Worst day ever.

I suppose it wasn’t that bad. But.

-First time in several years that I’ve felt crappy enough to need to sit down on the train. Felt horrible. Fortunately, sitting helped.

-Was 33 minutes early to work. Better than being late, but.

– Crappy, dusty, boring, soul sucking work. But, still work. Paying.

– Working with coworker who likes to/has the terrible habit of saying the end of your  (and sometimes the whole) sentences with you. It’s infuriating. The morning was fine but then she did that all through lunch and I tried to avoid her the rest of the day.

– Pinched my hand, giant blood blister.

– Horrible NJ transit bus ride

– On said bus I realized I left my essay at home and had to call John and have him drive and meet me at school.

– Algebra was boring and reviewing things I knew.

– Lab part of algebra the teacher did something in a screwy way, and I was so frustrated by the rest of the day that I almost cried because the board looked different from my paper and I couldn’t figure out why.

– My composition class is terrible and I kind of hate the teacher now. I tried so hard to have hope for it and give her chances. But then today she slapped my hand for trying to ask a more advanced question. Over it. I’ll get through it, and get an A in the class, but I spent the class teaching myself how to write backwards in cursive. I kept up with everything going on and answered questions while I did that. That’s the kind of class it is.

– I went to the train and waited 20 minutes before they let us know that it stopped running 25 minutes before.

But, then I listened to a bunch of angry music and ate leftover indian food and now life is a little but better even though I have to do most of that again tomorrow. But with intro to vet tech. So that should be better.


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