Good thing I’ve been busy.

It’s been a really good fall. I had a lot of work all the time, and managed to keep up with school. Because I had so much work, I had a little extra money. Which was good because Pidgeon got sick for the first time ever, and that cost a good amount to figure out (so far. She’s due back for a checkup soon). And then even after that I had some extra money, so I decided it was time to get Snippet spayed. She has this chronic issue which originally meant her medication would interfere with surgery, but it’s been decided that it won’t, and spaying might even solve the chronic thing. Let’s hope so. That’s where she is today, they’ll send me a text with a picture of her when she’s out of surgery.

But then after all this money being thrown at cat care, I decided to spend a little on my care. My wisdom teeth are still all in and give me some problems every now and then, and also I have this (I’m sorry, it sounds gross) mouth growth thing. So I took myself to a dental school, and got an exam and xrays. The xrays show that my lower wisdom teeth are indeed terribly impacted, and the upper ones are mostly okay but a little tilted out towards my cheeks and that’s not great. Other than that, no cavities, everything good. I think I got lucky there, I never had cavities in my baby teeth, and the one tiny tiny one that I got when I was about 15 they sealed right away.

Then the mouth growth thing. Apparently it’s one of three things, all benign, but I get to go have it checked out and biopsied. Hopefully at the same time, if they do both on the same day I only pay for the biopsy. Otherwise I have to pay for the exam as well, and while my little extra money is still going, it’s a lot smaller, and there is no work on the horizon.

So now, I go to scare up some work, since I have a few weeks off of school and I would like to use that time productively.

Incidentally, I did decide to take math of medical dosages instead of bio 1. Relief. It will still be a much harder semester than this one was, but it feels much more manageable now. Hooray.


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