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Scissors and needles!

Ahem. So, haircut success. The place I thought might be good and read reviews for was closed, but then I passed a supercuts and thought well, why not. And it worked out! Minor miracle. At first I didn’t think so, she didn’t blow dry it and it dried in somewhat Farrah Fawcett wings, but after I washed it that all calmed down and it’s looking really good.

Yesterday I had my assessment test for school. I got there early and dropped off my immunization forms, and found out that I only had one measles/mumps/rubela shot and I needed a second one. So today I hied off to a free clinic, which was the best and quickest medical experience ever. I took advantage of being there to get a tenanus shot (3 years out of date) and my second Hep A shot, apparently I never got that. It was such a breeze though. Walked in, went to the wrong floor, was redirected, took 4 seconds to get a number, took two minutes to wait to talk to someone about what I needed, waited one minute for a nurse, and then got stabbed. Under 15 minutes, including getting lost.

The test was fine. It was easyish, and when I realized last week that it was a placement test and not an entrance exam I stopped worrying about it. I studied a little (which came in handy) but it was more reminding myself of things I already knew. I didn’t want to end up in a class way harder than I can handle because I crammed and just learned rote things for the test. So I did fine. There was a bunch that I totally knew, some that I was able to figure out, and some that I had absolutely no idea. Should land me in the right level class.

John is hideously sick with some terrible sinus infection/bronchitis/fever thing, so I’ve been running some errands for him and trying to make him take care of himself. Neither of us are very good about drinking enough water when we’re sick. I was going to fill a 2 liter bottle with water to leave by his bed, but he wouldn’t let me, saying that with everything he was drinking already he would have to come downstairs to pee every half hour anyway so he could just refill his glass then. I’m not sure that was a good argument.

Tomorrow is 6 Flags! Jill is in CT, so I’m going up there and we’ll drive up to the park and ride roller coasters all day. In all honesty, I just want to go on the spinny swinging ride all day. But everything will be fun. I hope it doesn’t rain. The weather here has been lousy. By lousy I mean it’s been hot, but fever hot where there’s a cold breeze and you’re dripping with sweat and it’s overcast all the time. To me, summer does not mean overcast. I have a hard time wearing dresses when it’s not sunny. And it fools me into thinking it’s colder than it is.

I start new work on monday. Andrew texted me asking if anyone I knew might be interested in reception work in the office of my main company, and I said, possibly me. It’s great because it’s fairly steady for 2 months, and even though it pays a lot less, it’s totally flexible. So there’s that to look forward to. And school. Looming. Eesh.


Day of Accomplishment. So far.

Day of doing things! Yesterday was the day of not doing anythings. Today I got up and tried to run, decided my knees wanted none of it, went to the gym and played with the elliptical instead, and then played with the weight machines, came home, made more banana bread. Oh, wait. So, Through various happenings (mostly my neighbor/landlady giving me several bunches of old bananas) I ended up with about 14 bananas in my freezer. So a couple days ago I finally made two loaves. It came out really well. But I still had more bananas. So today I made another couple loaves. The funny thing was that I gave one of the loaves to the neighbor/landlady and family, and in return she gave me more bananas. It will never end. She also gave me a box of strawberries, so today after making bread and not really feeling like eating but figuring I should, I made a Strawberry Drink. Instructions as follow.

Step 1- Behead strawberries. This is the point where I should have also cut them into smaller pieces, but hey! They were going straight into the blender! Blenders can cut things up!

Step two- Turn blender on. Realize very quickly that this has done nothing for anything past the bottom two strawberries.

Step 3- Find chobani peach yogurt in fridge. Peaches and strawberries like each other, yes? Throw in, and find wooden spoon to push yogurt to the bottom.

Step 4- Hmm. Yogurt helps a little. Not quite doing it. Find milk in fridge. Still seems okay. Pour in until bored of pouring (works best with a really short attention span)

Step 5- Success! Look at it go! Strawberries in a whirlpool! Decide to throw in ice, because that’s what people do, or something.

