All I want to do is school stuff. What a nerd. Except my study habits could use some improvement. Like, I should be doing chemistry review stuff right now. Whoops.

But other than the fact that if my computer is in front of me I get easily distracted, and that in general I stare off into space sometimes, it’s great. My chemistry lab ended super early today, and I had nothing to do, since I’ve decided I don’t need the text book in class. Clearly, I hadn’t anticipated having a two hour break occasionally. But! Turned out fortuitous. I went to the library and found another textbook, one that makes waaay more sense to me. Somehow it has little wording shifts that make it click. So that’s pretty great.

I’m trying to pace everything, but I”m still figuring that out. 3 of my classes are only once a week, so it’s hard to know when to study for them. Right after the class is good, but I also need to right before class. But then I have stuff for other classes…. It’ll get there. I also have maybe been doing too much? The last Biology class, and today in Chemistry, they just went over what I had taught myself right before. Which is fine, but it does make class a little boring. I suspect it’ll be more useful later on when things get harder. 

I’ve also been sick this whole week, and so pretty wiped out. Hopefully that’ll end in the next couple days. And also I’ll pick up work. If I”m feeling better I should be able to study more efficiently, so working should be fine. And also I need work.

And my dinner is ready.


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