Oh the pressure!

My Biology book showed up today. It’s big. Like, twice as big as the Chemistry one. Eesh. But, this makes it official and committed. I’m beginning to realize how hard it will be and how much work I’ll need to put in. I’m also realizing how insane I am. An email went out today about the the Exotic Animal Care class didn’t have enough people and they needed more to enroll or it would be cancelled. And I considered it. I would need an approval form since I’m still pre-clinical, but to keep the class they were willing to do it. Fortunately for my sanity, it’s at the same time as my alg/trig class. And I’m looking forward to that one.

I also need to go start drumming up work again. I’ve been looking at and applying for other things, but no words so far. I kind of hate freelancing. You’re either working or looking for work. Being in school makes it even more fun. So perhaps a ‘real’ job is in order. The problem with what i’m doing now is that despite the crappy hours, hard dirty sweaty work, it pays. It pays good. You know, when I can get it. And so it’s easy to get sucked back in with that promise, even though it sucks and you’re tired of it. (Oh, the luxury of being tired of what I do!) Anything else I can do pays about half. Though I am looking at doing some tutoring, in math and reading. That could be good. 

Rarg. To sum up. 


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