Big silly plans

So, I’ve been thinking about what I want to do and where I want to go with all this school stuff. Last week I was working a gig where the “plot” was three pages of description, and so my boss handed me a drawing of the room, and I started marking out pipes and where lights should go. I made a key and everything. I really like assisting. I do miss that about theater. I’m good at drafting (though totally behind in the software already) and good at translating things to the page and anticipating what people need, and organizing it all.

I figure that what that means in terms of animals, is assisting in field research. I still want to do some rescue and rehab, and some zoo work. But really, to combine my love of organizing, assisting, making lists and charts, observing, tramping around in brush, and my newly-remembered enjoyment of math, I should be assisting in field research. And I don’t think a vet tech degree is quite enough, though it will be helpful and I’m excited about learning it all.

So then I was looking at the Biology AS at my school. Oddly, it requires not one, but two semesters of chemistry, plus another two semesters of organic chemistry. This is pretty unusual for a bio degree. It seems fairly unique to my systems of schools. Also, for my vet tech, I’m required to take Foundations of Chem. The bio is Fundamentals 1&2. So, I’m going to talk to the department head and see if Fundamentals can count instead, to further combine those.

But then! I was thinking, okay, so a vet tech AAS, a bio AS with a lean towards math, that’s well and good. Do I want to then transfer to the 4 year school in the same system as my community college? Do I want a bio BS? Sort of? But that means being here an awfully long time, let’s check out schools back in California.

And that’s when I discovered that SFSU has a BS in Zoology program that looks really good. And, provided things transfer, the AS here will have me slightly overprepared to go there.

So, provided the chemistry doesn’t sink me, I think that’s what I’m going to do. Spend the next 4-5 years getting two associates degrees, and then transferring to SFState. And then, the world! Or something. We’ll see. We’ll see if I can hack all the chemistry. That’s the part that worries me. We’ll see if things transfer. Also, in you’re a resident, tuition is nice and cheap. If you’re not, it’s the in-state tuition plus 350 dollars per credit on top. Ouch. So, I’d want to do something sneaky about that. Go back to California, get a drivers license there again with my parents address, do the last year here, somehow still as a resident… We’ll see. There is plenty of time to figure it out, and for plans to change.

And all of this is moot if I don’t go back to studying the endocine and nervous systems now.


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