So, all that st…

So, all that studying? Pays off. Somewhat. My bio teacher posted the powerpoint for tomorrow’s lecture, and I’ve already learned more than half of it. Huzzah for overpreparing! This is especially good because I was supposed to study today, but I ended up working on my kitchen all day. 

Madeline came over yesterday and we got dinner and hung out till late, and she stayed over, which meant I didn’t really get going till noon. Which is fine, we had a lot of fun and slept in and I made breakfast and all. But I had wanted to be all manic study, and by the time she left I wasn’t really excited about studying, and had a huge pile of dishes to do. And then I decided to finally put up the pot rack in the kitchen. Long story short, it involved 2 trips to the hardware store, lots of holes drilled, and many many tools. But it’s done! And it hasn’t fallen down yet! And the kitchen is looking much better already. I still need to get a spice rack to hang as well, so we can clear out some cabinet space. 

And now I’m wiped out and want to take a nap, but I should go to bed in about 3 hours anyway. It’s that annoying tipping point where I’m too tired to do much studying, but it’s too early for sleep. This is why facebook and tv were invented.


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