I hear birds.

No, really. When I wake up, usually, for a few hours. And then sometimes other times too. It sounds like there’s a whole tree full about, say, a half block away, all waking up and twittering their little heads off. It’s not unpleasant, it’s mostly just disconcerting when I realize/remember that they’re not actually there. Whoops. Weirdest tinnitus ever. But, not unpleasant. And actually, it sounded very convincing. I wasn’t even totally sure that it wasn’t real until I asked John this morning if he could hear them. He thinks this could mean some kind of nerve damage or something. I think he likes to hypochondriac-by-proxy. But, now that I have health insurance (eeeeeeeee! I found out today it doesn’t kick in until the 5th, but eeeeeeeee) I figure it’s worth checking out. I should get another hearing test and look into the idea of a hearing aid again anyway. In addition to the myriad of other things I want to do. 

I need to work on the Raccoon Project. The last thing I have to do for the kickstarter is make a video, and I need to sit down and write out what that should be. I know nothing about editing, so I think I may have to just get it right the first time. And edit with the camera. Or something. I need to find someone who knows what’s up. I should do that now, since I borrowed a raccoon hat from someone who I bet will want it back soon.


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