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Lazy work

Today, I sat on my butt and read for 12 hours. Rather, I read for about 5 or 6 hours. Then I finished my book. Whoops. And they fed us! I wish I had anticipated this more, and not bought lunch, but oh well. Basically anything that went out to the main room and came back couldn’t be sent out again, but there was nothing wrong with it, so all of us back by catering ate it. And it was really good food. Tomato soup in baby espresso cups with a little grilled cheese circle on the rim like a lemon. Peppery beef rolled in arugula leaves (really good). The highlight may have been the toasted ham and cheese sandwiches with a dot of raspberry jam on top. Seriously. Somehow, it totally worked and was amazing. the baby crab cakes were really good too. And they had little open faces s’mores. Basically, I sat around and ate as food came back in from the main room. Those assholes were barely eating anything. And then when I was full I packed up a bunch of leftovers and took them to John, who thoroughly agreed with me about how good it all was. Tomorrow, more of the same. I’ll need a new book.


Back in the grind.

Work! Was good. Fairly easy day, but continual, and one where you couldn’t sit down because it “looks bad” and “the client will see”. But, a solid day, 10 hours for me, and tomorrow is 12. Tomorrow and tuesday are going to be great because I don’t have to do much. At all. I love babysitting shows. I go in early, check the lights, turn everything on, and then wait. Hopefully, nothing will go wrong, or maybe I’ll have to change a lamp or something, and then I check everything, and go home. They fed us today, which was nice as the lunch that I brought became my dinner, and I felt like I ate for free the whole day. I’m hoping they feed us again tomorrow, but that might be too much to hope for.

The one bad thing about work was when I got hurt. I was pulling a hamper with someone else pushing and walking backwards and pinched my finger between the hamper and the door frame, hard enough to bruise and bleed through a bandaid. It was partially my fault, but also the girl who was pushing and could see should have warned me. But the whole days I was sort of off spatially. I kept bumping into things and tripping and sort of being in the way a lot. Not terribly, but certainly more than normal. I blame not really working for so long. Or maybe it’s the brain parasites.

Yesterday I hung out with Madeline, which was great. We made an actual real dinner, all of which was super easy. Chicken and cornbread and swiss chard, and leftovers for lunch/dinner today. I convinced her that working at Camp this summer would be the best thing ever, we talked about a potential sort of camp that we might run in august, she showed me videos of stuff she was working on with rope and lyra. I need to start doing trapeze again. I don’t have much time now, and definitely no money, but after Namibia I want to rent space and work out and maybe take some classes. SO MANY PLANS.

Want to hear something depressing? In my four years here, I have applied to 193 jobs. Granted, that counts the two rounds of sending my resume to every designer whose email I could find. But still. That’s approximately one every eight days. Granted, I have gotten a few of those. But still. Pretty depressing. But, I am reminding myself that a bunch of those I wasn’t particularly qualified for and I was really hoping that my charm and enthusiasm would work. And not many people need assistants. And the economy sucks and everyone gets a zillion responses whenever they post a job. And I’ve gotten a several jobs without having to apply.

I should do one of those things where you post a picture every day, but instead I’ll apply to a job every day.

I have work!

Wooo! So far, sunday through wednesday, solid. And I’m hitting 40 hours before the wednesday ends, so I’m hoping I pick up more. Though their work week might end sunday night, which would put this on two different pay periods. In which case, I really hope I get a few more days to push this in to overtime land.

Tomorrow and saturday I still have free, so tomorrow is finding ACT study books and some other errands, and then saturday is hanging out with Madeline and cooking. I’m excited about everything in the near-immediate future.

One of the guys from the Namibia trip friended me on facebook. Weird/good. He and his wife are going, and they’re a little older than my mother, I think. I estimated from the date of his MBA on his profile. I was worried that he was going to try to have us meet up in Windhoek before the thing actually starts, but then he just gave me luggage advice. I’m excited about meeting all these people and going on the trip with them, but I feel like the time before it actually really starts is just mine and John’s, and should be low-key and anti-social. We both just want to sleep, hang out at the hotel place, and go to this restaurant we’ve been seeing a lot about. Then the sociability can start.

