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This six week school session is nuts. We *just* started, and I had part of my midterm yesterday. The rest is tomorrow. It’s an okay class. The book is decent, and has enough worthwhile things to make up for the self-help feel. My teacher is sort of earnest and enthusiastic, but a terrible listener and a bad critical thinker. I wasn’t sure about that second part until last week when somehow we got off on a Remote Viewing tangent. Suffice to say, she has the first part of critical thinking (the part where you listen to and are open to new ideas) down pretty well, it’s the second part (where you take these new ideas and scrutinize them and make them prove themselves) that she fails on.

And then the midterm thing. The class is supposed to be 3 hours long, twice a week. She started out talking about how rushed it would be, and how we had so much to cover and blah blah. All true. So, it mystifies me then why she took a test that she estimated would take 2.5 hours and broke it into two parts. Waste of two classes. The first part she gave us over an hour to do, after which we could leave. It took me about 20 minutes. It was 10 multiple choice questions and then defining about 15 terms. The second part is going to be using this specific set of steps to work through a hypothetical problem. I estimate this may take me about 45 minutes. Maybe. I don’t much mind it being this easy and wasting the time, except that it’s frustrating.

I have a few writing things to do this week, to get out of the way before Fashion hits like a train. It is going to be a very busy, rough, lucrative season. Which is good since I need to pay for next semester and all. Next semester! Very much looking forward to actually being in school again. With age, I’ve gotten much better at jumping through the routine hoops, but it’s so much better when I’m actually learning something. I’m still scared of the chemistry course, but at least I will be learning it! I’m hoping my teacher is good and likable and puts things in a language I get.



Getting better at pretending to be an adult.

This has been a good week. School is back, though it’s the weird second session, so it’s only 6 weeks long and I only have one class. Critical Thinking, which is going all right. It’s a big rush since we’re packing everything into half the time, but I’m coming around to it. I’m going back and forth on the teacher. At first I didn’t like her, but it’s only 6 weeks, and last class was pretty good. Critical Thinking is just thinking about thinking. Philosophy meets psychology. So that’s interesting enough. And the teacher is mostly good, but she’s a rather terrible listener, cuts people off all the time, I think misunderstands them a lot, and is often kind of unclear. Especially about the homework, which she tells us in bits and pieces throughout the class, and you just kind of hope that you got all of it. And yet, she’s a fairly decent teacher, and it’ll be easy to get through. Already I’m one of the most talkative (and [un]fortunately argumentative) people in the class. Ack.

And then yesterday was good. John and I have been wanting to go see a movie, so we picked out a time, and then in the interim cleaned the apartment. Well. The bathroom, living room, and most of the kitchen. The hallway, stairway and both our rooms leave something to be desired. But anyway. We got just about done, and then I decided that instead of the movies, I really wanted to go to ikea to get chairs. We have this foldout table in the living room, and John got chairs to use with it, but one ended up at his desk upstairs, and the other went into the kitchen. He also wanted a reading chair for his room, so off we went.

I kind of love stores of Stuff. Somehow, those are good. Grocery stores that are too big sometimes give me minor panic attacks (yeah, I know. Weird. I don’t know why either) but stores full of Stuff are fantastic. We managed to pace it right, wandering around and looking at everything but leaving before John ran out of patience. List o’ things! We got two chairs (but, in ikea fashion, one of them had the wrong hardware, so only one is set up. Sad trombone.), John’s reading chair and food stool, a wall pot rack thing, a bedside lamp for me (aaand didn’t realize that it takes a B base lamp not a standard A lamp. Fine, but need to go get one now) and a bar of chocolate. We came home, put together the chair, made dinner (pork chops, spaghetti squash, broccoli), and ATE AT THE TABLE. It’s like we’re real grownups who really live here or something.

So yes, satisfying day all around.

New Years!

I got back from California on friday. It was good/bad. I hung out with Fred, my old cat, a lot, I saw some friends, the funeral was fine. Maybe I’ll write about that more later. But for now!

