Picking classes is hard.

My registration appointment for next semester is today. Hooray! Next semester will be a little terrifying. This semester was easy. I had one class to study for. Math had a decent amount of homework, and English I had to write some stuff. But that was about it. Next semester- Fundamentals of Chemistry, Intro to Biology 1, College Algebra and Trig, and English 102. Wheee.

I picked out a schedule a couple weeks ago, but today I went back to look through and see if I could do anything better. Answer- not really. In an effort to maximize my ability to work, I looked at the last two months and found that out of 8 weeks, I worked 4 sundays, 5 mondays, 4 tuesdays, 4 wednesdays, 5 thursdays, 7 fridays, and 2 saturdays. So, I need to keep mondays and fridays free, which I was already doing. There was no good way to clear thursday, though. I originally had everything packed on to tuesday-thursday, so the only thing I could do was move chemistry from those evenings to all day saturday. So, not ideal, but my thursday afternoon and evening are free. And now I have SEVEN HOURS of chemistry on saturday. Oof.

I could trade bio out for math of medical dosages, and that would be a little easier. But…. might as well just go for it? I guess? We’ll see. I have a few hours to decide.

I think the hardest part is that Bio starts at 9 15 those three days. I am not a morning person. I’m not sure I can train myself to be. But perhaps.


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