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Oh the life

I really love/hate being a freelancer. I’ve tried regular jobs with real schedules and I don’t really last past 6 or 8 weeks. As appealing as having a  steady schedule is, I get really tired of and then irritated about having to be at the same place at the same time every day.

I just got off a two week run of having a ton of work, and for a couple days the horizon was totally bare. But then I picked up one thing, and then another, and my calendar is starting to color in a little (literally. I use google’s calendar and color code my events by pay scale). I still have nothing past next wednesday, but I’m not too worried. Things turn up. Sometimes they really don’t, and it’s a mind-numbing horror of a few weeks spent sitting around emailing people and scouring craigslist and dreaming about shitty desk jobs with steady paychecks. But for now, things seem good. And it’s nice having random free days and knowing that people will call and work will keep turning up and I don’t have to freak out yet.



So, someone dropped off a couple of raccoon kits at the animal hospital where John’s sister works, and I got to go visit one of them! The other has been taken home I think. Most of my raccoon knowledge comes from Sterling North’s awesome book Rascal (go read it now), but further research has revealed that raccoons don’t make very good pets. They make good companions, you can tame them enough to pet them and have them hang out with you. But they are not good pets at all. Even Rascal was set free after a few years. They belong in the wild. But, I am certainly glad I got to meet this one. Even if it did poop in my hair. Not the raccoons fault. Not completely. I had him on my shoulders where he was happily chirring away and investigating my hair clips, and then he started making a different sound, and I asked if he wanted to come down, and then possibly squeezed him a little as I lifted him off. In case you were wondering, raccoon poop is very metallic smelling. Like copper or iron filled mud. Interesting.

In any case, aside from that he was super cute and wandered around and chewed on my key chain and made all kinds of good noises and was happy to see me when I came back from washing my hair.

When I got home (after showering) I started looking up the feasibility of keeping him as a pet and discovered that no, not a good idea, and then started looking into fostering him until he can be released, and then into just having someone else raise and release him. Apparently you’re supposed to be specially licensed to deal with them, and Lauren’s employer could get in a lot of trouble for not turning them over to a qualified rescue right away. Whoops. But, then I wouldn’t have gotten to play with him.

Banks are stupid

So, the thing with my card being rejected for online stuff? After talking to three people in customer service, two of whom in the fraud department, over the course of two days, the fourth one finally told me that my card was not activated and that she could activate it and solve the problem. And then she did. Which is great! BUT. Why the hell didn’t those other three notice that? They all had the same information, were looking at the same screens, and somehow just told me, no it should be fine, I don’t know why you’re having trouble, did you enter the whole zip code? Argh. Whatever. Fixed now.

In that line, I’m waiting for my refund from the plane tickets. Apparently they have 15 days (now 9) to refund the ticket before I can call my bank again and make them give me the money back. Fortunately I’m doing pretty well right now because it’s 486 bucks, and that’s a pretty significant chunk to me, but at the moment I can still pay rent and live without it.

Speaking of living, I joined a gym today. We’ll see how this goes. It’s really close, is pretty cheap, includes classes, and is super clean. All good things. I think the non-cleaning staff are a tiny bit useless (woman who signed me up and showed me the cardio machines missed the fact that one needed to be adjusted for my leg length, in a big way) but I don’t need them much anyway. I did it because I usually spend the summer at camp eating really well and working out every day and I drop weight and feel great, and I’m not going to camp this year (big tear. Violins) and my rope instructor is going to LA for the summer, and my trapeze teacher is way far away now, and anyway both of those are more expensive than the gym. So, plan C. I hope I can stick to it because I just discovered peanut butter and banana milkshakes, which even without ice cream are pretty hefty, but oh so good and aside from the fact that they should be roughly half my caloric intake for a day are pretty good for me. I figure if I’m going to get attached to them I need to offset them, or at least put those calories to good use. We’ll see how this goes.

Barrels of work!

It’s been a ridiculous time since I last wrote. A lot of work, long hours, overnights, not enough sleep, barrels of money. Somewhere in there someone stole my card information and bought tickets to Mexico. That was fun. I’m still waiting for the refund on that. And now my old card (I had a miles debit card that I’d been using, but I kept my old card active and in reserve) is being rejected for online stuff because info isn’t matching and I can’t figure out why.

The apartment continues to be great. We got the couch. We’re settling in. Things are falling in to place. John’s making us dinner right now. We have the living room set up though messy, so we can eat and watch Big Cat Diary.

I officially got into school for next year, and now I’m freaking out about all that.

Now that work is slowing down I should be able to write more, but for now dinner is ready.

Today was underwhelming

I woke up late and put the litter house together, which was satisfying. The directions were actually really clear and it didn’t take any longer than it needed. It’s shorter than I thought it would be, but that’s okay. I snuggled with John a little while he was half asleep before leaving for the park.

The party was okay. Meh. Parts were really good. But it started with me sitting there by myself for an hour reading and watching little league games. It was a nice day, but overcast which makes it seem not as nice. I was giving up and leaving when I ran into a few people, so we stuck around and found some other people, and it was pretty fun. Lots of juggling, good jokes, fun people. Madeline showed up about an hour after that, so she missed a bunch of fun, and then didn’t talk to people as much as I would have liked. By that I mean I organized this so she could hang out with and meet camp people. And so I really wanted that, and it didn’t happen so much. But whatever, it doesn’t matter so much for me, and overall it doesn’t matter. I had fun juggling with and talking to my friends. We tried to go see a movie but it was sold out, and so everyone kind of petered away and I went to have dinner with John, which is always good.

