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Yesterday was frustrating. Work isn’t fun anymore. I left early to do a site visit elsewhere, and didn’t go back, though I had time to. I skipped it today. Terrible. But that’s not really the news. The news is that Sarah, the english roommate, is allergic to the kittens. Hives and all. Which is odd, since she’s lived with cats before, never been allergic. But these are strange american cats, different sort of dander. Or something. Who knows. It was a little sudden, though, to get a text from her just now saying “Hey can u ask around if any1 wants 2 take my room…A.S.a.p? Thanks hun”. So there you go. I guess I should put an ad on craigslist. We’re in a period of upheaval, though, so it will be interesting. Madeline is going to seattle for the summer, so there’s a french couple subletting for 2 weeks in june, and then her friend is coming for the rest of the summer. And I’m going to camp for a month, starting july 20th. I wish someone I liked was looking. The process of finding someone is not something I relish much.

I watched A Streetcar Names Desire this afternoon. I had no idea. It was good, and interesting, and yet another play that I now need to read. But it was nothing like I expected. From all the various quotes and imitations people do, I just didn’t expect Blanche to be a total nutcase. And Stanley was pretty cruel, both intentionally and not. Stella was great, but nothing happens. All in all, well worth finally watching.  Now I’ve moved on to rewatching Auntie Mame. Clearly one of the best movies ever made. I need to make more people watch it.


Fresh air

Today was nice. I feel much better, though still kind of cautious about eating. It seems that if I eat too much at once (and by too much, I mean two eggs with cheese and a piece of toast with butter and some bacon and a glass of milk. Or something of similar quantity) I end up feeling kind of horrible and not wanting to move. So I’m sticking to small bits, and eating infrequently. We’ll see how tomorrow is.

I was lying around this morning, deciding when to get up and clean and change my sheets and further such routine maintanence when I got a call from Jesse, asking if I wanted to go see Endgame. Heck yes. So that was my adventure of the day. The subway part sucked, apparently I now (hopefully temporarily) get mildly motion-sick, but it was such a nice day out. It was raining at that point, but since it’s been raining on and off for several days, the air is really clean, and it was cool without being cold, with pleasant little breezes. I was thinking as I walked home that this was a good day to be a little old rich english lady. Have someone wrap a shawl around you, and sit you in one of those big wicker wheelchair things, with a rug over your lap, and be wheeled out to the park to read, or have someone read to you, or just sit and enjoy the air. I have no one to push me to the park, and no giant adult stroller, so I just went home.

Endgame was good. Very funny, and excellent acting. I need to reread it now, some parts I couldn’t make out what they were saying, and missed jokes. I’m very glad I got to see it, I had been wanting to, but then of course forgotten. It’s too bad today was the last day, i would have liked to make John see it. Oh well.

I need to start seeing more theatre. There are a lot of things that I want to see, and I have enough money to indulge in a tdf ticket fairly regularly. I made an effort to see something a couple weeks ago. But I made the mistake of trying to get someone to go with me. Surefire way to never get anywhere. Lesson learned.

I have work tomorrow. I haven’t been to work in 10 days. I vaguely remember what I was doing when I left off. It’ll be fine. I feel really stupid, though. I took monday and tuesday off for the hell of it. I didn’t want to go, so I didn’t. And then ended up getting sick on tuesday, and having to miss the rest. Now I feel guilty for the illegitimate days. I also, this week, have another job I’m doing on top of it. I’m going to try to work it so it doesn’t interfere, but we’ll see. This other thing is easy, just setting up lights for a private school recital or something. I should look over the details again. They’re paying well, though, so it should be worth it. And I’ve worked for them before. They like me, and it’s a good connection to keep. Busy week ahead, in any case. I think it’s bedtime. The excursion and then making and eating my half-dinner wiped me out. This is embarassing. I want my energy back.

