Mish mash.

It’s spring! And hooray and all that. After a dearth of work, things are picking up, and I have through May booked. There’s a bunch of open space in May still, but I’m at the point where I’m not worried, which is always nice. 

I’m not sure how to handle the summer thing. By which I mean, I’m applying to that program, but I’m not sure when to tell Camp. I don’t want to bail on them and then (horror of horrors) not get into the program. I’m looking at just doing session E, but I need to be sure I can afford to and all that. It’s all complicated, and I am still working on my essay and need to get my transcripts and all that. Rarg.

But it’s spring and it’s pretty and I don’t spend nearly enough time outside, but it’s nice when I can go into the courtyard at school and hang out there. 

School is chugging along, mostly going well. I did my first ever lab report the other day, and I think I did pretty good. It was actually kind of fun, being restricted from any kind of creative writing. Just sticking to the past impersonal and being strictly technical was an interesting exercise, and less stressful than normal writing. I got 96’s on both the lecture and lab quizzes. Chemistry is too slow and boring, but I’m killing it grade-wise. Next week is spring break, which means lots of studying for the 3 tests (that I know of so far) in the couple weeks after, but I’ll have time for that, and be able to sleep in. I’m doing better than I thought I would dealing with the 8am classes, but eesh. It’s a treat when I don’t have to get up before the sun. 


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