New Years! Madeline broke up with Rob a few days ago, and so asked if I wanted to be her plus one to a party she was performing at NYE, and it sounded good to me. It was awesome. I was underdressed. I hadn’t realized how much of a party it was, and that the theme was glitter disco. I have never seen so many sequins. Madeline did a parter acro act, a rope act, and the a really funny bit. I between she and her acro partner (a fantastic classical ballet-trained drag queen) came to hang out with me and watch stuff. There were some other acts, and a couple amazing bands. Everyone was bouncy and dancing and happy. At almost midnight, the acro partner stole champagne from the vip area and brought it down to us, and we poured it during the countdown and shot off the giant poppers they’d been handing out. I’ve never been to a ‘real’ New Years party before, it was an experience. I had fun.

We left late, her last act was at 1, and when we got back to her house, there was a salsa/merengue band nearby. A very, very loud band. Eventually we put in earplugs and finally went to sleep.

New Years day was great. And tired. We went to sleep at about 4 30, and got up at 10 30. Because! we had to go to Coney Island to jump in the ocean with the polar bear clubs! It was amazing. I thought it would be about 50 people, mostly russians and college students or something. There were thousands of people. Some to watch, but most to do. People were dressed up, I saw a penguin and some bagpipers and lots of vikings hats for some reason. Madeline’s friend Carolyn met us as arranged by her group with the Colorado flag, and slowly we all got ready. I’m glad it was a warmish day, it actually wasn’t that bad standing there in just a bathing suit. Our group leader of sorts rounded us up and made a quick speech about “We go as one!” and we charged off down the beach. The charge lasted about 30 feet because the crowd was so thick, but we wound our way down and when it cleared up a few feet from the water charged in. At first, not so bad. The ocean in California is freezing, so I’m a little used to it. But then after a bit of splashing it got very cold. Madeline and I grabbed hands and dunked and then ran out. Other people we were with went back in again, and said it was way colder the second time. Once was plenty¬†exhilarating for me, though.

It was great, though. This crazy thing that all these people showed up to with such enthusiasm. I need more of that.

We went back to her house to shower and recover, and then picked up her rope from the party place, and then went to her roommates parent’s house for a loose hangout dinner thing. Very relaxed and informal, and very good food. Three main things happened- 1. It turned out someone there went to my high school, though long before me. 2. Carolyn also came, and apparently after I left the polar bears, people that I ran in with said that they recognized me, and apparently I went to college with them (weird. They didn’t look familiar to me. But I did have tunnel vision in college, and people change over the years. I look mostly the same though).

And 3. We did a White Elephant Resolution game. Same rules as with the presents, you can draw a new one or steal a previous, but instead of presents you put in two of your New Years Resolutions. That turned out to be hilarious, and wonderful. I wrote down “Cook something new every week” (which, were it for me, would be just cook something every week, but I figure most people actually do that already, so I cheated that a little) and the “Figure out the feasibility of, and begin, the raccoon project”. (This is a crazy idea of mine that I’m working on, perhaps I’ll write about it when the feasibility has been worked out) That one made for some fun. The first person who drew it was super confused, and people offered lots of suggestions about “inner raccoons” and various interpretations. Then a girl who makes art stole it from him, so I’m interested to see what she come up with.

I drew some silly ones, making funny faces in the mirror and such, but then got two good ones- To not kill my houseplants, and to do something world changing before it’s too late. I’m not sure I can accomplish the second in this year, but it already was a sort of ongoing goal, in a way. I want to do big cat research that will contribute to some kind of conservation which means protecting areas, reversing habitat destruction and the like. So, I consider that one more long term. But the houseplant thing, yes. I can do that.

There were other good ones. “Find a piece of furniture I’ll treasure the rest of my life”, “Control the creative fires”, one that I can’t remember the wording of, but it was about finding a way to satisfy an interest equal to your career. I’m having a hard time remembering them all now, but there were some really nice ones, and people stole some back and forth, and we laughed a lot coming up with ways to interpret them. One person had written something about putting in underfloor heating in their freezing house, so that led to some funny ideas.

My phone died some time in the middle of this and I lost track of time, and was so surprised when I got home and it was 10 30. I’m exhausted, but it was such a nice day with such good people that I wouldn’t have guessed it to be so late. All in all, a lovely couple of days to ring in the new year. 2011 was great in a lot of ways, and rough in a lot of ways. I’m ready for it to be over and for 2012 to be even better.