In conclusion

My hurricane predictions were mostly true. There was lots of wind and rain. John’s parents house has a flooded basement. But no one died. They hid upstairs while I watched tv last night. Now I’m hiding in my room while his mom watches the weather. I’m hoping they leave in a few hours so I can cook stuff for the week in peace.

Though that dream may be smashed, Craig went back to check on everything, there’s three feet of water int he street and a foot in their basement, and someone left the washer and dryer plugged in, so those are dead.

The problem is that none of us are terrible social people, and so it’s fairly awkward, and John isn’t here as a buffer, and I’m uncomfortable with sharing my space, and I feel a lack of control. I don’t mind helping people out and offering a bed or couch, and they are sort of family, but they announced they were coming before we invited them. I was unprepared to be a host, and so now I’m coming off as a brat because my life was disrupted. Whatever.

One thing that bothers me- the news super over-hyped this storm. Which is annoying. This came right over us, sure, but it was a category one, and we had some lead time to prepare. But then I have friends on facebook who, in response to the overhype, are posting pictures of, say, leaves on the ground and ‘bemoaning the destruction’, which is also not the right way to go. Stuff got ruined. Power went out. There was flooding. Tree branches on cars and shop awnings and windows. While it certainly wasn’t the “storm of the century” (hey news guys, remember Katrina? Among others? Remember the storm we had a few weeks ago what was almost as bad, just with less flooding?), there was a decent amount of damage and it’s pretty inappropriate to belittle that.

It particularly bothers me that it’s people who’s opinions I usually agree with and/or respect.

IN OTHER NEWS. I ordered some of my textbooks, and now I can’t wait to get them so I can get a head start on things.


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