Best day ever

So, a few weeks ago, Improv Everywhere sent out an email that they were doing a Black Tie Beach today. Everyone was to show up at a then-undisclosed location, at a then-undisclosed time, men in tuxes, women in formal dresses. Madeline and I went shopping earlier this week for dresses, and I found an awesome one. Dark shiny blue, biggish skirt, jet beading. If it survives, I might even wear it to the wedding. So far, it seems fine, but damp and sandy.

But I’m off track! So then we found out yesterday that it was this afternoon, at Rockaway beach. We met up after her silks class and hopped on the subway, in costume. The idea was to play it cool, if any one asked, we were going to a party. Once we got there, just act normal. Like you would any other day at a beach. And if people asked, deny all knowledge, just say we thought it would be fun, and we have no idea why everyone else is all fancy.

It was awesome. We picked up a bucket, and a kite on the way. There were other people on the train, and then a whole bunch picking things up at the beach shops as well. It was totally normal feeling, actually, to see people all dressed up. We ran around, tossed a football, built a sandcastle, went in the water, flew the kite, and generally had a really good day at the beach. A few people asked, a lot took pictures, but it was surprisingly normal, and a ton of fun. We’re going again next week. Though in regular beach dress then.


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