Monthly Archives: August 2010

Forever and a day ago

I had a great summer. It was awesome. Costa Rica was amazing and beautiful and I took about 700 pictures and then paid to get all of them developed. And then Camp was good this year. I got to teach a lot of good kids, and the aerials staff was awesome and we busted our asses and put together some of the best shows ever seen. It was fantastic and rewarding.

My parents are moving. So far I don’t have any issues with losing my childhood home, but I’m expecting those to show up, given my reactions to other changes they’ve made, and those were within that house. I’m excited for them, though. While I was with them for a few days, I saw the house from the outside, and it seems good for them. They’ve been fairly unhappy with their old place for a while now, and it will be really nice for them to move and start fresh in this place. It’s a lot farther away from most things, but that’s okay.

John and I are also contemplating moving. Well. He’s contemplating. I’m all for it. We looked at a place in Staten Island that’s great. It’s pretty, big enough, good landlords, washer and dryer and a yard. But, crappy neighborhood, and in Staten Island. I am all for it, and have braced myself to deal with the inconveniences and all, but he is still debating and considering. I really wish he’d hurry up and decide so they don’t give it to someone else or something. I should also pay rent if I’m not moving. But I’m ignoring that at the moment.

Tenaya and Alex are preparing to move back to California, which is pretty sad. I will miss them a lot, and am trying to hang out with them a lot before they go. I’m inheriting their bookshelves and some dishes and maybe bedframe, which is all good, but I’d rather they stayed. I understand wanting to go back to California, though. I’m somewhat leaning that way myself. But not quite yet, I suppose.

In addition to all this moving upheaval and debate, I’m also thinking about a career change. I’ve been feeling increasingly displaced by theater recently, and increasingly less interested in pursuing it. I’m thinking about going back to school to be a vet tech, and specializing in exotic animals. At the moment, I’m really interested in wildlife rehabilitation, and wild animals. I’m saving up money to go to Namibia to work with cheetah researchers next february. I want to proceed slowly and consider everything, because I know that I’m prone to becoming passionate about new things for short periods of time. Theater lasted about 10 years. I want to make sure that this will stick at least that long. I think it might. So, that’s sort of exciting and terrifying and full of self doubt and scrutiny and debate. I’m trying to not be too obviously me me me about it all when I talk to people. There was a NYT article sort of about this recently, 20somethings and their lack of ‘growing up’ in the traditional sense, and a rebuttal of sorts from someone else. and (I am way too lazy to hyperlink). Definitely worth reading.

This is starting to sound like a bulletpointed newsletter. Oh well. I also want to start trapeze classes for kids, and starting to figure out how to do that, the feasibility and what’s involved and all. This is actually really exciting. I like teaching a lot, and it would be great to have more continuity with kids, get to train them for longer. I would also need to figure out how to structure classes like that. While teaching at Camp is frustrating because of the limitations, and the number of kids and the fact that they don’t come to class consistently and all that, I don’t really know how to do otherwise. So that would be a challenge.

If John decides to move to this place, I am putting in a garden. I’m so excited about that.