So, remember the teacher who offered to do a drive at her school? I told her that the people replied that I should go on the trip and talk to the school about shipping stuff there, and then do a drive, and she was like, ‘that’s cool, but hey, I want to get this nailed down, and also maybe do a penpal thing, so when do you want to meet up to discuss this.’ ¬†Wait, what? I mean, I think it’s awesome that she wants to help so much, but slow down lady. Yes, let’s nail down a day for the drive, sure. But penpal thing? I don’t know. This is getting too big for me. And maybe I should talk to the teachers and kids there before you get too excited about that. Also, why do you want to meet, and what would we discuss? The fact that I really don’t know anything else and have no real way of contacting the school? That I’ve already told her everything I know? That I think we should do the drive at the beginning of april, which I’ve already told her? I am so confused, and don’t know quite how to respond to her. So far, I haven’t.

In other news, while it got off to a late start, winter is totally pony’ing up and being winter here. We just got another big pile of snow, and there’s supposed to be more on tuesday next week. I think this is actually the most winter-like winter I’ve had here, though my first year was pretty good as well. It’s nice to get something pretty to look at in exchange for the cold.

Dealing with more reality

So, now that I’ve rashly applied for school, a few things have come to light.

1- they want my college transcripts. This makes total sense since technically I am a transfer student. But, I can’t call and ask for my official transcript. I have to mail in the request. And pay $5.

2- They want my high school transcripts. What the hell? It’s a community college, so it sort of makes sense, but is really weird. I think transfers with more than two years of college should not have to do the high school transcripts bit. Once again, I have to mail it, and it’s $5.

3. I have to take the ACT. What the hell. Seriously this time. I took the SATs. You know, when I was in high school. I did pretty good on them. Can we move on now? Why do I have to take another test that is roughly equivalent, 9 years after I would have taken it if I had wanted to. So, I signed up for that. April 9th. Now I have to start studying. I was looking at the practice tests on their site, and I have forgotten so much math. Fortunately, the science section seems way more about reading comprehension and detail than science. That I can work with, though I need to remind myself of their ideas of reading comprehension. Sometimes my logic doesn’t go their way.

4. I have to file a FAFSA. To do this, I have to file my taxes. This part blows, since I’m waiting on I think 6 w2’s. I would like if they sent them to me so I can throw all this at my accountant. And then accrue more debt. Yaaaaay.

I’m not sure I can handle being a student again

So my work keeps getting cancelled. Well. That’s a stretch. I heard about something this week, and then it got cut back to just 4 hours, and then I got cut. So ‘keeps getting cancelled’ is a stretch, but it feels true. It’s looking like a slow season. No good. And of course I haven’t heard from the vet job things. I’m debating breaking rules and showing up there and talking to them, but that might just make them really hate me. Who knows. Anyway.

So after my bit of work today and dinner with John, I came home and started researching the online vet tech schools I’d looked at before, and then I looked at the one that’s in town, and then I applied. So, maybe I’m going to school next fall? It’s community college, I don’t think they reject anyone. I also started trying to fill out a fafsa (but their website is sucking right now) because I am way too poor to pay for school. Well. I probably could, but I would have no time to work. To pay for living. We’ll see how that goes. Eesh.

It chewed me up and spat me out

So I finally went to the bikram class. Like I said I as going to two weeks ago. Better late than never? Anyway. It was good. It kicked my ass pretty well, but it actually wasn’t that hard. By which mean, I think bikram is essentially sort of easy since it’s 26 poses always in the same order and you always know exactly what to expect. Also a lot of the poses you’re working towards and it’s fully expected that you won’t get them for a long time, so that takes the pressure off. The heat did get to me. I was fine in poses but when we came out of them I started feeling nauseous, and had to skip out on one pose to just sit and not pass out. The beginning is more endurance based, and holding things for a long time, the end is stretching based, once you’re seriously warmed up and can reach further.

It was a good class, and with a good teacher. From reviews and vague memories of the one class I took 5 years ago, it seems like a lot of bikram classes are run like aerobics classes, where the teacher has a microphone and yells at you the whole time. I find that really weird for yoga, since my understanding is that the end result is pure meditation. It’s using your body as a way to connect your breath and your mind, and your body and be able to achieve real meditation. Which is what this class was. She talked the whole time, but a lot of it was reinforcing that you are breathing, and reaching in to these stretches and focusing just on the movement, just on your body and your form and your breathing, and that the focus was what mattered and not to be distracted.

I was able to do most things, at least partially, but there were two weird things. One was that so much of it is locking your knees, and all of my training from everything else has told me never to do that. So that’s odd. And then there was one pose with your arms under you that I was in a lot of pain with. I need to ask about that one, and what I can do about that.

