Monthly Archives: October 2009

Scuba diving tigers eating curry

Yeah, I’m not doing anything for Halloween. Which is a little sad now that we’re right up on it. And I’m sort of kind of a little way behind in work, so I need to stay home and do that, and can’t even go ride the subway and look at everyone else’s costumes. Oh well.

In other news, John is on a plane to thailand right now. Actually, he should land really soon. I’m fairly bummed out that I didn’t get to go with him, and that he’s gone for two weeks, but it should be great. He’s been needing to get out of the city and go do something outside his normal routine for a while now, and this has the food and the scuba diving and the distance. It also has a monastery with tigers ( ) that you can go hang out with. The wiki page mentions the controversy, which I am choosing to ignore and instead focus on the whole hanging-out-with-tigers part. They have a thing where you can go really early and have breakfast there and feed the cubs and watch them exercise the older ones. So, that’s pretty freaking cool.

In even more news, there is a glow of hope on the job horizon. I do not want to say much, but, provided that they like what I show them this week, I will have a trial period employment starting after thanksgiving. It’s in NJ, so pain in the ass to get there, but work that I will like, steady, well paying. I’m not sure if (if and when it starts up for real, post trial) it will be hourly or salaried, but either way. Good things.

All right, time to do some of this work I’ve been putting off for weeks. I’ve set an rather official deadline of thursday, but considering how much there is to do, and all the other work I have lined up in between, it’s more than a little ambitious. Eesh.



So in the space of a few days it went from 60’s and needing a sweatshirt, to 40’s and busting out the winter coat. Awesome. Though I really love my coat, so it’s nice to bring that out again. This is the beautiful one that I got for something like 35 bucks at Beacon’s Closet. Makes it even better.

I blew the dimmer out on the stars. Whoops. I was at the maximum wattage load, but forgot that the huge lengths of zipcord add a bit of resistance, and left them on too high a level for too long. But it’s just the dimmer, so I’ll either get a new one and not turn them up, or get two, and split the load. Either way. I’m glad John got to see them before that happened. Otherwise, my room is coming together great. I found this beautiful green and cream antique desk that is now installed in my room and looking like it was meant to be there. And when I dragged John to the container store to pick up more folding bookshelves, one of the first things that I saw was a sign on the display model selling that particular one way cheap. So, basically they’re being shipped for free. Which is not the best deal, since their shipping to brooklyn is way overpriced, but is a great deal, because it’s free, and it turns out they wouldn’t have fit in John’s trunk, and hauling them on the subway would be a huge pain in the ass. So that was exciting. They’re getting here tuesday and then I will not have 80 boooks on the floor, and none tucked up on top of the rest. I also discovered a book library app that works with the barcode scanner app, so I’ve been cataloging all my books. Well. I’ve started. i have a lot to go. And some books don’t have either barcodes or isbn’s, and the one drawback is it won’t let me hand enter titles. But 80% of the time it works just fine. Absorbing silliness.

The other absorbing silliness that I want to start up, though this is the wrong time of year, is geocaching, where people leave clues, or a gps location, and you go find it, and record in the logbook, or take an object and leave one in it’s place. There are a bunch all over the city, so that will be a fun thing to do.

Also, I shopped my baseball glove to myself, and now I want to play again. But that will have to wait for the spring. The guys getting paid may play in 40 degree rainy weather. I will not.


Also, my new roommate is pretty great, one aspect of which is that she works at the Farmers Market in Union Square, and so brings stuff home. Like quince, which I had read about but never seen before. They smell like pears dipped in magic. I looked up recipes, and apparently they’re pretty popular for middle eastern stew type things. So soon I’m going to make a lamb and quince stew. Exciting.

Almost enough sleep

On the happy news side of the block, my room is fantastic. I’m still missing the new bookshelves, and my desk sucks, but the bookshelves will be in place friday, and I’m going to look tomorrow at this really nice desk I found on CL. And the light bulbs look great. I think i want to add one more, which fortunately I have  lying around. It means borrowing the ladder again, so I’m waiting a bit. But I’m very happy with it, and one of the unexpected good things is that I thought I would be annoyed by all the wires running around the ceiling, but they ended up looking like the lines that are drawn in to connect the constellations. Not annoying at all. Also, each bulb is only 25 watts, but together they are 300. So now my room gets ridiculously bright.

