So, so busy. Sort of. This week is more calm, but I have a ton of work all next week, and just picked up another thing for the beginning of november (that I’m heading. Eesh.) and school is getting a little more tough.

It’s mostly vet tech (shocking, I know). There’s just so much to learn. The quizzes are pretty easy, and short, but I always freak out a little because you never know what’s going to be asked, so I try to know everything. Which is the idea, I know.

I’m scattered right now, so this isn’t a very good update. Also, John left this morning to go diving for a week. Which is good, because he needed to get away for a bit, and I get to watch my terrible tv shows without him wincing and/or leaving. But I miss him barrels, and it’ll be a lonely week. Good thing three of those days I’m working 12-16 hours. But it means the cats will have to wait for their food. He’s been feeding them in the evening when I get home late. Not this week. I figure it’s good for them, sometimes.

I watch a lot of Animal Cops Houston, about the Houston SPCA rescuing and rehabilitating animals. It’s fantastic, and makes me hate people, but like Texas, and all of the people who work there. Also, like any SPCA, it depends mostly on donations. And they have SO MUCH. Their processing rooms look like hospitals, they have stables, they have trailers, they have a warehouse full of kennels and crates for collecting animals, they have vets and techs and investigators and volunteers. It is the most well funded animal rescue place I’ve ever seen (and clearly, if you want to work in shelter work, this is the place to be). I’m sure they euthanize just as many animals as other places, but the show of course skips over that. But they seem to have a very good adoption rate as well.

I should go look at the respiratory system again.


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