You’re supposed to go to a lot of classes at the beginning, and definitely do a second within a day of your first, so I guess I’m going back tomorrow. I’m sort of excited about it, but I need to figure some stuff out. Like carrying my soaking wet gross clothes home. It was a lot of sweat. It’s weird to look at your shin and see the sweat beading out of your pores. And I need to find a towel to use. Really, I should do laundry tonight, and that would solve the towel thing, but between the class and the 3 mile walk home from it, I’m pretty beat. I think I’ll just worry about the towel tomorrow.


So winter has been putting up (as in, put up or shut up) pretty well lately. There was a blizzard right before I came back from California (did I tell you about how we almost got stuck there, and the captain had turned off the engines but then he talked to the tower and then told us, ‘okay, we’re going! Put your stuff away again!’ and then once we were in the air told us that air traffic told him that if we left in the next 10 minutes we could go, otherwise we were going to sit on the runway for 3 hours. But he saved us from that. That dude is awesome. Also, there was a baby on my flight, but it was totally happy and smiley and didn’t cry once the whole time. I tend to get really lucky with flying.) Where was I? Snow. yes. So, blizzard, and then It gave us another like 4 inches, and then a few days ago another 1 or two and last night a bit more and next week it’s supposed to blizzard again. While I’m not a huge fan of cold, I really like snow. And I like how it lays on the trees, just like in the pictures I saw as a kid. And it’s really cool when stuff you saw as a kid comes to life later on.


I had work the past couple days! I realized that aside from one day (which was at a place I don’t like working, and boring), I haven’t worked in a month. Ouch. But, yesterday and today I got to actually do stuff, though both were easy days. It was nice to get up and do stuff. Which, I realize, I am perfectly free to do without work being involved, but for me it’s really hard to. At first I get all excited about not having to do anything and I luxuriate in that. I might plan to do some stuff, but hey, I have time, and right then, I don’t want to do anything. And then after several days of that I start to get a little worried about work. I start looking more, maybe calling some people, putting feelers out. And then if none comes, I get depressed. And it happens gradually so that I usually don’t notice until it’s really bad, or I get work and realize how much happier I am. But when I’m depressed and in that rut, I have a really hard time doing anything. I look for work and feel defeated. I feel like I can’t go anywhere or do anything that might involve spending money. I don’t really want to do anything because that takes effort and I’m tired and down all the time.

But! Now some work came along, and it was easy work with people I like, and I got to feel useful. And tonight I was striking a small gig that I set up earlier today, and there was a baby cupcake left over from the gig. Perfect, two bite sized, well made cupcake. So yeah, it was a good day.

Also, one of the things we do in Namibia (35 days, 10 hours) (I can’t put a countdown clock on here, I figured out. Oh well) is go hang out with kids for a day. We take them on a game drive, and then do community whatsit stuff. And the organization sent out a thing saying hey, it would be great if you could bring school supplies for the kids. So I culled my collection of art supplies and leftover school junk, and then put a thing on facebook and invited 65 people to donate their random old school stuff. I’m hoping for some outdated math workbooks or something. But! One of my friends is a teacher and asked if I wanted them to hold a drive at her school to collect stuff. Holy crap! I can’t carry as much as that would garner, and I asked biosphere what they thought of shipping and they said to come and talk to the school first and see how to arrange it. So that’s exciting. And my friend Jesse had some stuff, including fortunately a ton of paper, so I went and got that from him today, and we hung out for a while which was good. I usually just see him at camp, even though we live in the same city, and he’s someone I really like talking with. And he gave me a bunch of pens. Win.

No work tomorrow, but a bit the day after, and maybe from here out it will pick up even more. Wouldn’t that be nice.

More job hopes

So I was doing the craigslist job search that I do periodically, searching “veterinary” through the entire Jobs category, and as usual it’s mostly reception jobs and vet tech stuff where you have to have experience and either be licensed or eligible. But then this time there was another, for an assistant. And actual one. At the exotic animal place in manhattan that I was looking at a few months ago. They said experience is nice but not required. It’s part time and pays ten bucks an hour. And I got really freaking excited, and applied. There was also another that sounded kind of better, but was at a normal vet place, and was full time, and I applied there too. And then I thought, oh dear, I just applied to that theater job across the country, what if they call me, and I have to make that choice? and then I realized that I was way more excited about a part time job that pays crap than a salaried job at a place I like. So, yeah. I think I’m done with theater. Interesting realization. I really hope the vet place calls me. I applied friday, so it’s a little early. But they had posted it a few days before. I hope I wasn’t too late. We’ll see.