(I wrote this last night, and right as I was about to post it, the internet went belly up. So now I probably should add more, but also I should study)

I was going to write about my classes and how my english stuff in almost all online, which is sort of annoying, but I also see how it makes sense, and also about the other stuff and how much I like it, and about how I went to drop off my taxes today which means I went to the empire state building, except I’ve never been to the top, and my tax guy is pretty awesome and also really cheap, and also about how I bought dinner for a homeless guy and it made him really happy. I was going to write about all that, but then I got home and studied Dosages, and then spent about 3 hours doing the homework and now I’m wiped out, and there went also finishing my english assignment which is already way too long and also probably rambling although not as badly as this. 


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