Well, all in all, good day

So today is my birthday, hooray and all that. I got a variety of good, thoughtful presents, so that’s always nice. And a bunch of facebook greetings, so I’m still on the radar there. But in general the day got a little capsized.

It started out with pulling a muscle in my back, and sort of hobbling stiff-necked for the rest of the day. Though it got better as I went along, and it was dealable. But that first hour or so was rough. And then I went to register for classes. Super fun. Also, not. It took forever, classes I wanted were full, so now I have to wait for people to drop out of them, it was whirlwind, and yet full of waiting, and frustrating. But, after over 4 hours, I have a sort of a schedule, paid my first chunk of tuition, and got an ID. So, progress.

But all that time meant the afternoon was shot for going to Coney Island like I’d planned. And anyway, my back being what it is, going on roller coasters is probably a bad idea. So, that idea is shelved for now. But, we ended up going out for sushi at my favorite place.

Aaaand that’s how, at 22 days, the paleo broke. I was so good most of the time, avoiding the rice and soy sauce and all. But then I knew I wanted some kind of desert, and got fried banana. I forgot that fried means ‘wrapped in fried dough’, and desert means covered in powdered sugar. And I am not one to send things back, and there was too much for John to eat on his own.

Oh well. I’m okay with it, though. I mean, part of the idea was 30 days of discipline, so I’m a little bummed about that. But otherwise? I think I got what I needed out of it. I figured out how to cook other things, how to avoid sugar and grains and all. And I think the people that celebrated the huge changes are people that had some mild gluten or lactose intolerance and didn’t realize it because they didn’t feel too bad eating those things, but then cutting them out was so much better. I don’t have any food issues, so while I felt good about all the chicken and vegetables, I didn’t really notice a change in energy level, sleep, etc. And I know, they say it takes 30 days to reset your body with all of that, but really, by 22, I should have seen that change if I were going to. I lost some weight, but that’s to be expecte dwith any healthy eating change.

Conclusion, I’ll keep a lot of it, I’ll mostly follow, but dairy here and there is fine, and I really don’t give a crap about soybean oil in things, and if there happens to be sugar in the barbeque sauce, well, then, darn it. (Ribs in a slowcooker really need barbeque sauce. We found that out the hard way.) And my birthday wound up being pretty good. Despite the registration muddle.


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