On the sadder side of life, my powercord is dying. I had to cave and order a new one, and unfortunately the only one available for my computer has some of the worst reviews ever. Oh well. I think I’ll tape the whole thing to a stiff wire, so it can still bend, but not sharply, and can’t develop any weak spots. And I hope my current one holds out till it gets here. It’s a minor battle to keep it connected now.

Other than that, I’m pretty freaking unmotivated to do anything. I just want to stay home and watch stuff and rearrange and go see movies and visit the zoo and I’m getting excited about ice skating season. Going to work is pretty low on the list. And I’m getting a little like an alcoholic about sleep. For example, I took a benadryl at 10 last night so I would go to sleep then and not at 3 am, like usual these days. Alarm goes off at 7 30. I wake up, look around, am proud of myself for being awake, and hit the snooze for another hour (every time you tap my snooze button in succession adds 10 minutes, up to an hour. Makes getting another hour of sleep easy). At 8 30 I was in the middle of a dream and hit it for half an hour to try to finish the dream. I guess it was actually 40 minutes, because at 9 10, I hit it for another 20, to round out the number. At 9 30 I hit it for another hour because at that point, I might as well get up at 10 30, and get to work at noon. Now I’m sitting here writing this. No good. But writing this is increasing the guilt, so I think I’ll get up now.

Stars and moons and ladders

So I rearranged my room a little to make way for the new bookshelves (and of course I did it at 11 at night. I did not drop the ac out the window this time, though. So, progress) and have also started on the Most Awesome Decoration Ever. I may have mentioned something about this, but bear with me. I repeat myself a lot when I don’t write frequently and can’t remember what I’ve already told. The shame.  So I did a strike at a theatre and they had all these hanging lightbulbs that were just going to be thrown away, so I rescued them and took them home. So now I have something like 23 hanging bulbs (connected together in groups). They’re all way to long, but a little etape fixes that, and I am going to put them on my ceiling and have hanging stars. I also went to Ikea yesterday (they are nice enough to run a shuttle service between them and the subway, pretty sweet) and got one of those japanese-type hanging lantern globes for to be a moon. That part is up, since I could reach the ceiling by putting a chair on my bed. I do not recommend that for anyone, and am mildly surprised that I didn’t capsize and break anything. There used to be a ladder down in my foyer type area, but since they redid the stairs and everything (which is great) it’s disappeared. My options now appear to be either clear my floor as much as possible, and drag my dresser around so I can stand on that and do this, or call the landlord and ask for the ladder. I really hate phone calls, so it’s a tossup.

So I got the shiny new phone, and holy crap it’s awesome. If I keep talking about it, I will end up gushing and sounding like I’m trying to sell it. So I won’t, aside from saying that I am completely happy, and endlessly entertained.

About my above plan, it does occur to me that doing this means putting lots of little holes in the ceiling, to hold the cord up and all. Our landlord is really lenient about painting and everything, I hope that extends to this. Also, I just called, and he said to go to the 99 cent store that he owns around the corner, and borrow theirs. Perfect. This means it is time to get up and eat and go get that. Onward.


So I’m back at my data entry temp job. Which is all sorts of good and bad mixed up. It’s work. It pays. It’s steady. It’s easy. It’s boring. It pays less than half of what I make doing electrician work. It’s mind numbing. Especially the project I’m working on now. They transfered everything into a spreadsheet, and some of the fields got messed up. So I’m going through and fixing it all. I’ve put in about 9 hours so far (okay, more like 4 or 5. I spent a lot of time checking email and reading and have only gone through 300 of almost 10,000 rows. They are long, and it’s all numbers, and the weirdnesses are not easy to see. So even with my procrastinating, it’s a long, painstaking process. I’m trying to get them to let me work at home so I can watch movies while I do it.

The two designs I’m doing, I have yet to be inspired by. They’re both interesting, but I haven’t hit the excitement yet. So to interest myself in life again, I bought a new phone. Yeah, I know. But, I’m excited about it. And that feels good. Maybe soon the instant gratification/new toy excitement will transfer to real, fulfilling things. One can hope.

Time to sleep. And pull myself out of the ennui.