The saga continues

In my algebra class, there was this girl. Is? Was? Not sure. Stay tuned.

From the first she got on the professor’s (and my) nerves. I guess her life has been such that the only way to get attention was to whine and interrupt and be aggressive, argumentative, and obnoxious. Which is how she deals with everything, and she CANNOT SHUT HER DAMN MOUTH. She can’t just say “oh, sorry” and let something drop. She has to get the last word in, often while talking over him, constantly excusing and explaining herself when no one gives a rats ass, and everyone just wants to move on. Or maybe it’s just me.

During the first week of class the professor threatened to kick her out, but didn’t. Reasonable peace was maintained for a couple classes after that. But then yesterday when he came in, he was clearly already not in the best mood. And then she talked over him. And interrupted. And explained something about the schedule (unnecessarily) to the rest of the class. So by the time her phone rang and he told her to shut it off, and she talked over him about how she was turning it off and didn’t realize it was on in the first place, and then talked over and back at him while he was trying to tell her that the next time she talked over him he would kick her out, he was pretty much done.

I don’t think he handled it in the best way, but at the same time I really don’t blame him. He went over to the computer (there’s one for the teacher in every class) and fiddled around, I’m pretty sure deleting her from the class, and then checked the phone directory for security. She took the hint and left, but only for about 5 minutes, and only to check with the registrar or something. So he left to fetch security himself. The lecture part of class is an hour long. I think we wasted 40 minutes dealing with her. And then she showed up in the lab part!

I don’t get it. I don’t understand wanting to stay in a class where the teacher hated me that much, and where half the time was spent arguing. I would switch sections. But she seems determined to stick it out. We’ll see if she’s back tomorrow.

If it weren’t interrupting my happy math time, it would be an interesting serial. But I’m really enjoying reviewing this stuff, and feeling smart and picking it all back up again. So this is all just frustrating and I want to kick her out myself.

My composition class…. eh. We’ll see. I thought I was getting the first essay back with comments yesterday, but it’s not till tomorrow. But I don’t have high hopes for this class being interesting or challenging (let alone both, like Intro to Vet Tech). Yesterday we were talking about sensory language, and so she handed out cookies, and has us wrote a paragraph describing the cookie experience using our 5 senses. For serious. I had a really hard time taking it seriously, so I went in the opposite direction and went with completely hackneyed, overwrought and flowery. I’m ashamed of it, but it was also kind of fantastic. It was awful.

But then. We have an essay due next week, and to get us ‘inspired’ about the ‘theme’, she played the music video for Empire State of Mind. Seriously. The essay questions kind of suck, too. I think I can work with one of them. But by shifting the topic a little. Whatever. I’ll write some stuff and be done with it. Hopefully she grades generously. Since most of my class is ESL I should be fine. From what I heard of their cookie statements, there are some interesting, creative people, but in terms of grammar and vocabulary I have a distinct advantage. Hopefully this means the class will be easier for me.


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