Monthly Archives: February 2010

Schedule madness

Day 1, Thursday. 7am to 6 pm. 10 paid hours.
Day 2, Friday. Noon to 5pm. 5 paid hours.
Day 3, Saturday. 11 am to midnight. 13 paid hours.
Day 4, Sunday. Today, noon to midnight. 11 paid hours.
Day 5, Monday. 8am to 3pm, 4pm to 10pm. Two different job sites, 12 or 13 paid hours.
Day 6, Tuesday. 8am to 3pm, 4pm to midnight. 14 or 15 paid hours.
Day 7, Wednesday. 1pm to 11pm. 9 paid hours.
That’s all that I have in my head. it gets worse, I have a couple overnight calls. wheee. I’m trying to be good and bring food with me. It’s not working so far. I’ll try more.
Right now I’m on light board, so I have sit down time to write this. nice easy work, a good change from hauling cable.


Oh, do I really need a title?

Whee! A busy couple of days. Today less so, but yesterday felt like two or three days, so it all adds up.

I took a rope class for the first time in forever yesterday. I had to drag myself out of bed and onto the subway at an earlier hour than I’d like, but it was worth it. And now my triceps are sore. They usually aren’t sore by themselves, without an adjoining muscle, and it took me a little while to identify what hurt. It was a lot of fun, I did some new stuff, attempted to do some old stuff, sort of succeeded at a few things, and got to take class from a teacher who I really like. I hope I can take another class this month, but between her being out of town, and me working and being out of town, I’m not sure it’ll happen. We’ll see.

And then I came home and ran a bunch of little housekeeping errands, nothing huge but a lot of back and forth. And then I took a nap. I am awfully pathetic these days. But when you spend two months doing almost nothing, an hour of climbing and wrapping, and then a couple hours of running laundry around and buying cat food and garbage bags is a pretty full day. But then there was more! My friend Riley (who also doubles as my little brother a good amount of the time) had a birthday a few days ago, and so we had a get together thing for that. I originally only intended to go to the house part, where there would be hanging out and takeout ordering, but I had fun there, all good people, from Camp, who I don’t hang out with often enough (although one of them, who I’m never really liked, was sort of being a grumpy bitch, but it was tolerable) and so I went to the bar with them. The one we were originally aiming for was way packed, so we went next door, and it turned out to be a Bay Area-centric bar, mostly Bay Area beers on tap, including my favorite Ace Pear Cider (although I may reevaluate, it was so sweet that I was hungover before I left. That part was not great). But the Highlight! They had IT’S-ITs!!! This is possibly my favorite ice cream product in the world, and I have never seen them outside of the Bay Area. So that was really exciting. I was talking to one girl who I’ve met before briefly, and it turns out that she has a family friend who’s a production designer for TV stuff, so she’s going to try to get me a job and such. It turns out she really likes networking and connecting people like that, which is fantastic for me in this case. We’ll see what comes of that. Other than that, the standard loud drunken happy conversation. We got one person to go over to the original bar and steal a plastic bag full of popcorn. And then when I went home, I had excellent train luck and caught both my trains within a minute (at 2 am, this is a thing to celebrate) but I was already hungover and headachey, so I stayed up and ate some easy mac and watched some stuff. All in all, a good night, but a tired one.

And then today was spent with a headache and a toilet. But not in the puking sense. In the toilet-decided-to-clog-and-be-unresponsive-to-any-plunging-and-snaking-attempts. But then! I went online, and found a dish soap and hot water method. Throw in a bunch of dish soap, and then pour in a pot of near-boiling water, wait a minute, flush, wait several minutes, flush again. All better. I was so pleased. I have a long history of being really unsuccessful at unclogging toilets, so this was a bit of a victory.  It took about an hour of plunging and internet looking up. And I went out and bought a snake. It broke. Damn dollar store. Then I got back in bed and tried to pretend I didn’t have a headache. It didn’t work.

I spent the rest of the day reading about Nook’s and Kindle’s, and deciding that I want a Nook, but a second generation one, it sounds like there’s a few things to tweak. That, and having my computer crash 4 times from overheating, and debating throwing it at the wall. I’m really sick of this happening. John is going to open it up and see if he can figure out what’s wrong with it. I hope he can. But I scoped out some netbooks just in case. Not that I can buy anything like that for a while. But it’s fun to look.

3 days till I have work again.  Now that it’s impending, I don’t wanna go. But it will be good. And busy. And just think of the barrels of money!