Monthly Archives: September 2009


I’ve been feeling my age lately. By which I mean I feel like I’m past the age where certain mistakes/habits/foibles/lack of knowledge are acceptable. I’m too old to be the young one. This kind of sucks. It’s like when I turned 20 and my metabolism partially kicked in and I suddenly gained weight because I couldn’t eat like I used to. It took a year or two to adjust to that, so I figure this transition will be similar.

It’s interesting though. I mean, I’ve been living on my own (with roommates) for 7 years, and been supporting myself for 3. I’ve passed a few other age landmarks, but this is the first one that actually feels like a transition, felt like I grew up. I’m glad of this, fine and neutral with it, and terrified that I’m not measuring up.

At least I look the same. I pretty much have since I was 13. So there’s that.



Boy howdy, it’s been a while. I’ve been a combination of busy and lazy. The highlights!

Snippet had to go in for a bone marrow extraction! I have this great new vet, who in addition to actually doing something (rather than just feeding her prednisone and doing bloodtests) understands that I am poor, and only charges me what I can afford. Huzzah. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get anything definitive from the bone marrow, so in a week or so she gets to go back for a bone extraction, and skin biopsy. Whooo. In the meantime, she seems fine, fairly cheerful, occasionally even playful. I’m not looking forward to coning her again, though. She put up with it well, but it means confining her to my room so Pidgeon doesn’t jump her and rip out the stitches.

I worked Fashion Week. name dropping time! Sort of. It was okay. I had to work for two different companies, and so lost all my overtime, and had to work more, but the days were shorter. So it didn’t really feel like the usual rush that Fashion is. But it was good. I did Y3, and stuff at the Milk Studios, and the lobby for the Tents, and Ann Taylor. The Ann Taylor show I got to watch, and apparently there were fairly famous people there. I could only recognize Amenda Bines, but there were a few others next to her that the photographers really liked. Who knows. Also, in the show there was one dress that I really really liked, and is now not on the website. Frustrating

I performed a trapeze thing! Lots of fun. Lots of panic beforehand. I had some trouble figuring out parts, and fretted about how to do things, and if I was good enough, and on and on. But it turned out really well, everyone liked it, I was proud of it, and to brag a little it was the best thing in the show. I was not as good as someone else, but they didn’t do their own choreography. And the choreography was the thing i was really most proud of. It could have been longer, but it all flowed and connected really well. When I get the video I’ll post it and you can all laugh about how delusional I am. Or gasp about how great. Either way. I felt good about it.

So now I’m coming down from that, and Fashion, and I have to go back to my data entry job tomorrow. Yay work, I suppose. I’m also working on two designs, and I’m behind on both of them. Not terribly, but enough that I really should get cracking. They’re both somewhat exciting projects, but I’m not really excited about talking about them somehow. One pays, one doesn’t. Both are good scripts. As they get closer I’ll tell more. Blah.

I finished the Alexandria Quartet, finally. It was kind of great. I loved all the thick descriptive parts, but they were all, except the 3rd one, really, hard to get through. Thick and slow and tiring. But once finished, and the book as a whole in mind, they became fantastic. I’m glad i put in the time to get through them. And the third one was fascinating, plot wise.

Speaking of books, I got really lucky. I mailed a few boxes of books to myself, but then was busy/lazy and didn’t pick them up from the post office for a month. And they were still there! I had put John’s address as the return, but he in his doomsaying had said that they send it back to the point of origin, where they would sit and rot for all eternity in the post office there. But no, they were still there waiting for me. And now I need more bookshelves.

Oh, also, Madeline and Rob moved out and we have a new roommate now. She’s pretty cool. She came to my trapeze show. Madeline’s new place has ceilings high enough to rig with, so that’s exciting. Free practice space.

John has mentioned a few times, of his own volition, that living together might be a good idea. So that may be in the works now. In a year or so. I’m happy about that.