The Last Two Weeks- The Work Edition

Phew. It’s over. Ack.

It was good. Mostly. Sort of. I had four days of prep, which are always nice. Easy, lots of sitting waiting for equipment, lots of labeling. Then I had some nice days, easy work, good people, overall satisfying. I really like the people that I work with, with a few exceptions, and so if the work goes well, it’s guaranteed as a good day.

So lets talk about the not good days. Two stand out. One was in the middle, the other was the last day.

First bad day was on the Highline. That was the only good part about it. The Highline is gorgeous, I haven’t seen it this time of year yet, the plants are great, I was partially working outside. So far, so good. We started at 6am and the truck was already unloaded, so that started well. Up until first break, we were doing well, despite two people being sort of dead weight. Then we started falling behind. I have no idea what happened. Equipment was wrong, things kept changing, we were waiting for scenery, the tho dead weight people started affecting the progress. By the show time we were about 3 hours behind. I mean, the show went up and went fine, but we were STILL hanging lights half an hour before the show. We cut 4 of the lights. This never happens. It was super stressful, and we were working so hard, and nothing was helping catch up. We had a short break after the show and then started the strike. Strikes always go faster and better than load ins, but we weren’t able to start using the elevator until 11pm (we were ready to use it at 10:30) and everyone was trying to use it at the same time. Lights, scenic, audio, video, catering. It took until almost 2am. Remember the part about starting at 6am? I had two half hour breaks in the whole day. Oog.

On top of all that, one of the scenic guys had a seizure. And then came back to work for the strike. And had another seizure. The same EMT’s came to get him. It didn’t help the stress.

The other bad day was yesterday. We were at the shop to put everything back, and it was supposed to be an easy day. Ha. They’re doing some rearranging, so we had to clear off two shelves and count and inventory everything. EVERYTHING. There was so much. We didn’t get even halfway through, but none of us cared, we were so burned out and tired and done with working. I spent an hour and a half counting and organizing these little bits in a large box, getting them all sorted and listing it all (to be fair, it should have taken 45 minutes. Maybe.) and I closed the box and set it aside. And then we found some more of the same bits. And instead of counting the new stuff and setting it on top of the old stuff, one of my coworkers ruined everything I worked on, mixed it all, moved things around, and destroyed it. I had been fine up until he did that, but it was the end of the day, it was too frustrating to deal with, and that did me in. That, and the bus taking an hour and a half to get me home.

But now it’s over! And I just get to wait for the money to roll in.


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