SO MUCH WORK. Which is great. I love having work. This week and next are great in terms of that. This weeks is all a film shoot (oooOOOoooo) for Comedy Central. Some famous comedian presents a bunch of other comedians. I’m not a huge standup fan, but these guys are okay. The one girl was fantastic in rehearsal and then totally tanked the show, I was disappointed. The host is great, though, and one of the guys was fantastic. The rest were okay. Funny enough. We did two shows yesterday, and are doing 4 more today. I’m running followspot and my arm is killing me because I am on for the whole of the show. The funny part was  when they made everyone in the audience get up and rearranged their seating so that it would look like a different audience for the second show.

Next week is shop prep! And then a show load in! And then the first day of school! And then a 19 hour day! And then a day that is so crazy I haven’t been told the schedule! It should be fun. And then the following week I have more work, but I don’t know that schedule yet. But it’s very nice to start school off with so much work. I feel like I can get a little ahead, money-wise. I’m not sure that’s entirely true, but it will definitely help. This current week will pay my rent, and let me pay off the rest of my tuition early so I don’t have to worry about having that money come october and november.

I’m still anxiously awaiting my books. They still have a week to get here before school, but I really want them to show up today. I have sunday free for laundry and studying. And cooking for the week. Always with the cooking.


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