On the walk home, I was so in my head that I walked a half block past my street, which turned out to be a pretty bad move when I got about a block away from home and the sky opened up and it poured. In that block I got pretty well soaked. If I hadn’t been so absent-minded I would have been just getting home then. Oh well. It was kind of cool, though. I was pausing to let a car back into their driveway when I heard this funny tapping noise. About two seconds later it hit me. Now I can’t tell if it’s stopped or if the windows are just super soundproof.

I’m not excited about tomorrow. I’m working a 13 hour day outside, and the rain is supposed to continue. Bah. Oh well. Good people, good money, maybe it won’t rain so much and it’ll be a good day.


I made curtains today! Ahem. Rather, I was supposed to make 6 curtains (2 per window) and I got them all cut out, but then I only made two of them before I got bored of the whole thing. I don’t have a sewing machine, so I’m using this magic iron on bonding stuff, which is great, but takes forever. Better luck next time. But at least I finished one window! And now I can’t see my neighbors deck, and they can’t see me lying in bed watching hulu at noon. Win win. Though the deck was nice and their cat did go out there sometimes. Oh well. The curtains are pretty, if a little uneven on the length.

The day has been lazy. My main mission was the curtains, and once I gave up on that didn’t see much reason to tackle anything else. I’m still a little sick, and have a crapload of work lined up in the next couple weeks, a lot of 12+ hour days so I’m taking it easy and getting things done slowly. It’s been nice.

We got our first gas bill, for 4 days worth. They read it on the 5th to open the account and then the 9th, when they regularly read it. Somehow in 4 days (that we weren’t even here for) we used about 2/3 as much gas as my old apartment in a month. I think something is wrong. I called my landlord, who does heating stuff, and left a message about maybe turning off the pilot light so we can light it with matches. I think the pilot could be turned down in general, as well. It’s not a huge deal, sort of, since I’ve been living here three weeks, and taken several showers and baths and used the stove a few times, so I feel like I got my moneys worth. But if that rate keeps up, the next bill will be horrifying.

In that line of being adult and making phone calls and dealing with bills, I called the couch people to have it delivered finally. Unfortunately, it can’t come until next thursday. But that gives us time to put away all the kitchen stuff that we’ve been stalling on finding a place for. It’s currently all on the living room floor. Whoops.

Tomorrow is the party for Madeline to meet Camp people. I have to keep reminding myself that, it snuck up on me. Also, the weather isn’t great, which is disappointing. And while I should be excited to see these people, especially since I’m not going to camp, I’m having a hard time caring. I’m hoping I’ll get there and it’ll be awesome and I’ll forget I ever thought otherwise.

I’m terribly disappointed and angry that I’m not working at Camp. I’ve been kind of ignoring and not dealing with that feeling, but it’s there. It’s a lot of my fault (about 95%, actually) but I can’t help but be resentful about it. Also, I never got to talk to Jah about it, only one of the assistant directors, and she’s someone I don’t like that much. No particular reason, we’ve just never clicked. But it was kind of insult to injury that I never got to talk to the person who hired me and who I most like and respect. Bah. Anyway.

Curtains! I think it’s time to order a pizza.

Holy pants!

SO much has happened.

I moved! It’s awesome. One of the downsides was not having internet for a couple weeks. An extra downside to that was fighting with smerizon on the phone for over 3 hours until someone came out and fixed it today. It sucked. But now I have internet which is all sorts of exciting and I’ve been catching up on everything.

I went to California! I actually just got back this morning. That part was not fun, I had a redeye flight with a stopover and I don’t sleep on planes and then took the airtrain and subway home, which meant walking the last mile with my bag. I picked up a lot of extra stuff at home, doorknobs and books and plates and all, so I think my bag weighed about 40lbs. But I made it! And the trip was awesome.

The main point was Tenaya’s parents wedding, and it was absolutely beautiful. I went over to their house when I got in and helped make cupcake frosting and watched some of the insanity, and it was so nice how seamlessly it came together two days later. It was outdoors in a great spot, Tenaya and her sister walked both of their parents out. They’ve been together for 40 years, and so this was an official marriage for social security, and a public renewal of vows to share with everyone they love. The statements they each gave and the vows themselves were beautiful and moving. I wish I had a transcript because I want to quote them. The main thing I remember was the vows began with promising to love and respect, and had something about remembering that there is more than one way to do a thing. I think all vows should have that bit worked in. It was the first wedding I’ve been too that almost seemed too short. It wasn’t, it was perfect, but it was so beautiful that it could have gone longer and no one would have minded. The rest was eating the potluck and the cupcake cutting and a little bit of dancing. I was so glad to be there to witness it.

The rest of the trip was good as well. I went to my favorite fabric store and found curtain material (so now I’ve committed to making them, eesh) and went to eat at some good places, and my mom and I got to watch some movies and my dad came with John and I to the Oakland Zoo, which was better than I remembered and had a lot of good stuff. Some has changed since I was last there and it was nice to see. I also got to go for a short walk with my dad on the last day, so now my legs are all sore. I think I found a bobcat track, which was great. It was definitely cat.

And now I’m back and recovering. I need to call the couch people tomorrow to have it delivered, so that will be exciting. And buy curtain rods and make curtains and make a pie to thank my land lady for feeding the cats. I can’t wait for John to get back friday so we can continue setting up our house. I have work lined up for next week so I can take these next few days off without freaking out, and thus actually get stuff done. It’s a good life at the moment.