A crossroads!

Or should it be singular? Meh. 

So, I told Camp I was coming back this year. I was all excited! Madeline would be there, and all of the other people that I only see there. I’d get to see all the campers again. That was something I felt really bad about, I felt like I was letting the campers down. Disrupting that continuity of seeing the same people every year. So this year I was all determined to go back, especially since I will be doing internships for school the next couple of summers. 

But then I applied for this job (that I haven’t heard back from and am reasonably sure I didn’t get. Oh well) and having this job would mean I couldn’t really go to Camp. Maybe for one session, but possibly not even that. And then I started thinking, well, I could take summer classes then, get even more ahead. I kind of liked that possibility. And then I got an email about this program between my school and Barumbia (you know, the women’s school attached to that other school) that is an intensive 5 week thing, you take two classes, Population Ecology and Human Nutrition and Bioenergetics (I know, fancy names) with room, board and tuition paid for, and a $500 stipend at the end (!! Finally! Being paid to go to school!). Bonus, after finishing that, you can take a class or two a semester there as long as you’re still a student at my school (and pay you a $300 stipend to do it), and they bring back 4 people the next summer for a paid research internship. This is all a pretty amazing opportunity. And I would be remiss if I didn’t take advantage. Which means, no camp (assuming I get in, of course). And this is less disappointing that I thought. 

I’ve since chatted up my Biology lecture and lab teachers, both of whom were interested in all my various interests and ideas, and both of whom suggested that perhaps Environmental Studies might be a better major for someone interested in field research. It was really hard to make that mental switch of giving up theater and shifting to vet tech, and so now I’m finding the idea of switching tracks again to be very difficult. And I don’t even know that I want to, I still have other reasons for wanting to stay in this program, but they do make some good points. And it’s things to think about. I’m not really ready to make that decision, but it took me so long to start school again in the first place. I don’t want to “waste” time again. (I know, it’s all experience, no time is wasted, really, but. Given the difference in classes and programs, I don’t want to get too far in, or change too soon.)

Things to think about. Rrrrrggg.


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