The Last Two Weeks- The School Edition

So, while I was working 78 hours the first week and 34 the second, I also went to three hours of school the first week, and 14 hours the second. Wheeee!

I like it a lot. I like being back in school. My freshman seminar class always seems really stupid to go to, but by the end of the class (so far, two classes in) I really enjoy it. It’s useful for learning all the little tricks of navigating the school system (like for example, every time you change classes, even just which section you’re in, you pay a percentage). And while that doesn’t really take up 12 hours, it is nice to have one class where there’s no homework and nothing beyond showing up and talking once in a while is expected. The teacher is also very nice and animated.

Algebra is pretty great. I’ve always liked it, and the part we’re doing now I have a very solid grasp on so it’s all super easy. The teacher is this nice tall African man with a very thick accent, who occasionally is frustrated by people not getting it after 4 times through, but mostly he’s good. There’s one girl who’s absolutely terrible and I hope she either has an abrupt attitude change, or drops the class. I’m not sure either will happen. But other than her, I’m having fun, and sort of starting to get to know a couple people in that class.

Composition is looking like it might be good. The assigned reading seems very good, and it will be good to remember how to write formal essays, especially if I want to do anything research related. The teacher is nice, but I have a feeling we aren’t going to see eye to eye on things, which is fine. I don’t quite have a handle on her yet. Last class we wrote an essay, ungraded, so she could see where we are with our writing skills. I’m excited to get mine back tomorrow. I think I did pretty well. The question was what to do with all the space junk that NASA has reported. I suggested teaming NASA with Dyson and making a roomba for space. Creativity points, if nothing else.

And then Intro to Vet Tech! I only have this once a week which bums me out. I love it, so far, and my teacher is great. Lots of good side stories, a ton of experience in a wide variety of jobs with animals. I’m looking forward to more of this class.

The only drawback is that it looks like it will take me three years to complete this rather than two. Because I had these prerequisites to take care of, I’m not enrolled in/haven’t already taken what I need to to declare as a vet tech major, and you can only declare for that in the fall. I’m a little relieved, I can spread things out better now. But also I wanted to get going as fast as possible. And there’s also the issue that 6 semesters costs more than 4. But maybe I’ll get more financial aid down the line. Fingers crossed.

All in all, good classes. Things I’m excited about. And also new school supplies, which always make me drool.


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