Moments of calm

Today is a day that I’m really enjoying. It is so nice, so enjoyable, so productive-feeling to be in school and not have to work. At least, at the moment.

I woke up when John came home from work and we curled up and talked for a bit before he went to bed. I lay around for a little while before getting up and dressed. I stopped by the vet to pick up more medication, and then picked up my laundry and a sandwich. I worked on the suggested math homework until I realized I was a week ahead. I organized my school notebooks. I read the homework for Composition.

I feel organized and prepared and settled. We’ll see how long it lasts. I still have the afternoon free, so I’ll start to get ahead in my vet tech class. I’ll probably go to school early to pick up an academic day planner (ps, what’s up, Staples? I know school started a couple weeks ago, but it looks like you never really had any. I found one, and it was useless). I like the calendar on my phone, but it’s not so useful for keeping track of what’s due when.

Maybe it’s because this is still the beginning, but school feels different this time around. I’m not sure quite what it is or why. But maybe it’s because I’m really picking it? I mean, I chose to go to college, and I picked where. But I also felt like that was what you did. I had no idea what else to do, and I was interested in what I was studying. This time, I feel like there are more options, and I’m still picking this one. So it feels good, and for the moment, I’m ahead of the ball and enjoying it.


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