This six week school session is nuts. We *just* started, and I had part of my midterm yesterday. The rest is tomorrow. It’s an okay class. The book is decent, and has enough worthwhile things to make up for the self-help feel. My teacher is sort of earnest and enthusiastic, but a terrible listener and a bad critical thinker. I wasn’t sure about that second part until last week when somehow we got off on a Remote Viewing tangent. Suffice to say, she has the first part of critical thinking (the part where you listen to and are open to new ideas) down pretty well, it’s the second part (where you take these new ideas and scrutinize them and make them prove themselves) that she fails on.

And then the midterm thing. The class is supposed to be 3 hours long, twice a week. She started out talking about how rushed it would be, and how we had so much to cover and blah blah. All true. So, it mystifies me then why she took a test that she estimated would take 2.5 hours and broke it into two parts. Waste of two classes. The first part she gave us over an hour to do, after which we could leave. It took me about 20 minutes. It was 10 multiple choice questions and then defining about 15 terms. The second part is going to be using this specific set of steps to work through a hypothetical problem. I estimate this may take me about 45 minutes. Maybe. I don’t much mind it being this easy and wasting the time, except that it’s frustrating.

I have a few writing things to do this week, to get out of the way before Fashion hits like a train. It is going to be a very busy, rough, lucrative season. Which is good since I need to pay for next semester and all. Next semester! Very much looking forward to actually being in school again. With age, I’ve gotten much better at jumping through the routine hoops, but it’s so much better when I’m actually learning something. I’m still scared of the chemistry course, but at least I will be learning it! I’m hoping my teacher is good and likable and puts things in a language I get.



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