Well, that was fun while it lasted

Remember how I was all happy to just be in school and not have to work? Yeah. Whoops.

The main company that I work for just bought some real lights. Before this they just had some LED things, and a ton of these crappy little can lights that you can actually do a good bit with. So, they heard a theater was closing and selling all of it’s stock, and they swooped in with the rest of the vultures, and now we have 150 lekos, and about 50 pars.

I say ‘we’ because not only am I going to spend monday-wednesday cleaning and checking them, but there is a strong possibility that 20 hours a week, I will be maintaining them and getting them ready to go out on shows. This isn’t a given yet, the head of the company still needs to be talked into it (he bought these 200 fixtures without thinking about what that would mean in terms of keeping them), but I had just been thinking to myself that I love that my work pays so much, but it’s so sporadic that IF ONLY it were a consistent 20 hours a week, I would totally be able to support myself and save for paying for next semester and all that. And then this potential opportunity has presented itself. The power of wishful thinking.

Also, A sort of work friend of mine posted a thing about how next thursday-sunday, he’s the head of some big thing and needs people and the pay will be good. I should have known better, but I replied with “Technically I’m free those days, but I have a lot of studying and schoolwork, so I could only give you 2-3 of those days. What’s the project?” and he replied about how he wanted me to be designer/swing (?) and so that would totally work. And then I talked to him on the phone and oh holy hell this cannot go well. It’s super disorganized, last minute, total chaos. And as much as this guy is a good guy, and a good technician, he is really best at making things more complicated than they need to be and general making things go badly.

The project is (I think. It was hard to tell) a block party art fair thing. Or something. Lots of booths, they’re using the alleyways, and then there’s the pier, and people need to know to go check out the pier, so I’m researching smoke machines or something (again, ?) and also talking to a few artists about their exhibit and what they’ll need. Apparently, no one thought about how this was going to be lit. The event is in one week. I’m not so available to prep work since I have work and school the first three days. This cannot go well. I’m thinking about backing out. We’ll see.

For now, I still have my weekend of sleeping in now, with lots of flashcards and suffixes.


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