Monthly Archives: February 2012

Oh the pressure!

My Biology book showed up today. It’s big. Like, twice as big as the Chemistry one. Eesh. But, this makes it official and committed. I’m beginning to realize how hard it will be and how much work I’ll need to put in. I’m also realizing how insane I am. An email went out today about the the Exotic Animal Care class didn’t have enough people and they needed more to enroll or it would be cancelled. And I considered it. I would need an approval form since I’m still pre-clinical, but to keep the class they were willing to do it. Fortunately for my sanity, it’s at the same time as my alg/trig class. And I’m looking forward to that one.

I also need to go start drumming up work again. I’ve been looking at and applying for other things, but no words so far. I kind of hate freelancing. You’re either working or looking for work. Being in school makes it even more fun. So perhaps a ‘real’ job is in order. The problem with what i’m doing now is that despite the crappy hours, hard dirty sweaty work, it pays. It pays good. You know, when I can get it. And so it’s easy to get sucked back in with that promise, even though it sucks and you’re tired of it. (Oh, the luxury of being tired of what I do!) Anything else I can do pays about half. Though I am looking at doing some tutoring, in math and reading. That could be good. 

Rarg. To sum up. 


I hear birds.

No, really. When I wake up, usually, for a few hours. And then sometimes other times too. It sounds like there’s a whole tree full about, say, a half block away, all waking up and twittering their little heads off. It’s not unpleasant, it’s mostly just disconcerting when I realize/remember that they’re not actually there. Whoops. Weirdest tinnitus ever. But, not unpleasant. And actually, it sounded very convincing. I wasn’t even totally sure that it wasn’t real until I asked John this morning if he could hear them. He thinks this could mean some kind of nerve damage or something. I think he likes to hypochondriac-by-proxy. But, now that I have health insurance (eeeeeeeee! I found out today it doesn’t kick in until the 5th, but eeeeeeeee) I figure it’s worth checking out. I should get another hearing test and look into the idea of a hearing aid again anyway. In addition to the myriad of other things I want to do. 

I need to work on the Raccoon Project. The last thing I have to do for the kickstarter is make a video, and I need to sit down and write out what that should be. I know nothing about editing, so I think I may have to just get it right the first time. And edit with the camera. Or something. I need to find someone who knows what’s up. I should do that now, since I borrowed a raccoon hat from someone who I bet will want it back soon.


I know. It’s been a while. It happens. I’ve been lazy/busy/distracted. Perhaps I’m back? School is starting again soon, so maybe I’ll be at my computer trying to procrastinate more. We can always hope.

Reasons for me not writing!

– Fashion week! It’s really a couple of weeks. Plus recovery time. It went well this time, I assisted on some stuff, which I really enjoyed. I like organizing things and telling people what to do. Without being fully in charge so it’s not totally my fault. Win!

– I’ve started the Raccoon Project! Sort of. I’m working on a kickstarter to buy camera traps so I can put together enough data to convince people with grant money and the like that they should fund the real thing. So that’s coming together slowly.

– I was doing a really stupid 6 week class! At first I thought my schools schedule of having two sessions in a semester was a great idea. But no. Six weeks is way too short. But, it’s a lot easier when halfway through your teacher just gives up on teaching and tells you all of the questions from the final, and what pages the material for those questions are. So. My 4.0 is intact.

– I’ve been preparing for next semester! I am possibly insane and also definitely nuts because I’m taking Algebra/Trig, Math of Dosages, Eng 102, Foundations of Chemistry, and Intro to Biology. FIVE. Five classes including two with labs. I’m in school from 8am to 8pm tuesday and thursday (to be fair, there is a 3 and 5 hour gap respectively) and 9 am to 4:30pm saturday. I’m counting on math being easy and not taking too much time like last semester. Dosages is math as well, I just need to learn conversions and junk. English will mean some writing, but I’m decent at that, and the text for the class is Coraline. I need to take Chemistry for my program, and I thought, well hey, Chem is the only thing I’ll really have to work on here, so why not throw on another! Sure! We’ll see how this goes.

– I’ve been planning for the future! Considering different schools and programs. At this point, I’m a little depressed by the idea of having to repeat college and all of the gen ed classes. I want to do the science ones, but OHMYGOD I have enough literature in my life already and I am so tired of creative classes. I’m not done with reading and creativity, I’m just burned out on being graded on them. So now I’m toying with the idea of taking classes I want, and then going for a masters. If I can get in. With a BFA and and AAS. Things that will help- the Raccoon Project! And a stellar GRE score.

– I haven’t been going to rope, but the rope act is percolating in the back of my head. That sort of counts. I want to work on it more.

– And then I’ve just been lazy. I know that between school, homework, and attempting to work enough to support myself in the next few months, I won’t have much time for lying on the couch watching terrible tv. So I’ve been taking advantage of that while I can. 5 more days.

Although, being lazy is only fun for so long. So now I’ve been condensing all of my notes from last semesters algebra class so I have all the equations and short cuts handy, and also reading my chemistry book. John is all excited about helping me with this. I’m a little more apprehensive about that. It is his subject, he knows it well, but I’m starting at the beginning, and I am sometimes hard to teach. He is also sometimes not the best teacher because he knows it so well and thinks that things are obvious. I’ve watched him tutor Lauren, and while she is more whiny than I will be, I think we’ll be butting heads in the same way. We’ll see. We had a trial run of that the other day when I didn’t understand something about scientific notation. I understood the rule, I just didn’t get WHY it was the rule. I really want to understand all of this. I’m starting late and at a disadvantage, I feel, so I want to get it all right now. Anyway, after insisting for a while that it was that way because “it says it right there in the text”, he left to make a sandwich and came back saying it was actually that way because of scientific notation. Which totally makes sense. So maybe the whole process will be like that, butt heads, and then he’ll figure out a way to explain it, or I’ll find a way in myself. In any case. It should be a busy, informative semester.

Long post! Makes up for weeks of silence? Hopefully to be followed up soon with more.