Self flagellation

So, I’ve started going to Crossfit classes. Crossfit is this …  what, form of exercise? Theory of exercise? The idea being- to become the best all-around athlete you can. So, it varies constantly (bonus in my [easily bored] eyes), and you do everything. And it’s also for time. You see either how fast you can do a certain set of things, or how many you can do within a set amount of time, ,and that’s where the cardiovascular stuff comes in.

Everyone who likes this, looooooves it. Tends to create manic devotees. We’ll see in my case.

I went to the free intro a week ago, and it killed me. We learned the proper form for squats and burpees, and then did a times set, 21 of each, 15 each, 9 each. I had trouble walking down the subway stairs and it took three days for my muscles to recover.

Today was easier. I’m doing the starter course, 6 classes in two weeks. We did the benchmark test today, and then we’ll do it on the last day and see what’s up. It was a 400 meter run (which we did because it was really nice out. Otherwise it would have been a 500 meter row. I would have much preferred that) 40 squats, 30 sit ups, 20 push ups, 10 pull ups. Of the three of us in class, I finished last at 5:06. Which is fine, I did my best and all that. I blame the running. Rowing is the same action as pulling cable out of a tangle, and I am great at that, while me and running have our issues.

But it was good. And I didn’t feel as bad at the end. My rope burn was a problem, though, with the squats, and the stretching at the end. When I got home after the burn, I checked it and it looked a lot better already, so much so that I forgot it was actually still an open scrape, and I put aloe on it. By morning, it was 8 times worse, and it’s still very unhappy now. A little smaller, but walking is painful. Running somehow was okay for the most part. But lesson learned. No aloe on serious rope burns. Someone asked me if I’d gotten it from a motorcycle tailpipe, that’s how bad it looks. Eesh.


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