In which I talk about school. Again.

While I”m procrastinating on some school work, I figure I’ll use that time to complain about it.

I still love school, the learning thing is great, but there are always drawbacks, and today I feel whiny enough to go into. Starting with chemistry, since I had that most recently. It’s boring. Chemistry itself isn’t, but this class is. It’s a subject I have to put a fair amount of work into understanding, and the class is moving too slow for me. This really shouldn’t be. Lab is not so much the teachers fault, he didn’t design the lab book or experiments, so when I spend half an hour watching water come to a boil, he can’t be blamed. And I get why we’re doing that, it just seems a little silly. Let’s boil something else. Anyway. But lecture. I do tend to overstudy and learn a lot of it on my own beforehand, but he spends so long explaining super simple things, or giving way too much backstory, or saying things in convoluted ways that it takes forever. We’re supposed to be a chapter and a half ahead of where we are now. Already. This was the third week. Argh. 

Dosages is mind numbing. It’s unit conversions, something I picked up in a day for Chemistry. Because it’s dosages, there are some tricky things, and some odd measurements and all, but she’s spending a lot of time teaching fraction multiplication and simplifying. I’m going to stop sitting in the front row for this one.

Algebra is fine. I think soon I’m going to need to study on my own. I haven’t really needed to because he’s mostly been going over things we did last semester, but I’m getting the feeling that he doesn’t explain things in a logical progression like my old teacher did. Unfortunate. But, actually, not much to complain about here. 

English is boring. Sort of. We’re doing poetry these days, which I like, and which makes me want to throw things at everyone else who takes everything super literally. For example, Dickinsons “I felt a funeral in my brain” is not about a funeral. Or, it is, but not literally. Whether it’s about her fear of death, a headache, or going insane (my vote to the last one) is up to interpretation and discussion. But she is not talking about being at a funeral. Incidentally, right now I should be explicating a different poem. But I don’t know what I think yet, so. Here we are. Anyway. I like the teacher, I think he has some good ideas, but I don’t like posting my essays online, and I think the level of group critique that we’re trying to use is silly. Perhaps I’ll be proven wrong. 

Biology! I like this one. I think it may be my favorite class. My lab teacher explains things really well, we get to actually do things in lab (like burn things! And put reagents in things to see them change color!) and my lecture teacher is pretty thorough (though fast) and puts all of the lectures and review notes in dropbox for us to go over on our own. There is no homework, which makes me a little sad (I’m better at studying when it’s required enforced repetition, not as good when it’s just me) but everything is interesting enough that I’m doing well so far. First quiz on thursday, so we’ll see how I”m actually doing then. Incidentally, I’ve learned way more chemistry through this class than in chemistry. 

Switching gears completely, work is picking up. Not quite in time for this month, but next month is looking great. Especially since there’s a bunch going on during my spring break, so I actually get to take advantage of the extra days. I also worked yesterday, and will again next sunday. It’s a space that’s sort of been taken over by the union (so there’s a slight chance I may lose next sunday, ack) which has nicely worked out in my favor as they have a higher rate, and sundays are overtime. Hooray. 


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