Step 6- Think for the 80th time that they really should make quieter blenders. It’s really loud and John is sleeping upstairs and the window is open and it sounds like I’m using a chainsaw. Decide no one is actually listening and judging, pour creation into glass.

Step 7- Fend off cats who can smell the dairy and have decided they are okay with the fruit that goes with it.

Hurray! Anyway. While the bread was baking I dropped off laundry (oh the luxury!) and tried to deposit a check but was thwarted by the atm being out of service. In a little bit I’ll walk up to the other main road and deposit it and then go try to get a haircut, if I can do a walkin. And then what? This is the problem with getting up and being productive. I’ve already done most of what I wanted to, and the day isn’t even half over. There are probably other things to take care of and all, but dang.

I finally bought a new computer last night. Mine has been having overheating issues almost as long as I’ve had it, even after John opened it up and repaired the heat sink, and then last night I was doing stuff and then looked away for a few minutes and when I looked back the screen had gone black. The glowy black where you know it’s still on, but it wouldn’t respond and I had to force restart it. I found a seemingly good laptop for $350 and decided to buy it before this one dies on me and chews up the hard drive as it goes, like my last one did. That was fun.

Haircut time.

All I ever talk about is work.

It has been all work or working out lately. Except yesterday. Yesterday was sleeping in and lying around and not doing much of anything. There was a ridiculous heat wave last week that wiped me out. The first day of it I was working at Lincoln Center running feeder, which is all sorts of heavy and the path it was taking was complicated and slow. Normally it’s like 70 or 80 degrees when we do this part of the set up. It takes a day to do the whole thing. This time with it being in the upper 90’s it took 3 days. I’m glad I was only there for part of it.

But then since then it’s been about 60 and cold and rainish. I went running twice during that, saturday and today. I’m sort of starting to like running, but I don’t like admitting that. But also I’ve been borrowing John’s heart rate monitor/pace tracker thing, which makes it more fun because I like data. I haven’t gotten to look at it yet so much because it’s on his computer and these are his work nights, but I’ll look at it this week and see how I’m doing and all. Pretty decent, it seems, though I walk a lot. The last couple times my knees started bothering me some, and John keeps telling me that I need to land on the front of my foot and not my heels and all that, but that’s awfully weird (unless you’re full out sprinting off your toes). Towards the end of today I figured out that if I lengthen my stride a lot and smooth it out that way, that helps, and I go a lot faster. I get the feeling that it looks pretty funny, though.

Most of the work I’ve had hasn’t been very hard, but it’s all been draining, partially because of the heat. Tuesday I was in charge, which is almost never fun. In this case, one of the people called out (last minute, initially said they were going to be late, then just didn’t show up) so that left just two of us until the emergency backups showed up. The producer guy I was working for was mostly okay, except for the parts where he tried to move one of our ladders with someone on it, and the part where he added about 6 things in the last hour. But we got it done, and the show went fine.

The “show” was another piece of work in itself. That filmmaker guy who does the surreal creepy weird movies that I mostly like who’s last name rhymes with Flynch has a foundation that does a bunch of different things, but that night was fundraising for the part that supports transcendental meditation as a cure for PTSD. They got a bunch of soldiers and such to talk about how much it had helped them etc. The thing is, from what I know, TM is a total cult. Meditation is great, I totally support that. But TM is a cult. Somewhat fitting for this guy, perhaps.

Anyway. Work is slowly lining up in the next couple weeks. My usual boss is putting in a bid for a big fashion show that should mean 4 days of work for me. I have a short day today and then just picked up more for wednesday and thursday. I’m excited about having free days. I want to wear dresses and walk around and bake and do things with John. But I can’t quite wish for days off. If I ask for them, or turn down work, I’ll end up with 3 weeks of nothing. No good.


Sore. Not terribly terribly, but bad enough that I dreaded coughing all day and opted to stand up because I didn’t want to use the muscles involved in lowering myself and standing back up. At least it was a pretty easy work day, as will be tomorrow. But tomorrow I should go back to the gym, and it will be the second day of soreness which is always way worse. Not excited.

