Monthly Archives: October 2008


So I’m sick. Not full blown yet, it’s still in the increasingly-bad-sore-throat range, but I am fully prepared to feel terrible and coddle myself and whine some. Fitting that while I’ve felt it coming on all this week, it actually manifested during the debate last night. I watched it just with John, which was good as I felt a little lousy and he had soup, but bad as it would have been fun to watch with a bunch of raucous drunk people. Oh well. It was depressing. She avoided answering the actual questions and kept bringing up her energy producing state, he refered to himself in the third person and talked far more about Obama than himself. My favorite part was “Joe O’Biden”. Why was she smiling through the whole thing? I was dissapointed that they didn’t return to education more. The whole thing was incredibly scripted. They should have to answer real questions. Making them explain what carbon is would have been fun. And this “clean burning coal”. I dunno. It did, somehow, feel much shorter than an hour and a half. Then we watched Ramsays’ Kitchen Nightmares, and Iron Chef America.

We went to the aquarium by Coney Island in the afternoon. That was good. Lots of pretty fish, and jellyfish, and an electric eel. We got to see the sea lion demonstration. They were all big and good natured, and seemed to not mind, or even enjoy doing the tricks, so that was good. All the other mammalish things they had, the sea otter and walrus and such, there was only one of each and they seemed bored and sad. At least there were several of the penguins to keep each other company.

I’ve been “hired” (quotes because I don’t know that they’re actually going to pay me) to design a show that opens thursday. Very short notice. The play is all right. I think it’s one of those that I need to see for the full effect. It’s about a soldier going back for a second tour, and his wife and mother. He ends up dying, naturally, and there is a scene in some sort of limbo. There seems to be a bunch of subtext that i can’t quite grasp, but fortunately I don’t need to. They (the people who hired me) are sending out two signals, one of ‘we’re just grateful for anything, just make it so the audience can see them’ and one of ‘we want it to be great, and perfect, and amazing’. They also want each of the 4 settings to look totally different. Today is my day to put together a plot. With my 16 lights. I’m doing a good job so far of not freaking out about this. It’s a little irritating because I know that they’re sort of lying about being happy with anything as long as you can see the actors. I wish I had longer to sift through ideas and figure out what I want to do. I wish I could see a rehearsal before I turn in the plot. I wish the people hanging the plot had any clue about what they’re doing. That’s the other thing, I can’t be there for the hang. This almost stopped me from being involved, but then they got more desperate and decided that they could just make it work. Whatever. I’ll give them my best, and it’s too bad if they don’t like it. Bah.