Current Happenings

1. Working on eating all the Halloween candy not handed out. Apparently, I bought too much. And surprisingly few kids came by. Under 20. Oh well. They all liked my awesome red panda pajamawear.

2. Worrying about Pidgeon for a change. Having been the stoically healthy one for 4 years, she has decided to suddenly take a turn at being the expensively needy one. Waiting on test results about the “grossly misshapen bladder.” No, really, that’s what the vets notes say.

3. Vaguely turning over my family history research paper in the back of my mind. I was supposed to write an outline this morning but got distracted by happening #4. So I guess outline tonight? I have some ideas, at least, I’m just not sure how to organize this into a paper. But that’s the point of working out an outline. Interesting Trivia! I think this will be the first time I’ve ever made an outline for a paper!

4. My rope teacher has said I can choreograph an act for her! I’m excited, and have lots of ideas. The morning was spent watching rope acts on youtube and getting more ideas.

5. SO MUCH WORK. I keep getting offered work. This is good as it pays for happening #2, but it interferes with 3 and 4, not to mention school in general. But it’s good. Keep it coming.

6. I finally stopped and got a burrito at the place by the train station and, as the kids say, omg. Not that it’s superfantasticamazingness, it is simply exactly what I want a burrito to be. It is the burrito of my childhood. I foresee many more such in my future. Especially if happening #5 keeps up.


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