Sick sick sick

I’m better now, mostly. Two days ago my stomach was grouchy and I felt like throwing up on the subway. i figured it was because I hadn’t really eaten anything that morning, and the subway smells were particularly strong that day. I got home after fixing something that didn’t need to be fixed (i got a call saying that the lights were washing out the projection, and could I come fix it? I get there, and it’s realized by all that it’s because the back of the theatre is a big stained glass window. Apparently, covers for that had been offered and refused. I can’t believe they called me in for that. Granted, they are a particular blend of cautious and stupid) and resumed my watching of gilmore girls. Around the 3rd episode, I got very tired. And shivery. And achey. Yay fever! It progressed, worse and worse. I took a couple advil, passed out, and woke up 2 hours later feeling great. Until I threw up. I dozed and slept for a few more hours, as much as I could with the worst fever ache I’ve ever had, and got up at 4 to throw up again          *Huge huge grossout alert- skip to the next paragraph if you want to avoid possibly vomiting yourself*       The first time I threw up, it was easy, almost a relief. The second time was terrible. I had had pizza earlier, in the half hour that my stomach felt better, and this time around, chunks of it kept getting stuck in the back of my throat. SO in between each heave, I was having to clear my throat and half-gag and try to dislodge them. It was rather traumatic. The cats looked very concerned when i finally emerged.

I didn’t really sleep after that, and spent yesterday curled up and in pain and unable to do much of anything. John came over in the evening, bringing chicken soup and pot pie. I was too wary of eating then, but this morning I’m feeling much better, and rather hungry. So I think I’ll try the soup soon. He stayed for a while and curled up with me, but he has bronchitis right now, and was coughing and waking me up and had stuff to do at home. I really hope he doesn’t get sick.

Food time. The best part about this? I haven’t eaten in a day, and I threw up everything I ate the day before that. So now I’m terribly hungry. The kind of hungry where you feel like your stomach is eating itself. The kind of hungry where you want to throw up . Oh, the irony.


I have no motivation to go to work. At all. It’s 10 45. I am supposed to get there at 10. I’m still in bed. Yesterday I skipped out completely and watched gilmore girls on the couch. For most of the day. That was interrupted for a few hours when I had to go to the job with the stupid projections and fix a couple lights that weren’t coming on. Then I went right back home. Picked up some food along the way.

The thing with this job is- I draft for an architect. We’re getting the bid set ready, so we can give it to the contractor so they can get started on estimates and all that. My boss, the architect, is in the hospital. He has bone cancer, and they found a marrow donor, so now he’s there, about to regrow his bone marrow. Which is kind of horrific and sounds painful and boring. The hard part for me is that he’s on a lot of knockout drugs, and I don’t know everything that needs to be done. There’s a bunch that I can do, and I have been doing, but some stuff he needs to tell me, or he needs to do himself. And that’s hard to do when you get big shots of benadryl every day. Frustrating for me (and is it selfish to be frustrated at a sick man? Hard to tell, as I’m frustrated on his behalf, in a way) and makes things harder. Also, the other guy I work with, is this indian guy, who’s accent I can barely understand. And who isn’t the brightest shoe in the barrel. For example- I left my flashdrive with him one afternoon, as I left before him. The next morning-

him- oh, your flashdrive doesn’t work with this computer

me- what? Yes it does, I’ve used it with both of them before

him- it says there’s not enough power

me- oh, just ignore when it says that, it’s fine anyway *pause, remember that the keyboard usb port doesn’t have enough power to run anything other than a mouse* oh, and plug it into the back, the keyboard port doesn’t work for that

him- oh, sure sure, yes

several hours later, he turns to me and says it doesn’t work, pointing at the screen. He’s plugged it into the keyboard. Nice. He also asks me repeatedlky about how to do various things drawing-wise, things that could easily be found with a little looking, in fact, I have to look for them in order to show him how to do whatever it is, because I don’t remember where everything is, and he, coming from autocad, wants shortcuts that I, having self-taught vectorworks, am not familiar with. I don’t know what he’s afraid of, or if he just has no curiosity or what, but it’s annoying. And I don’t really want to go deal with it. And I have cats here, who run around, and then fall asleep on me. And I can do this work at home. If I chose to. Which I might.

Pidgeon has discovered the bathtub. I can hear her jumping in and out of it. Snippet is way too small to get out of it on her own, so that’s a little worrying.

I need to get up and dressed and figure out what today will be. I’m thinking watching more episodes, and then drafting here. Part of my general lack of motivation is, I think, due to me not being paid yet. In his stupor, my boss keeps forgetting to mail my check, and I’m slowly running out of available funds. Not dire in any way, but it will be when rent is due. In 3 days. I guess it is kind of dire. I hate bugging him about anything, he always sounds so tired and out of it and possibly in pain. No good.

