So, first off, I’ve talked to people more, and the protest has developed a bit, and so now I’m fully behind it. I get it now. I still have the same worries about it, but less so. Moving on.

I love school these days. I mean, my composition class is silly, and I’m ahead in algebra so I’m bored a lot. But then I get to take quizzes and exercise it and all. It’s fun. And everything in my vet tech class is great. I’m so excited about learning these terms and figuring things out in latin. Like- my cats condition is called thrombocytopenia. I knew what that was, but just because I knew what was going on with her. But now- thrombo-clot, cyto-cell, penia-deficiency. It’s like magic code. I just had that moment again with plantar fascititis. Plantar- bottom surface of foot (in animals, the hind foot specifically, front is palmar), fascia- fibrous membrane that encloses muscle, itis-inflammation. Hey, presto!

Were I actually learning to speak latin, I think I wouldn’t have as good a time. But as descriptive code, it’s fantastic.

I’ve been going to rope class pretty consistently, which has been great. I’m finally getting better at stuff, and in general, rather than just relearning and running to stay in place. But then today I was doing this drop and I forgot to pull my leggings down before I climbed and so below the back of my knee was exposed, and enter the best rope burn ever. It’s pretty bad. It’s distracting me from my muscle and integumentary system studying.



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