Getting better at pretending to be an adult.

This has been a good week. School is back, though it’s the weird second session, so it’s only 6 weeks long and I only have one class. Critical Thinking, which is going all right. It’s a big rush since we’re packing everything into half the time, but I’m coming around to it. I’m going back and forth on the teacher. At first I didn’t like her, but it’s only 6 weeks, and last class was pretty good. Critical Thinking is just thinking about thinking. Philosophy meets psychology. So that’s interesting enough. And the teacher is mostly good, but she’s a rather terrible listener, cuts people off all the time, I think misunderstands them a lot, and is often kind of unclear. Especially about the homework, which she tells us in bits and pieces throughout the class, and you just kind of hope that you got all of it. And yet, she’s a fairly decent teacher, and it’ll be easy to get through. Already I’m one of the most talkative (and [un]fortunately argumentative) people in the class. Ack.

And then yesterday was good. John and I have been wanting to go see a movie, so we picked out a time, and then in the interim cleaned the apartment. Well. The bathroom, living room, and most of the kitchen. The hallway, stairway and both our rooms leave something to be desired. But anyway. We got just about done, and then I decided that instead of the movies, I really wanted to go to ikea to get chairs. We have this foldout table in the living room, and John got chairs to use with it, but one ended up at his desk upstairs, and the other went into the kitchen. He also wanted a reading chair for his room, so off we went.

I kind of love stores of Stuff. Somehow, those are good. Grocery stores that are too big sometimes give me minor panic attacks (yeah, I know. Weird. I don’t know why either) but stores full of Stuff are fantastic. We managed to pace it right, wandering around and looking at everything but leaving before John ran out of patience. List o’ things! We got two chairs (but, in ikea fashion, one of them had the wrong hardware, so only one is set up. Sad trombone.), John’s reading chair and food stool, a wall pot rack thing, a bedside lamp for me (aaand didn’t realize that it takes a B base lamp not a standard A lamp. Fine, but need to go get one now) and a bar of chocolate. We came home, put together the chair, made dinner (pork chops, spaghetti squash, broccoli), and ATE AT THE TABLE. It’s like we’re real grownups who really live here or something.

So yes, satisfying day all around.


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