Been awhile

I know. I know. I hate that I’ve been neglecting this, to the point where possibly no one reads it anymore. Not that many people did in the first place, but there were a few. And that was nice, people reading whatever drivel I had to typed. It’s not all drivel. Partly responsible for my absence- I have kittens! I finally got them! Huzzay! ONe of them is 6 months old, named Pidgeon, beautiful skinny long grey/brown tabby who is half siamese, so she has the giant ears and eyes and delicate bones. And the talkativeness. She’s a little shy, doesn’t like to be held much, but she follows me around demands to be petted. Her favorite toy right now is my hair bands. She figured out where they were, and was going up on top of my dresser to retrieve another each time she lost the one she had been playing with before. I put a stop to that and covered the container they reside in (I have two abalone shells, really pretty, on my dresser, one holds all the hair stuff, the other holds all the random change. I also have penguins intended to be juggling balls, and a cow christmas ornament up there. Among other things). The other one is 10 weeks old, tortoishell who was originally more black, and is slowly changing to more mottled. named Snippet. She attacks everything and anything with great vigor. She gets that claws should not be used on people, which is good. But she will chew on your hand. She likes to sleep with me, and doesn’t mind being held. Both of them are ridiculous climbers. Pidgeon will walk on the coat rack on the back of my door, and Snippet clawed her way up my hanging canvas shoe rack to sit at the top (after seeing this, Pidgeon had to jump up there, not to be outdone by the small one). So yes. Now you know far more about someone elses cats than you ever wanted. I promise, though, not to bombard you with endless near-identical pictures of them in various cute states. Though now the impetus to get a digital camera is all the stronger. I like having cats. It sounds stupid, but it really does make my life feel more meaningful. Ridiculous. But I like them. A lot.

In other news, yesterday i worked a job that sucks, and won’t stop. I’m designing lights for a staged reading. It’s for a director that I’ve worked with before, but i was the assistant designer then. So that’s good. There are no internal cues, it was just setting up a good general look, and going home. The bad parts-1.  I had to hire my own crew, paying at the bottom end of the scale, for work on a saturday. I had to beg the second person, but it was really good that he was there, for reasons that follow.     2. There is a projection screen, and a projector. I had agreed to hang the projector. Apparently, it was implied that the electrics crew would also hang the projection screen. No one told me about this.        3. I fucked up by assuming the projection person would have some clue about what the hell they were doing. No. “So, do you have something, a cradle or somesuch, to hang this with?” “No! WHy would I?” I have no clue lady. Maybe because you’re the one with the projector, and should know this shit. SHe didn’t know where to hang it, how to figure out where to hang it, nothing. Fortunately, Lance-the one I had to beg-knows all about this stuff. Possibly more than he does about lights. Unfortunately, it meant that instead of our day being over at 3 30 (which is when the lights were done) we weren’t done until 7. And I have to go today and buy a vga cable, and then run that to the booth, because of course, the lady had no idea that one would possibly need the laptop to be more than 6 feet from the projector. Later she was talking to me about how for the show she would turn on the laptop, and then i could come along and turn on the projector. I said “sure, of course. Although, I’m not getting there till lateish, you could even turn on the projector”. Says she “oh, I’d rather not”. Turning it on involves pointing a remote control at it and pressing power. She seems completely scared of everything involved in this, except for the image she found. yes. It’s one image, that stays up. Doesn’t change for the whole show. The terrible terrible irony of all this is that I had the chance to nix all of this. The director was worried about the lights washing out the image, and if I thought that would be a problem, he could just cancel the projection all together. I should have taken him up on that. I didn’t. What an idiot.

My drafting job is going as well as it can. My boss has started his 6 week hospital stay, and is on  a lot of benadryl and other knockout drugs, so it’s hard to get answers from him about anything. But it’s going as well as can be expected. And I like getting to use his computer, it has a huge screen and internet.

I’ve been reading a lot. Which is good, lots of good books. Lots of subway time going much quicker than usual. Currently, Year of the King. It’s the diary and sketchbook of an actor preparing to play Richard the III. Very well written. It’s been editted and neatened, but I love how it’s written. I really wish I could write that well about daily events. It’s also interesting to read about the structure of the Royal Shakespeare Company. He doesn’t explain much so I’m not clear about it, but the things he talks about in relation to that are fascinating. So different from how any theatre that I know of is run.

That’s about it. I’ll try to stay on this horse.