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Food is awesome

Yesterday and today I made awesome chicken. New favorite. Whole breast in olive oil, apple cider vinegar, balsamic vinegar, rosemary, a little garlic powder and salt and pepper. More zucchini and yellow squash and onion with it.

And then I made kale chips.

I’ll let that sink in. They’re pretty good, though. Ripped up kale, olive oil, salt. The recipe I found said to put parchment paper on the baking sheet and I was kicking myself for forgetting to pick that up, but then it turned out to be unnecessary. I used way too much salt (so John should love them) and some of the ones on the bottom rack burned past being food, and some on the top were still a little soft, but all in all, they’re good. Crunchy, but crumbly.  Someone mentioned kale-dusted popcorn, and that sounds really good and the natural progression of it.

I’m liking this cooking and eating thing, but I’m waiting for the other shoe to drop. It’s a lot of work, and it means little bits of grocery shopping every couple days. I spent a lot of money this morning, and granted, some of those were longer term things (coconut oil, sunbutter, two dozen eggs), but still. Upkeep can be expensive. So we’ll see how it goes.

In the meantime, I have my awesome chicken. Maybe I’ll marinate in all that for the day before next time.



I’ve discovered the biggest problem with this diet. Breakfast. I’m terrible at eating breakfast in the first place, and on days when I go to the office, I just skip it. But if I have actual work (case in point, today) I need to eat something. I went for eggs scrambled with a little bit of last nights leftovers, which was good. But I really only lasted me 3 hours. I should have brought a snack of some kind. Also, we only have one egg left now. Also, I like eggs a lot, but I imagine every morning will get a little boring. Also, I won’t always have leftovers to put in them, and eggs on their own are not enough.

One of the bigger problems is that eating breakfast means getting up earlier, and I am very much of the ‘roll out of bed into clothes and out the door’ school. If I’m not dragging, I can, including feeding the cats, be walking out the door in under 10 minutes. But cooking and waiting for it to cool enough to eat, and eating takes time. I need alternatives.


New things. Oog.

So, I’m trying this new diet thing. As in way of eating. It’s just a 30 day thing, a reset of sort. Oh boy. Any way I describe it it sounds silly. But. No starch, no dairy, no legumes, no sugar. Lots of eggs, meat, and vegetables. Some fruit. It’s going well, and not as hard as I thought it might be. The biggest thing is reading labels and being disappointed.

Like this evening, I was going to make little pieces of chicken cooked in a pan with olive oil, fish sauce, and (normally, I use rice)vinegar, and then zucchini and yellow squash and onions. For serious, this is actually really good. The fish sauce smells terrible, but tastes fantastic. Totally worth it. But it has sugar! Argh. Soy sauce is out, as soy is a bean. (This is another tough one, a lot of stuff has lecithin) So, I went with olive oil, apple cider vinegar, dried basil, rosemary, mustard powder and chili powder. I had enough chicken that I had to do two batches. After I put in the second, I tasted the first and realized I’d been really heavy handed with the chili powder. Oops. I added more vinegar to the second one and figured it would balance out.

After the chili incident I decided to just do the squash and onion in just salt and pepper, which was a really good idea. All in all, success. And possibly enough for lunch tomorrow.

The thing about this form of eating (which apparently is called paleo. I pretend to be a dinosaur whenever thinking about it) is that you don’t have to count. I tried weight watchers for like two days, and while it could be argued that I didn’t give it a fair shake, I really don’t think it would work for me. Too much thinking,  too much counting, too much effort to figure out the points in something you didn’t make yourself. With this, I know exactly what I can eat, and it’s easier to pick by ingredient that way than by figuring out the total of whatever I’m thinking about.

Also, the idea with this isn’t to lose weight, although that is an added benefit, but to just reset your system, lose your taste for all the empty starch (and oh! how I love my empty starches!) and sugars and all. I figure after this, I’ll add back in some cheese (surprisingly, the cheese I miss most at the moment is cottage) and whole wheat stuff. But we’ll see. What I’ve heard from a lot of people is that when they finish the 30 days, they go gleefully towards something they liked before and have the reaction of 1-Oh. This isn’t as good as I remembered. 2. I might as well eat it, since I’m allowed to again. 3. Oog. I feel lousy.

So, we’ll see how it goes. I’m only two days in. So far, no major challenges with it. The biggest thing so far was the fish sauce disappointment, and then today at work they had a barbeque, and the mustard I would normally pick had sugar in it. But they had two kinds! Problem solved.

