First Day of School- What I Ate

Because I knew it was going to be a longish day, and I’m trying to not spend money on food (at least, if I’m not working) I got up super early to make my lunch and breakfast. I’d been mentally preparing for a while, since it’s been about.. oh… never since I did that. I mean, I’ve packed some lunches for work. But that was mostly leftovers. Or something. Anyway. 

Class started at 9 15, so I got up at 7 20. Eesh. What I Made for the Eating- 

-Egg sandwich. Mustard, two hard boiled eggs, spinach, basil, and cheddar. Hooray. It stayed together remarkably well. I want a box that is more sandwich shaped, but it worked out. 

-Bell pepper. About half a red one, sliced up. I ate this earlyish, during what would have been lab. Fist day and all, lab was much shorter. More on this later.

-Celery sticks and peanut butter. Separately, clearly. My friend made goat cheese a while ago and sent me some in a little glass jar which turns out to be a rather ideal peanut butter size holder. Win. This was also a really really good idea, I ate it halfway through the lecture and it was excellent. 

-Nuts. I didn’t eat these, and that’s okay. I figure the container can just float in my bag and I’ll eat them as I need and refill whenever. 

-Breakfast! I have this growing army of egg themed things- to date, one-egg flying pan, whisk, spatula, pancake spatula, timer, tiny measuring cup, silicone poachers, soft boiled egg cup, egg slicer. I think that’s it. I want the masher. Then my army will be complete. Anyway. The frying pan is the perfect size for one scrambled egg, and just also so happens to be the same size as the little round deli flatbread type things. Hooray! The cheese that I have the deli slice (I know. But those 5 seconds I save slicing it myself! And they don’t sell that kind in the block form.) are the same size as well. Although, square. 

So yes. All in all, success. And I left long enough to do it, and I didn’t have to rush. Always good. I did wait to eat the egg sandwich on the train platform, but that’s more on my theory that if I wait to eat, I won’t be hungry again till later. It’s almost sort of true. 

And then class! Day of Chemistry. It was good. I like the teacher. I think instead of a lab apron (which is most likely unnecessary anyway) I’m going to get a bunch of old flannel shirts and be “that girl” (whatever that means. You know. The girl who wears the old flannel shirts to do chemistry in. Her.) I don’t know that it’s going to be easy, but I don’t think it’ll be too hard. Today was a short lab with the syllabus and safety video, and then the lecture was all conversions and stuff. Things I had gotten a little familiar on from looking through the book. 

All in all, off to a good start. Although now I’m a little exhausted and glad that I have two days until the next round. 


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