Poetry woes

So I’m supposed to pick a poem and then write about the symbols in it, first their literal meanings, then their contextual ones. I’m having trouble picking. I only need to do one, and I have one, but it feels like cheating because I’ve already done some work on it. So, I want to do two. Because I like stressing myself out. I thought I had one picked, but now I don’t like it. I like the poem, I don’t like it for this assignment. 

I have a few poetry books that I’ve been flipping through for two hours now, trying to nail down and pick one, and my problem, I’m finding, is that I like poetry for language and imagery, not symbolism. There are so many poems that so beautifully encapsulate an idea or feeling, but just through metaphor, through description. Maybe I’m being too picky. Or misunderstanding. Or overunderstanding? When a poem just makes sense, and just hits to the core, there is no need to draw it out, to explain it. 

But perhaps now (20 minutes after I finished that last sentence) I’ve tracked down something. There is potential.


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