Part of being me, it seems, is having a fairly short attention span for work. Well. For ‘real’ work. I’ve been working at the office for maybe 5 weeks, and I’m running out of interest. Which is such a spoiled brat thing to say, but I am spoiled, because for the majority of work that I’ve done I’ve had the luxury of being interested in it. Or at least having it only last a few days at a time.

In other news, it’s almost August, and I’m freaking out about that. I only have a little over a month till school starts. I still don’t know what financial aid I’m getting. I’ve tried to find out a couple times, but this process seems to be like a river. You just kind of float along and look anxiously up ahead and there’s no way you can paddle yourself or hop out and take a shortcut. Or whatever a better analogy would be.

It’s a little but nice, they seem to always schedule me for what I need, so I don’t have to run around and find out and make the right appointments myself, but it’s frustrating because there’s no way I can take action and get things done faster. I tried to get an earlier advisement and registration appointment, and got a polite but firm reply of “yeah, not going to happen”. But, they made me that appointment, and I’ll pick and register for my classes then, and hopefully find out all about my financial aid and if I need to do anything else, and whose leg to cling to as I beg for money and all that. Should be fun.

Bonus? It’s on my birthday. I wonder if I can work that to my advantage.

Most of yesterday was like this

So I decided it would be a good idea to go running yesterday. Clearly, that decision was not made yesterday. It was made the day before. John was going with me, after he got off work in the morning, like around 8. So when I woke up at 6, I figured I had another two hours to try to sleep on my neck the opposite way and correct whatever had happened the rest of the night (this is better in theory than in practice).

And then he left work early and pounced on me at 7. I whined about my lost hour while he made me toast with peanut butter and honey. Such was my state of disorientation and half-asleepness that I had my shoe almost tied before I realized that it was one of my work boots, and that I’d pulled out two different shoes. That about sums up how well the run went. It wasn’t bad, in fact my knees felt great. But the running just wasn’t really happening. After close to a mile of attempts, I gave up and started wandering the side trails and weaving back to the start point that way. There were chipmunks, so all in all it was a success.

The Conversation

John- So, we really need to get you on my medical insurance

Me- Yeah, but not till January (aside- he can’t make changes until then, and also most employers require, for adding a domestic partner, that you live together at least 6 months first)

John- Yeah, I have to figure that out

Me- Send HR an email tomorrow

John- But in case that doesn’t work or something,  what are those things people sign?

Me- DNR’s?

John- No, where you say that you only get your stuff, what you came in with..

Me- Prenup?

John- Yeah, if you’re willing to sign one of those, we should just get married

Me- Yeah, of course

John- Just go down to the courthouse and all

Me- I want a ring, though.

John- Well. A cheap ring.

Me- Yeah, like the one I had before. It’s 37 bucks. I really liked it.

John- And I’m not wearing one.

Me- sure.

John- Don’t go all girly excited on me now

And that is the story of the most underwhelming, yet exciting and unexpected proposal ever.

I got cauterized!

SO, John has been bugging me for a while to go to a dermatologist. I burn really easily, have freckles, and get that awesome heat rash thing. So since he’s been going for his face redness (not rosacea, as proven by the chemical burnt hat the first medication attempt gave him, that was fun), he made an appointment for me to go with him yesterday.

It was fine. a very short visit, actually. I put on the paper gown, and the doctor looked me over, and bonus! Found something to biopsy! Hurray! It’s on the back of my neck and showed up a couple years ago. When I noticed it, I told John that half of the point of dating him was so that he would notice these things. He shrugged.

Anyway, they gave me a shot of novocaine and immediately started cutitng a chunk out of it, which I could totally feel because novocaine takes more than 30 seconds to kick in. And then his nurse assistant handed him this thing with a cord and he did something else, but I couldn’t tell what until I sat up and smelled burning. Cauterization!

At some point we’ll get the results of that. Or maybe just the bill. Either way. John is paying for it, so while I feel slightly indebted, I’m not too worried about that showing up.

Speaking of, in January, when he can make a change to his health insurance, he’ll add me as a domestic partner. Huzzah! a) yay insurance! b) that’s as close to married as we’ll get, so yay! c) yay dental insurance! maybe I’ll finally get my wisdom teeth pulled. Good thing I have another 5 months to be wise then. I’ll need it for the first semester.