School done!

Whee! I took a quiz in Vet Tech on tuesday and found out that my average is 100, and so I don’t need to take the final as he drops the lowest test score. On wednesday I had my final essay in English, and got my research paper back. I’m reasonably confident of an A on the final, and my other grades in that class are 3 A+’s and and A-. So. And then in Algebra I was ready to take the last test on thursday, and I got a 93 on that. I still have to stop by on monday and drop off this weird heart rate project we have to do and upload, but other than that, first part of first semester- over, and a rousing success. In january and february I’m taking Critical Thinking for the 6 week session, and that should go well.

Other than that, I keep finding travel blogs, and crazy internships and training courses. I need to start playing the lottery again. It might be a total waste of 5 bucks a week, but it might also mean I can stop working, focus on school, and travel in all of the breaks. Dream big! I also need to start doing the “do I want to order indian food, or do I want… (school next semester, peru in august, africa ever again, thailand someday etc etc)” because although I made a good chunk of money this fall, between the cats vet bills, and being lazy and too overwhelmed by work and school to make my own food, I spent a lot on takeout. Generally really good takeout. But. That’s a few hundred dollars gone.

Speaking of food, I keep vaguely thinking about eating paleo again, and I don’t know. It was good, I liked what I was eating, it made me remember foods that I don’t normally think of, and now I like sweet potatoes. But food was all I did. All thought and energy went to what I was going to eat next and when I would be able to get ingredients and make them. And I know it doesn’t have to be like that, it gets easier, you get better at thinking ahead, using stuff on hand and all. But still. It took so much energy and focus and I have some hard classes coming up. I could do with making more food in advance and bringing lunches more, but I can’t handle reading every ingredient and rejecting 3/4 of everything because it has soybean oil, or cheese, or butter, or whatever. Exhausting. And I didn’t feel the benefits everyone raved about. I didn’t feel oh so much better. I felt fine. I feel fine now. I lost a little bit of weight. I gained it back immediately.

Speaking of food, it’s lunch time.


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