not working there because I want to, but because I’m needed, and guilted into it) that to suddenly be told that I might not be necessary is upsetting.

Moral- If you love something, don’t whine about it, and make it known that you love it. If you might be available for something, make it known that you might be, even if it’s not definite. I felt like they were taking me for granted a little, and all the while I was completely taking them for granted.

I recently reread The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingsolver, and one of the characters had the beautiful habit of malapropism, and in one she talks about taking something for granite. And that’s appropriate here. Camp was my summer rock.

I am prophetic

In procrastinating on the interview clothes issue, I was reading through my archives, and came across the list of things that I was scared of about the Namibia trip a couple months before we went. Buried in the list was “We will hit an oryx” which totally almost happened. I am clearly psychic (ignoring the fact that nothing else I was worried about came to pass. And that this was an almost, it didn’t actually happen. But I could have said any animal! I picked the right one!)

What happened was- it was our “day off” in the middle of the trip. I use quotes because we spent the first 4 hours of it doing work. Voluntarily. It was fun, we were checking box traps and then going back around and throwing antelope meat into them for bait. Anyway. We were driving along the road, going pretty slowly because it’s a crappy dirt road with lots of rocks (John had the best time ever with this) and there was a steepish slope off to our left going down, and it continued going up on our right. We were going about 20km an hour when this oryx tears out of the bush to our left, across the road and up the other side, going at least twice as fast as us. It was about 15 feet in front of the car. Had we been going a little faster, it might have gone right into the side of our car (my side, I might add). It was amazing to see, and definitely the closest we got to one. They’re huge, especially in the shoulders, and seeing it running like that, even for just a second, we could see how incredibly powerful it was.

Later that day a mother and baby kudu ran across the road, but further ahead of us. That was also great to see.

Well that was almost embarrassing.

Pidgeon loves the bathroom. It’s her domain. She’ll follow you in, sometimes she sleeps there. So, this morning I went to take a shower, and she came with me. Normal, fine. But then halfway through I peek out to look at her, make sure she’s not ripping up the toilet paper or anything, and she’s been replaced by Snippet. “That’s odd” I think “I could have sworn it was Pidgeon who OH MY GOD THE DOOR IS OPEN”

Whoops. I guess I hadn’t quite pulled it all the way shut? And then Snippet, who isn’t a total bathroom¬†aficionado, but who hates to be left out, pushed her way in. Thanks cats. I’m pretty sure at least one of my roommates is home, too. Oh well.

Interview tonight! I don’t know what to wear. I’m more and more convinced that it’s not an interview so much as a tryout. I have no idea what to wear. Clearly, my Interview Skirt is out, if I’m going to be doing some actual work. I have two pairs of dress pants, but I’m not in love with them. But that might be the safest bet. I am, though, in love with a pair of jeans I bought recently, and they’re still all super new and I’ve almost convinced myself that they look nice enough to wear to this. It also seems like a pretty casual clinic. In their bios they talk about kickboxing and translating manga and such. But I don’t work there yet. I have roughly three hours to decide, and then an hour to change my mind a few times. Argh.

Oh the dreams

John and I looked at an apartment a week or so ago. It was nice, but waaaay too small. I’m pretty sure I could fill it with my stuff alone. So no go. But I was cheered because we went to look! And even though afterwards he said something about how he had better uses of his time, he kept commenting about how he had liked thing about it, and how now we know what too small is, and other little things that made me smile inside because I know he’s thinking about it, and imagining similar things.

We kept looking and today I found what I want. I have no idea if it will happen. It’s too much money. It’s sort of far from school (and potential work). It’s in a really good neighborhood, but it looks like there’s no parking. I don’t know what utilities, if any, they cover. But it’s beautiful. Like, Victorian moldings, two fireplaces, hardwood floors, remodeled kitchen, bay window beautiful. I want it. I would need to convince him to pay more rent. It’s not too much out of our range, but I couldn’t afford that, unless I get amazing student loans. And an awesome job that pays a lot. We’ll see what happens. In the meantime I’ll stare at the pictures and imagine my armchair by the bay window.