Registration madness

But first- I went to DC to visit my uncle for a few days. It was great. He and I get along well, it was fairly relaxed, we watched a movie every evening, went to the aquarium in Baltimore, and I spent a day at the zoo. All in all, a good visit, and I think a good length. I was at the zoo for the earthquake, which was more of an annoyance than an excitement or scary thing. The quake itself was fairly small (I thought. But I’m a little blasé about them) and the animals I saw weren’t perturbed. But then they sort of closed the zoo, and then it was just the buildings, and then an hour later they actually closed, and I managed to not get kicked out until an hour after that. Oh well. Still a very good time. And now I have a thousand (not an exaggeration) pictures to sort through and edit.

And now I’m back, and looking at classes again. This school has an interesting, and pretty helpful, scheduling thing. The first semester is from september to february. But it’s in two sections. First is just till december, and then a second, 6 week session, in january and february. You can take classes in both, but, it seems, only pay for the ones in the first section. The credits combined qualify you for being full time. So you could take two classes each session for the 12 credit total.

Very handy. So, first session, I’m taking Freshman Seminar (seriously? What are they going to tell me for an hour every week? I’m mystified), Composition (argh. Oh well. Also, argh), Algebra (okay, this I get. I’m out of practice with math. This will be good. But it’s 6 hours a week. And I already took it twice. Bah), and Intro to Vet Tech (yaaaaaay). Hooray for those. They were the ones that I originally picked, but then had trouble arranging, and now I’m back to what I wanted.

The second session, I was originally just taking Critical Thinking. But then I was looking at the required courses, and I feel like I’m behind. Algebra counts for credit hours, but not degree credits because it’s a prerequisite, and Freshman Seminar is the same. So, I was only taking 6 degree credits, and I only have two years to take 60. I got a little anxious. I need some kind of social science class and Urban Anthropology was the only one offered in the second session. It has a bunch of prereqs that I don’t have, but the guy who originally helped me pick classes put it down as an alternate to Critical Thinking. So, I figure that means I can take it. And nothing popped up when I added it! Ha. And then I noticed that he also put Mat106, the math of medical dosages as another alternate, though advising against it because the second session is a semesters-worth packed into 6 weeks. But what the hell, right? So I added that too.

I figure either that’s the end of it, or at some point a red flag will go off, and they’ll make me drop one or both. Hopefully not. The upshot- I’m now registered for 7 classes, 4 first and then 3, for 14 degree credits, and 20.5 equivalent credits. I might be a little nuts. We’ll see how it goes.


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