It always works this way.

So, I was a little worried about work because it’s been slowing down the last couple weeks, and I didn’t have anything lined up, and Snippet’s vet bills are a little higher than anticipated (more on that in a second), and so I sent out a few emails saying hey, I’m available. Good timing, because one of the people I emailed knew someone looking! So, now I have another 5 days of work, running a board for a corporate budget meeting. Which I anticipate means two things- Doing almost nothing, and Getting paid a lot. It’s a meeting. I assume it will be babysitting, and bringing up lights for some speeches. It’s a corporate gig, as a board op. It’s not a fancy board, but both of those things tend to mean higher rates. I don’t know the rate yet, but even if it’s lower than I think, it’s still 40 hours at a decent rate. Hooray. I also booked a late-night strike that I’m regretting now because it’s at the same time, and the corporate stuff is all early morning starts. Oh well.

Snippet got spayed yesterday. I got her back last night, and apparently it went well but turned up some really weird things. My cat is clearly the genetic victim of inbreeding. Her intestines are missing a couple sections, and one section is super malformed. Luckily enough, she’s never had digestive issues, so while she’s not formed right, she seems to function fine. Then her spleen had funny things going on, little lobes like skin tags, and the omentum, the membrane that holds the squishy organs, was about a 1/4″ thick, which is ridiculous. Also when they took out her uterus, it was odd and very thick as well. Young cats should have smooth thin uterine walls. There was also a bunch of liquid right when they opened her up, they think old blood, and it wasn’t an active thing, so that’s odd. They saved stuff for me to biopsy (and took pictures!) and I decided to do the spleen but not the uterus. I figure if the uterus was the problem we’ll know because she’ll get better. It’s being saved in formalin in case I change my mind. Fun.

Today she’s super lethargic and not interested in eating. I think she’s in some pain, but she won’t tell me about it. I’m a little worried since it’s so opposite her usual behavior (well. The eating. She’s usually pretty lethargic) but it is normal for post-spay. So we’ll see if she perks up in the next day or so. In the meantime, her sweater is pretty funny.


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