Back when I was in circus (backstory aside, I was in a youth circus for 3 years as a teenager. It was as awesome and dorky as it sounds) one of the lies they told us was that the best time to work out is when you’re sore. Apparently, this is not true. Muscles need time to heal and all. So I guess I go and work on all the things that don’t hurt as much? Or I could run. But I hate running. We’ll see.

Also, I’m in charge at work tomorrow. That should be interesting. I’m a little excited and a little terrified and a lot nonchalant. We’ll see how it goes. It’s easy stuff, it’s just being on my toes and knowing what I can say yes to and pacing the day as best I can. We have 5 hours, but I have no real idea of what they want. All the lights are up, but we may have to retouch them all, and I have to work with some production guy and give him what he wants. It’s a weird space and set up, so the thinking part is tricky, but I’ve worked there a bunch so I hope all that experience will kick in. We’ll see.

I went shopping today, first time in a while. I got a really pretty dress that’s a little bit tight, but it’s supposed to be. Not my usual style, but it looks good and the color is awesome. And then two cardigans and a trenchcoat. Which will be awesome in about 5 months. But it was all half off, and the coat is really fantastic, with great buttons. It’s kind of military style, double breasted and all, but big cuffs and awesome buttons so it’s a little pirate-ish as well. I almost want it to be coat weather again so I can wear it now. Almost. The dress I might wear to John’s brothers wedding, we’ll see what else I come across this summer.

Hulk Smash! Hulk Bake!

Or something. I just went to the gym and busted my ass with weights so I’m feeling a combination of totally kick ass and weak as a kitten. It’s a good feeling. Fortunately I don’t have anything else to do today, really. I was going to make banana bread, but I just bought a kitchen scale and so I want to wait until I get that to do much more baking.

Speaking of baking, I am rocking that lately. I made that pie, and then my favorite cookies (oatmeal cranberry walnut) and then last night with Tenaya (who is back in town! But leaving soon, and I’m working most of the time she’s here. But I still got to see her) where was I- last night with Tenaya made these awesome hazelnut chocolate cookies that might be my new favorites. John gave me this really good baking book (that inspired the kitchen scale purchase) and that was the most enticing and quickest thing we found, and they were awesome. We burned a few of them, but I have some more dough to make today, so that’s good. Anything with chocolate and hazelnuts is pretty much guaranteed to be fantastic. And then from that same book, after I make the banana bread and the real bread, I think I’m going to make the rosemary shortbread and then the cheddar scallion scones. Baking madness!

I want to buy a bike since I need some form of cardio to balance all the weight stuff that I like, and I kind of hate running. I found a good used bike store in manhattan and I’m thinking about going there today, and then riding back. But that means 9 miles of city biking. I’m not sure I’m up to that, both in terms of stamina and dealing with traffic. I’m debating, though. We’ll see. If National Geographic keeps playing interesting stuff about the Rift Valley I may just sit here and watch that all day.

Making things!

So I started making sorbet last night, after making dinner (go, domestic me, go!). Turns out, sorbet is among the easiest things to make ever. Take water and sugar. Mix, heat, put in fridge. Take fruit, smash a lot (blenders are good for this step), put in fridge. Perhaps add lemon juice. Once fruit and sugar water are cold, combine, put in freezer (this is the step I just finished), wait 3-4 hours. Take out, blend again, put back. Ta da! I originally made four kinds- raspberry, strawberry, mango and nectarine, but the nectarine went kind of wrong in the night. I think one of the ones I used must have been bad, though incognito because I didn’t notice anything rotten. But then this morning (I left it all in the fridge overnight) it had a layer of brown on top, which at first I thought might just be oxidation, like with apple slices, but it also didn’t smell as good as the others, so I tossed that one. Which is really okay with me since I have about 12 cups of other flavors.

So now I have 3-4 hours free, as it were. I think I will be good and go to the gym (since I went through the trouble of signing up and all) and then come back, shower, and have an hour or two to be lazy until the sorbet is ready for to be pulverized. I like having these days.